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Chapter 282: Top-100-Talent Compet.i.tion

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In the depths of Gale Island’s rear mountains, there was an immortal’s cave which was abundant in Spiritual Qi.

It was the Gale Island owner’s, Yun Tu’s, place of self-cultivation.

In the cave, the gray-haired Yun Tu was sitting cross-legged on a futon while Duan Jingtian silently stood in front of him.

“Jingtian, how do you feel about today’s defeat?” Yun Tu asked flatly.

Having mixed emotions about his defeat, Duan Jingtian finally sighed and said, “I concede my defeat, but I’ll make Su Mo pay for it next time!”

Duan Jingtian acknowledged his failure and quickly regained confidence.

He believed that if he used his strongest combat strength, Su Mo would definitely lose because he had yet to unleash his martial soul and his hidden card.

“Great!” Yun Tu nodded and continue, “as your progress’s been a smooth sailing so far, setbacks and failures sometimes may be beneficial for you!”

After a moment’s thought, Yun Tu spoke again, “Now, you should put Su Mo aside. There are two months before the start of Hong Domain’s Top-100-talent Compet.i.tion. As soon as the quota is determined, I’ll take you to the Great Hong Empire’s Dragon-buried Abyss to experience the almighty dragon power. You should try your best to reach the Great Completion Realm for Soaring Dragon Halberd Skill before the compet.i.tion.

“Your strength will sky-rocket once you’ve achieved that, guaranteeing you a place in the Top 60 of the list!”

“I see!” Duan Jingtian heavily nodded and his sharp eyes filled with determination.

He had waited so long for this day. He had missed the previous compet.i.tion as he’d just entered the True Spirit Realm back then, but this time he would make a name for himself in the whole Hong Domain.

On the other side, Su Mo, the Second Elder, and Elder Wei were all in the Highest Elder’s immortal’s cave.

“Su Mo, I thought you’d take two or three years to catch up to Duan Jingtian. It really surprised me that you did it in merely a month!” the Highest Elder said with amazement and admiration.

Though he was always very optimistic about Su Mo, Su Mo’s excellent performance still gave him a great shock.

“Unfortunately, I didn’t kill Duan Jingtian today!” Su Mo said with a sigh.

If the island owner had not helped Duan Jingtian, he would have killed him!

“Killing Duan Jingtian isn’t so easy. He still has some hidden cards!”

The Highest Elder waved his hands and continued. “Yun Tu’s life span is almost over. That’s why he wants to train Duan Jingtian to inherit his position as the island owner.”

“With your current strength, you’re already fully capable of competing with Duan Jingtian. I’ll make every effort to help you become the island owner.”

The Highest Elder became more satisfied with Su Mo over time. If Su Mo had not been Elder Wei’s apprentice, he would have thought to be his master.

Hearing this, Su Mo hesitated for a moment and said, “The Highest Elder, I don’t want to become the island owner. As soon as I kill Duan Jingtian, I’ll leave Skymoon to train myself!”

“Don’t want to be the island owner?” The Highest Elder slightly frowned then said, “You can go anywhere in the Hong Domain for training at any time. This doesn’t conflict with becoming the island owner!”

“But I want to leave the Hong Domain for the Central Continent!” Su Mo shook his head and said.

“What? The Central Continent?”

Not only the Highest Elder, the Second Elder and Elder Wei were also shocked when they heard Su Mo.

It was a ridiculous idea!

After a short while, the Highest Elder asked in a deep voice. “Su Mo, do you know how big the Firmament and Continent is? And do you know how far we are from the Central Continent?”

Su Mo shook his head. He knew that the Firmament and Continent were big and Hong Domain was far away from the Central Continent, but he was not sure of the answer.

“With your current cultivation, it’ll take at least 10 years of non-stop traveling to reach the Central Continent!”

His words made Su Mo freeze.

“Ten years?”

“How’s… that possible?” Su Mo gaped and asked stupidly.

He could not believe that it would take him so long even if he could fly.

Upon seeing Su Mo’s disbelieving face, Elder Wei explained. “Su Mo, the Hong Domain covers more than one million square miles, and it’s located in the far eastern part of the East Continent. If you want to reach the Central Continent, you will have to cross dozens of domains. Some of these domains are hundreds of times bigger than the Hong Domain. Just think about it and you’ll realize how long it will take at your speed!”

“What’s more, such a long journey will be full of dangers. So forget it, unless you have the strength above the Enlightenment Realm!” Elder Wei shook his head.

Su Mo was instantly speechless. The Firmament and Continent was too d.a.m.n big! When could he ever find Xi’er?

He had promised Xi’er to look for her on the Central Continent in five years. As of now, he had less than four years left!

The Highest Elder shook his head and said, “Su Mo, your idea is impractical. You should give it up before you reach the Enlightenment Realm. Right now you should focus on you cultivation!”

Shortly after, Su Mo calmed down and reluctantly nodded.

That’s right. His speed of flight would only increase if he became stronger, so he needed to do that as soon as possible!

“Well, Su Mo, you’ve to partic.i.p.ate in the Triennial Top-100-talent Compet.i.tion in Hong Domain two months later. In five days time, Skymoon Country’s 30 candidates will be selected in the Sky Rapier Sect. It’d easy for you to be a candidate, but you still need to improve yourself to enter the List of Top 100 Talents!” the Highest Elder said.

“Top-100-talent Compet.i.tion?”

Su Mo was surprised about the news.

Fighting desire flashed in Su Mo’s eyes as he remembered Feng Xiu and other geniuses in the List of Top 100 Talents who he had met in the Ethereal Territory. Last time, they wanted to grab his treasure. Had they not been severely injured, he would not have gotten away easily.

Feng Xiu and others were basically ranked at the end of the list, even Feng Xiu was just ranked 78th.

Since that was the case, how strong were the top 10 talents in the list?

Then Su Mo asked, “Is there any reward for getting on the list?”

Actually, what Su Mo cared about was the reward rather than the reputation. After all, he would not waste his precious time on a tedious compet.i.tion that had no rewards.

“Of course, but the rewards differ every time. The details remain unknown until the compet.i.tion ends.”

The Highest Elder continued, “I hope you can enter the list and become famous in the Hong Domain to win honor for our Gale Island!”

Nodding confidently, Su Mo replied, “I will enter the List of Top 100 Talents, it will be easy!”


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