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Chapter 1724: When Will They Arrive?

As the Fire Cloud Leopard had dashed out too quickly, it was the first to go near the powerful three-colored Sword Qi.


The Fire Cloud Leopard roared loudly as it was filled with fear. It regretted das.h.i.+ng out so quickly without finding out Su Mo’s strength beforehand.


The powerful Sword Qi slashed across the body of the Fire Cloud Leopard like a sharp blade, tearing its flesh apart.

Blood shot up to the sky as though several thousand fountains had splashed out simultaneously.

The body of the Fire Cloud Leopard had been slashed into two.

Fortunately, the actual body of the Fire Cloud Leopard was huge. Although it had been slashed apart, its Spiritual Soul was unscathed and it had not been utterly destroyed.

The powerful three-colored Sword Qi was invincible. It destroyed all the attacks and the people that it came across.

Ah! Ah! Ah!

Screams were heard everywhere and those people who took the lead to dash out could not take the blow from Su Mo. Blood spurted out of them when the Sword Qi slashed past.

Some of them were fortunate. Although their bodies had been slashed apart, their Spiritual Souls had managed to escape and they were not destroyed. The rest had their bodies and Spiritual Souls destroyed by the Sword Qi.


“How can he be so powerful?”

“How is this possible?”

Those who were blocking the path at the back were shocked when they saw this. The power that Su Mo had displayed was comparable to a Peak at Rank 9 Martial Honored Realm martial artist.

How can Su Mo be so powerful!

When the people at the front saw the Sword Qi attacking them, they immediately struck.

Suddenly, several attacks filled the area like streams and they gushed toward the three-colored Sword Qi.

Vast attacks came from all corners as they hit the three-colored Sword Qi.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Loud explosions shook the entire starry sky as the attacks burst out.

The air billows swirled out with a great force, causing chaos in the starry sky as everyone started to move back.

Those martial artists who were less powerful had been twirled into the shockwaves and many were killed or seriously injured.


A pocket-sized paG.o.da then shot through the vast air billows like an arrow.

“He has gotten out of the encirclement!”

“Stop him!”

“Don’t let him escape!”

The people were alarmed and they shouted out loudly. Su Mo had taken advantage of the chaotic situation to dash out from the encirclement.


The Seven-color Glazed PaG.o.da shot out like lightning. It darted across the starry sky, and Su Mo entered the PaG.o.da again.

More and more people gathered in the area as the people from the other locations of the encirclement rushed over. Su Mo had to leave the place quickly.

That was the reason he threw out his most powerful blow. He must not be held back.

Those people had a high cultivation level and if Su Mo was being held back by them, he would be in hot water.

Fortunately, there were not many powerful top powers around. The strengths of the two Rank 9 Martial Honored Realm martial artists were ordinary and they were even less powerful than Fang Fei, who was at Rank 8 Martial Honored Realm.

The Seven-color Glazed PaG.o.da shot away quickly with several hundred top powers pursuing behind it.

Su Mo triggered his thought and left the Seven-color Glazed PaG.o.da again. Sword radiance glittered under his feet and a Natal Spiritual Sword appeared.

He traveled on the sword and his speed increased tremendously. In an instant, he had traveled a far distance.

However, after flying for about 15 minutes, he was still unable to shake the people off.

There were more than 20 people whose speed was fast. Although they would not be able to catch up with Su Mo within a short period of time, they were still hot on his heels.

“Are they not afraid of dying!?”

A killing intent flashed across Su Mo’s eyes and the three-colored radiance in his Stone Sword shot more brightly. The Dark Force surged as Su Mo continued to infuse a large amount of Fighting Souls into the Stone Sword.

Shortly, when Su Mo felt that the power in the longsword had reached its peak and he was about to lose control over it, he slashed out behind him.


The long, powerful Sword Qi appeared again and it was sharp. Its imposing aura, was filled with immense killing intent, attacked the people who were pursuing him.

“Let’s deal with him together!”



The martial artists shouted and vast attacks filled the sky. The people who were pursuing Su Mo struck simultaneously.

Every attack was powerful and its imposing aura was earth-shattering. Those who were pursuing Su Mo were top powers and the lowest cultivation level among them was Rank 8 Martial Honored Realm.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

There were loud explosions when the powerful three-colored Sword Qi and all the attacks exploded. They turned into airy billows and swirled into all corners.

When people saw that, they reduced their speed as they dared not dash into the powerful shockwaves.

In the twinkle of an eye, Su Mo had turned into a black dot as he flew out of their sight.


“We must not let him escape!”

“Let’s continue to pursue him!”

The people were enraged. There were so many of them but they were unable to stop Su Mo from escaping. It brought great shame to them.

Swoos.h.!.+ Swoos.h.!.+ Swoos.h.!.+

Everyone immediately increased their speed to give chase to Su Mo like a phantom.

As they continued to pursue Su Mo, Su Mo flew around the starry sky non-stop, not moving to any specific direction.

Four hours pa.s.sed quickly and the people who managed to catch up with Su Mo’s speed had dwindled. There were only seven to eight of them left.

Those were the people who were at Rank 9 Martial Honored Realm and they had come out of the encirclement to pursue Su Mo. As they were nearer to Su Mo, they were able to catch up with him.

Among those people there was one man from the Sorcerer Tribe.

Su Mo looked gloomy. The speed of the people was as fast as his and he was unable to shake them off. He could not allow it to go on.

However, he had no other solutions and he could only continue to run away from them.

The top powers behind him were silent. Everyone looked grim and they continued to chase after Su Mo.

There were so many powerful people among them but they were unable to stop Su Mo from escaping or catch up with him. That made them fume with anger.

“Gentlemen, we do not have to catch up with him. As long as we follow behind him and give an update on his location, that will be good enough!” The top power from the Sorcerer Tribe said.

The top power from the Sorcerer Tribe was a middle-aged man. He had a face full of stubble and he looked gloomy.

“Honor Wu Mu, when will the top powers from your tribe arrive?” A top power asked the middle-aged man from the Sorcerer Tribe as he had sent out the message to the other top powers from the Sorcerer Tribe in the surrounding area concerning the situation.

“Don’t worry. The Grand Priest will be here soon, given his speed.”

The middle-aged man sneered, “When the Grand Priest is here, Su Mo will definitely be killed, no matter how powerful he is!”

“You are right. The Grand Priest can kill Su Mo effortlessly when he is here!” The people laughed when they learnt that the Grand Priest from Heavenly Underworld Star was on his way there.

They had heard that the Grand Priest was near the star, and given his speed he would reach the star in no time.

As long as they continued to tail Su Mo, they would simply inform the Grand Priest of Su Mo’s location when he arrived.

“Let’s continue to pursue Su Mo and not let him escape!” The middle-aged man from the Sorcerer Tribe shouted.


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