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Chapter 1613: Going To Myriad World Mountain

Like a vast universe in the Inner Mansion, there was a short Mountain Peak that was over a hundred feet tall on the edge of the district.

Su Mo looked at the building before his eyes. He was speechless.

He had already settled the procedure of becoming an Inner Mansion Disciple. The Mountain Peak that he had obtained in the Inner Mansion was the small mountain in front of him.

When he had first entered the Inner Mansion, naturally, he had only got the region at the edge, the shortest Mountain Peak.

To Su Mo, this did not matter. However, there was a dilapidated three-storey attic on top of this mountain and it had collapsed.

Su Mo had no choice but to do it himself. He had to repair the loft briefly before he could live in it.

Afterwards, he carefully cleaned the interior and outside of the attic.

In the attic, Su Mo sat on a sandalwood chair and sat quietly for a moment before walking out of the attic.

Since he had already shown his face, no one would bother about Tushan Town anymore, regardless of if it were the Tais.h.i.+ Family Faction or the Sorcerer Tribesmen. He had already reached his goal.

Time was running out. He had to go to Myriad World now.


Just as he walked out of the attic, a white figure suddenly came right in front of Su Mo.

Su Mo jumped. At a closer look, the visitor was actually Instructor Mu Li.

Instructor mu LI was still in a white dress, her silhouette gentle and her porcelain-white skin was still so cold, giving others an icy vibe.

In the past, Su Mo could not tell what Cultivaiton Instructor Mu Li was of. Now, he could see it clearly. She was at the beginning of Level 5 Martial Honoured Realm.

“How did you survive?” Instructor Mu Li immediately asked as she arrived. Confusion was written all over her face.

She was present when Su Mo was murdered by Grand Priest Wu Lun. She had witnessed it for herself. She really did not understand, how did Su Mo survive?

Of course, Instructor Mu Li was not the only one curious about this. Everyone in Shenwu Academy was extremely curious.


Hearing this, Su Mo was speechless. From her tone, it seemed that Instructor Mu Li did not wish for Su Mo to survive.

“Heaven helps the worthy!” Su Mo smiled.

“Nonsense!” Instructor Mu Li retorted. Heaven helps the worthy? She had seen Su Mo being killed with her own eyes. What had this got to do with the Heavens?

She blamed herself for Su Mo’s initial encounter. As an instructor of the Academy, she was unable to protect the disciples of the Academy at that time.

“Instructor Mu Li, congratulations!” Su Mo smiled and cupped his fist.

“What do you mean?” Instructor Mu Li asked, puzzled.

“I hope that you will become a Master Craftsman soon!” Su Mo smiled. Previously, in his conversation with Grand Master Huoyuan, the latter had explicitly said that Instructor Mu Li would be inheriting the Craftsmen Path. This was a great fortune for Mu Li.

“I will!”

Mu Li nodded. She was extremely confident in her own craftsmen talent. Immediately after, her face turned solemn. “Do you really not intend to do craftsmans.h.i.+p?” she asked.

Mu Li naturally knew Su Mo’s craftsmen talent. It was acknowledged by Grand Master Huoyuan. With such a high talent, it would truly be such a waste if he did not do craftsmans.h.i.+p.

“No, I do not have the time. I will spend all my time on the Martial Road and strive to become a Saint in ten years!” Su Mo shook his head.

“Become a Saint in ten years?” Mu LI was shocked upon hearing this. Immediately after, she nodded silently. If others were to say this, she would feel that they were being arrogant.

However, it was convincing coming from Su Mo.

Before she had arrived, she already heard about Su Mo’s cultivation from Grand Master Huoyuan and was beyond shocked.

“I hope you can do it!” Mu Li nodded. Immediately after, she turned around and flew away.

Su Mo sighed softly upon seeing this. Although he did not have a deep relations.h.i.+p with her, he truly hoped that she would have some achievements on the Craftsmen Road.

Immediately after, Su Mo was ready to leave the Inner Mansion.

Just at that moment, there was a group of a dozen people flying by.

Seeing this, a smile suddenly appeared on Su Mo’s face. These people were disciples of the Imperial Ancestor Court Faction. There was Ren Yundu, Xie Bin and others that he was familiar with.

After not seeing them for a long period of them, their cultivation had been elevated. Subsequently, Su Mo welcomed everyone into the attic and caught up with them.

During that period of time, everyone was asking Su Mo – how did he survive?

Su Mo did not answer it directly but brushed it off.

From their words, Su Mo found out that Gu Tianyi was not in Shenwu Academy. He was currently in the Imperial Ancestor Court.

Su Mo was not surprised about this. He had another Avatar in Imperial Ancestor Court and was clear about the situation there.

At present, Gu Tianyi and the other Imperial Ancestors had already entered a white-hot stage.

After half an hour, everyone left Su Mo’s mountain peak.

Su Mo didn’t stay for long either. He immediately left Shenwu Academy and headed for Myriad World Mountain.

After getting out of the Shenwu Academy, Su Mo stood up and rushed towards the Nine Skies. He disappeared in the blink of an eye.

He was extremely clear about where True Sage Territory was. He still needed to use the Teleportation Formation in the road ahead.

Tais.h.i.+ Mountain, in the Hall

“Holy Son, Su Mo has just left the Academy!” A disciple clad in green reported to Tais.h.i.+ Jue.

“What? He left so quickly?” Tais.h.i.+ Jue was stumped upon hearing this. Su Mo had just returned. An hour had yet to pa.s.s and he had actually left the Academy?

He was not yet ready in such a short period of time!

“Yes, we have already sent people to follow him!” the disciple in green said.

“Who’s following Su Mo?” Tais.h.i.+ Jue asked. Su Mo was very powerful. If an ordinary person followed him, the former would be courting his own death.

“Mountain Demon!” the disciple in green replied.

Tais.h.i.+ Jue nodded. Mountain Demon was one of his best martial players. He was of Level 4 Martial Honoured Realm Cultivation.

Although it was basically impossible to defeat Su Mo with Mountain Demon’s strength, there would definitely be no problem following him.

The best skill of Mountain Demon was tracking. It could be said that an ordinary high-level Martial Honoured Realm warrior would not be able to realise his presence.

As long as Mountain Demon attended to the matter, Su Mo would definitely not be able to escape.

“Immediately send a message to Mountain Demon. Tell him to keep his eye on Su Mo. He must definitely not lose him!” Tais.h.i.+ Jue said.

“Yes, Holy Son!” The disciple in green replied.

“Also, make sure he does not lay a finger on Su Mo. He is not Su Mo’s match!” Tais.h.i.+ Jue added.

“OK!” The disciple in green nodded and immediately left the Hall.

Tais.h.i.+ Jue looked calm. He would not chase after Su Mo personally. As long as Su Mo was under the scrutiny of the Tais.h.i.+ Family Faction, there was nowhere to run to.

Although Su Mo was very powerful, to Tais.h.i.+ Jue, Su Mo was just like an ant.

Although his Tais.h.i.+ Family was not a Super Force in Ancientspirit Galaxy, they were still considered one of the top forces among the Human Tribe Forces.

As such, as long as he could get hold of Su Mo’s whereabouts, it would simply be too easy to kill him.


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