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Chapter 1819: Holy Relic

“Su Mo, rest a.s.sured. I will help you if the culprit comes!” Saint Elder Zhen Xian looked at Su Mo and said in a deep voice.

There was no need to worry if they were on the True Path Sect’s territory in Mingxu Galaxy.

“Saint Elder Zhen Xian, the culprit might be an Empty G.o.d.” Su Mo mumbled.


“An Empty G.o.d?”

The moment Zhen Xian and Quan Ming heard Su Mo’s words, they froze. They had never imagined that the culprit could be an Empty G.o.d.

Their faces darkened because the True Path Sect could not stand against an Empty G.o.d.

If an Empty G.o.d from the Sorcerer Tribe really came, they would be powerless against him.

“Su Mo, you should hurry back to the Sun Moon Tribe!” Saint Elder Zhen Xian said in a low voice.

After all, Su Mo had waited for him to arrive back in True Path Sect for a few days.

“Su Mo, your safety will not be a problem in Sun Moon Tribe but you have to be careful!” Quan Ming sighed. He could only help Su Mo understand his problem. Whether or not Su Mo would escape danger was not his problem.

“Thank you Sect Leader, thank you Elder Zhen Xian! I will take my leave now!”

Su Mo cupped his fists towards the two and left first. Time was tight for him and he had to return to the Sun Moon Tribe as soon as possible.

Quan Ming waved his hand to dismiss Su Mo without further words.

With that, Su Mo walked out of the palace and his body flashed as he shot through the sky and headed back to Sun Moon Tribe.

However, Saint Elder Zhen Xian chased after him and very quickly caught up to Su Mo.

“Su Mo, I have something to tell you!”

Saint Elder Zhen Xian said in a deep tone. Thereafter, he waved his hand and a large Dark Force array surrounded the two.

Dense, thick Dark Force covered Su Mo and Zhen Xian, allowing the inside of the array to be soundproof.

“Mm!” Su Mo nodded his head without slowing down. With Saint Elder Zhen Xian by his side, he also did not have to worry about meeting Hu Sheng again.

“I went to Myriad World Mountain previously and am aware of a new mission!” Saint Elder Zhen Xian informed Su Mo.

Su Mo sighed inwardly. Mission? He was already in such a situation, how could he still have the heart to do a mission?

“This mission is a public want and I didn’t want to tell you about it previously. However, now that you have been cursed, I have no choice but to tell you about it!” Saint Elder Zhen Xian said.

Su Mo’s eyes flashed upon hearing Zhen Xian’s words. Could this mission help him break the curse? That didn’t seem possible, right?

He did not voice his thoughts but patiently waited for Zhen Xian to explain the mission’s details.

“Leng Xie’s crowning ceremony will begin in 3 months. Many superpowers of various galaxies as well as various tribes will attend the ceremony. In accordance to previous customs, there will be an exchange between the younger generation of the various galaxies. Your mission will be to kill a person!”

Saint Elder Zhen Xian continued in a serious tone, “this man is an exceptional genius of the True Demon Tribe in Demon Kingdom Galaxy. His name is Mo Xiao and he is also known as the genius Mo.”

“How does killing this person help me with the curse?” Su Mo couldn’t help asking. He was confused as to what connection the mission had to do with his curse.

“The Myriad World Mountain will reward you with a Holy Relic if you complete this mission!” Saint Elder Zhen Xian said.

“Holy Relic?” Su Mo was surprised. He knew what a relic was.

After all, who in his past life wouldn’t know what a relic was? It was something that only High Buddhas could possess.

“That’s right. The Holy Relic is formed from the death of High Buddhas in Ah Mi Galaxy. It can increase one’s mental strength and even possesses strong vital essence. Furthermore, it will allow one to have a chance at enlightenment and it will be hugely beneficial to you.” Saint Elder Zhen Xian said.

“Increase mental strength? Enlightenment?” Su Mo’s eyes brightened. This was indeed a good treasure for him.

Enlightenment would be a good opportunity for him to comprehend martial skills and Ultimacies.

Increasing his mental strength was even more important to him. After all, the increase of his mental strength not only increased his overall strength, it also increased his resistance against his inner demons.

“What cultivation rank is Mo Xiao, the genius Mo?” Su Mo asked. The Holy Relic was of use to him. If he could, he would use all that he had to accomplish the mission.

“He is someone who became a Martial Sage within 100 years. As such, he should be in the early stages of the Martial Sage realm!”

Saint Elder Zhen Xian sighed. He did not want to tell Su Mo about the mission before.

After all, with Su Mo’s cultivation rank, it did not seem very possible for him to kill a Martial Sage who was also an exceptional talent.

The difference between a Martial Sage and a Martial Honorable was too large.

Average exceptional geniuses would not even be able to kill a Martial Sage, even if he was a Sage-to-be.

Although Su Mo was incredibly exceptional, according to Zhen Xian’s estimation, Su Mo’s strength should be close to a Sage-to-be.

However, he finally decided to tell Su Mo about the mission because, although his cultivation rank was low now, there were still 3 months to the crowning ceremony.

Su Mo might be able to break through to the Rank 8 Martial Honorable Realm through his willpower.

Once he was a Rank 8 Martial Honorable, he might not be able to finish the mission but would still have a slight hope of doing so.

That was because Su Mo would not be the only person attempting the mission, there would also be other disciples of Myriad World Mountain who would try it.

If Mo Xiao was heavily injured by another person and Su Mo killed him with that opportunity, Su Mo would be the official person who completed the mission.

Although this possibility was low, there was still a chance.

“A Martial Sage?” Su Mo’s face darkened. An exceptional genius who had become a Martial Sage within 100 years from the Demons Tribe, there was no way Su Mo would be able to complete the mission.

With his current strength, killing Hu Sheng was not even possible, not to mention a genius from the Demon Tribe who became a Martial Sage by 100 years old.

“Yes, a Martial Sage!”

Saint Elder Zhen Xian nodded his head and continued in a serious tone, “There are over 1000 galaxies in this universe but no more than 10,000 people who manage to become a Martial Sage in 100 years. Mo Xiao is extraordinary!”

“Indeed!” Su Mo nodded his head. In the past few years, Ancientspirit Galaxy did not produce anyone who managed to become a Martial Sage by 100 years old. Mo Xiao was strong indeed.

“Anyway, you do what you can!”

Saint Elder Zhen Xian observed Su Mo’s dark face and sighed, “There will be other disciples of Myriad World Mountain who will attempt this mission as well. You might be able to scheme your way to completing it!”

Saint Elder Zhen Xian did not have too high hopes for Su Mo to complete the mission. He only wanted to give Su Mo hope and a driving force.

There would be other disciples of Myriad World Mountain who would attempt the mission and the one with the highest hopes was Gao Haoran of Levitation Galaxy.

“I hope so!” Su Mo sighed out loud and his heart fell. He had to attempt the mission but his strength was definitely not enough. He had to think of ways to raise his strength as quickly as possible.

Yet, due to the curse, raising his cultivation rank was hard and he could only attempt other ways of raising his strength.

“Senior, I need a favor from you!” A few moments later, Su Mo requested.

“Say it!” Saint Zhen Xian urged.

“I need 5 Sacred Cla.s.s martial skills!”


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