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Chapter 326: Watched by Thousands

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“Lv 4 True Spirit Realm?”

Han Qianze raised his brows in surprise. He did not expect Su Mo to have hid his cultivation.

The hundreds and thousands of martial artists on the spectators stand were also in shock and erupted in chatter.

“My goodness! Who would’ve thought that Su Mo was hiding his cultivation!”

“Even at Lv 3 True Spirit Realm, he was so powerful! I can’t even imagine how powerful he’ll be at Lv 4!”

“Incredible! Even if he does not have the ability to enter the top 10, he’ll definitely enter the top 20!”

Everyone was shocked, but they still thought that Su Mo was no match for Han Qianze.

Han Qianze’s Ice Cultivation Skill was so incredibly powerful that it could instantly freeze any incoming attack.

Spectators from Gale Island were even more shocked. Elder Wei and the Second Elder all stared and stood agog.

“Lv 4 True Spirit Realm?”

“How could he cultivate so quickly?”

He was still at Lv 2 over a month ago, and it was unbelieveable that he could increase by two levels in such a short period of time.

In the fighting ring,

Han Qianze was only slighlty shocked by Su Mo’s cultivation and did not think too much of it.

Although Su Mo’s aura was as powerful as that of most Lv 6 martial artists, it was still nothing to him.

“Even if you’re at Lv 4, you still have no chance of beating me,”

Han Qianze said coldly.


Su Mo unsheathed his Spirit-slayer Sword, pointed it to the ground, and said calmly, “I can beat you in three moves!”

“What the?”

Han Qianze was stunned and grew furious at Su Mo’s disdain for him.

“How arrogant!” he scoffed, as if Su Mo was joking.

He was done talking.

Han Qianze was a genius and ranked number six in the List of Top 100 Talents. There were few people in his generation throughout Hong Domain who could defeat him. Even Wu Sheng and Huo Ling did not dare to claim that they could beat him in three moves, but Su Mo dared to do so.

In the West fighting ring, Nie Chong and Duanmu Ying were at battle. Nie Chong had also concealed his strength, and after releasing his full power, he was engaged in a fierce battle with Duanmu Ying.

Everyone on the spectators stand had been engrossed in watching the battle until they heard by Su Mo’s words.

“d.a.m.n, Su Mo must be insane to claim he can defeat Han Qianze in three moves!”

“How is that possible? Even Wu Sheng can’t do that.”

“He’s too c.o.c.ky! He has no idea how terrifying Han Qianze is!”

Everyone shook their heads at Su Mo’s ignorance.

In the fighting ring, Su Mo stopped talking and walked toward Han Qianze calmly.

Han Qianze chuckled and released a fightening and chilly aura into his surroundings.

The chilling aura even froze the air, instantly covering the fighting ring in a thick layer of ice.

As the chill swept over Su Mo, it froze his hair, eyebrows, and clothes. It also penetrated his Body-Protection Genuine Vitality and crazily shot towards his body.


Su Mo yelled lightly, releasing his Genuine Vitality and turning the ice on his body into powder.


Su Mo’s body shone with golden light and shot towards Han Qianze.

He tore through the frozen air with little resistance, turning all the shards of ice into powder.

“Get away!”

Han Qianze’s face grew cold, and he swung his palm toward Su Mo.

“Inferno Frost Palm!”

In the blink of an eye, endless cold air rushed together to form a icy palm print that was 10 meters long and charged towards Su Mo.

Inferno Frost Palm was a very powerful move in Inferno Frost Skill. It not only had a strong attack, but also had the ability to freeze the opponent’s counter-attack.

As the chill neared Su Mo, it slowed down his movements and froze all the Genuine Vitality around him.

However, Su Mo’s Genuine Vitality was stronger than even that of a martial artist at Peak Lv 5 True Spirit Realm. His nine Spiritual Spirals churned out endless Genuine Vitality, which caused the chilly air to dissipate.


Instead of dodging, Su Mo concentrated his abundant Genuine Vitality and powerful physical strength onto his long sword.


The Spirit-slayer Sword clashed with the palm print and instantly shattered it, sending ice shards everywhere.


Without losing any momentum after breaking the palm print, Su Mo rapidly drew nearer to Han Qianze.

“Infinite Universe!”

With a flash of sword radiance and peerless momentum, the sword swung towards Han Qianze’s head.

The same move he used against Duan Jingtian was now 10 times more powerful.

“What the?”

Han Qianze was caught by surprise by Su Mo’s strength and instantly became frightened.


Instead of meeting the attack, he rapidly retreated and waved his hands frantically to create a thick s.h.i.+eld of ice.

“What? Han Qianze has been forced back!”

“Su Mo is so powerful that he actually forced Han Qianze to retreat!”

Everyone was shaken. Even top geniuses like Ao Wushuang and the ninth princess stared intently at the battle, not wanting to miss a second.


With an explosion, the sword radiance shattered the ice s.h.i.+eld, sending out a wave of chilling air.

Han Qianze was thrown back for over 100 meters.

“How can you be so strong?”

Han Qianze’s expression showed a great disbelief.

“I’m going to defeat you in the third move!”

Su Mo rushed forward without losing any speed, bathed in golden light and giving off a peerless aura.

Surrounded by endless sword Qi, he raised his Spirit-slayer Sword high, and a powerful sword radiance tore through the air.

“It is the sword’s will?”

“Su Mo has actually grasped sword will!”

“How terrifying. Here’s another rare genius who has grasped sword will!”

The crowd was shaken again. With Su Mo’s strong strength, who knew how much stronger sword will could make him?

In that moment, Su Mo was watched by thousands and underestimated by no one.

Even Huo Ling, Hong Qingtian, and Mo Yue furrowed their brows.

Wu Sheng’s eyes glinted upon seeing Su Mo use sword will.

However, he detected that Su Mo’s sword will was only at Medium Lv 1. He shook his head, for that was far behind his Completed Lv 1 sword will.

In the fighting ring,

although Su Mo had repressed his swordplay to only Medium Lv 1, it still greatly increased his combat strength.

Menacing sword will and endless Genuine Vitality were poured into Spirit-slayer Sword, causing its sword radiance to increase crazily.

“Infinite Supremacy!”

Scalding Sword Radiance lit up the arena and sent out a sweeping gust of sword Qi. Infinite Swordsmans.h.i.+p already contained extreme attacks, and with the help of sword will, its power more than doubled.


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