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Chapter 1309: Providing Resources

“Hehe! Don’t exaggerate.” Su Mo humbly laughed. Although he was confident in his Devouring Fighting Soul, he did not believe that it would be so sweeping and revolutionary. What the Flaming Ghost Sage said was far too exaggerated.

“Not at all!” the Flaming Ghost Sage turned serious and said, “Your Devouring Fighting Soul can take others’ Fighting Souls and lifeblood. It is an extraordinary skill. Although limited by your willpower, you can use many Fighting Souls at once. Also, if you can devour many different types of souls, and numerous other lifebloods, your talents will exceed many others before you.”

“Mmph! It won’t be too long before that happens!” Su Mo nodded his head. There are many Fighting Souls, however, special body const.i.tutions are rare.

“Su Mo, listen to my advice. If you meet any strong Fighting Souls or those with special body const.i.tutions in the future, especially those that are on the Archean Martial Souls list or the Archaean Special Bodies list, you must definitely devour them and use them for yourself!” the Flaming Ghost Sage solemnly advised.

“Mmph!” Su Mo nodded his head. If his enemies had these kind special Fighting Souls or body const.i.tutions, he would definitely take them for himself. However, if they were his friends, he wouldn’t do anything to them.

Then, the Flaming Ghost Sage stayed silent and did not speak further.

Su Mo sighed and bent his head down. A moment later, he waved his hand and a jade bracelet appeared. It contained the Archean Special Bodies list. In Wu Chen’s memories, Wu Ren w.a.n.g’s special body const.i.tution was called “Deep Heavens martial body.” Su Mo wanted to find out what exactly this body const.i.tution entailed. After all, he had already devoured 80% of Wu Ren w.a.n.g’s lifeblood and obtained his body const.i.tution. He had to understand its abilities!

Skimming through the list, Su Mo found the Deep Heavens martial body. It was ranked 749th in the list. According to the Archean Special Bodies list, this body const.i.tution could mobilize the body’s lifeblood and increase one’s Dark Force and power by almost fives times. Furthermore, this body const.i.tution was not limited by its user’s cultivation level. No matter which cultivation realm one was in, it would still increase the user’s Dark Force and power fivefold.

“Not bad!” Su Mo lightly nodded his head. Although this body const.i.tution did not have extraordinary talents, and it would not be useful for those with low cultivation levels, it still would increase one’s strength immensely. For a martial artist in the Martial Emperor Realm, it would make him very terrifying.

However, he did not devour Wu Ren w.a.n.g’s lifeblood completely, but only about 80% of it. Its power would be slightly lower than what it should be. Also, the Deep Heavens martial body and the Divine Sun body had merged. Hence, he wasn’t quite sure what the final merged body const.i.tution would be. Either way, no matter what body const.i.tution it became, it would be of no harm to him.

“Hmm?” at that moment, Su Mo’s brows raised. Someone had entered his living quarters. It was Wu Qiong. Within the Sorcerer Tribe, Su Mo had been very careful. He was always aware of his surroundings and knew straight away that Wu Qiong had entered his home. Su Mo immediately let the Devouring Fighting Soul enter his avatar and then hid his actual body before leaving his private room.

“What are you here for?” opening the door, Su Mo looked towards Wu Qiong and asked coldly.

“That… Wu Chen, I am here to apologize to you!” Wu Qiong nervously looked at Su Mo. He came to apologize to Wu Chen and resolve their past issues. After all, Wu Chen had become the Young Priest and had a much higher status than him now. In order to avoid trouble with Wu Chen in the future, Wu Qiong’s only option was to reluctantly apologize.

“Apologize?” Su Mo was shocked to hear this word. Looking over Wu Qiong, his eyes glimmered with mischief. Wu Qiong had already come; he shouldn’t be allowed to leave. After a moment of silence, Su Mo nodded his head and said, “Come in and talk!”

With that, Su Mo headed directly into the room. Wu Qiong did not dare to be slow and quickly followed suit. Wu Chen’s house had a living room, a side hall, a yard, a cultivation room, and many other s.p.a.cious areas. Soon, the two came to a side hall where they sat down in opposite facing seats.

“Wu Chen, at the Young Priest Choosing ceremony, I was wrong and said some insulting things. I hope you can forgive me!” the moment Wu Qiong sat down, he sighed and pleaded in a serious tone.

“Mmph, I don’t blame you. Thank you for providing me with some resources, though!” Su Mo lightly nodded his head.

“Provide you with resources?” Wu Qiong was taken aback by Su Mo’s words. He was confused, when did he give anything to Su Mo?

“Mhm! You are the resources!” Su Mo nodded his head and, not a moment later, a purple haze emerged from him and instantly surrounded Wu Qiong. In the next moment, Wu Qiong’s eyes turned dull and his body was petrified. Time pa.s.sed slowly. In a span of 10 breaths, Wu Qiong’s body fell lifelessly from the seat.

“You sought your own death, don’t blame me!” with a murderous look on his face, Su Mo stepped before Wu Qiong. There was no true animosity between the two of them, even though Wu Qiong had provoked him before, Su Mo still would not let him leave.

In regards to the Sorcerer tribesmen, Su Mo would overcome all he could.

He had let Wu Qiong enter a dream realm and, after an hour of torture, Wu Qiong’s willpower had weakened to the point of collapse. Su Mo then completely destroyed Wu Qiong’s willpower and consciousness. He didn’t think that Wu Qiong would die. After all, he was only the dream realm and the events that occurred within were not real.

Therefore Wu Qiong’s death took him by surprise. It seemed that he had not fully understood the depths of the Dream Realm Fighting Soul’s abilities. Su Mo sighed heavily. The Dream Realm Fighting Soul, when coupled with his strong willpower, was undefeatable. Completely terrifying, it could kill invisibly.

Compared to when it was with Wu Mo, it had grown stronger by a few times. This Dream Realm Fighting Soul was not on the Archean Martial Souls list. Although there were some Fighting Souls who were similar to it, they simply didn’t compare.

Su Mo was actually slightly regretful now. He regretted that he did not directly kill Wu Ren w.a.n.g within the dream realm. If he had done so, he could have taken the chance to keep Wu Ren w.a.n.g’s corpse, and then devour everything within it.

With a sigh, Su Mo released the Devouring Fighting Soul slightly. Instantly, Wu Qiong’s Fighting Soul was sucked in and devoured. Wu Qiong’s Fighting Soul was a tree, one that was somewhat rare, but still wasn’t a special Fighting Soul.

After devouring Wu Qiong’s Fighting Soul, Su Mo took the dead man’s storage ring and hid his body within it. This body would be a useful resource. With a Level 4 Martial Emperor Divine Pill, it was truly valuable.

Then, Su Mo began to cultivate. He spent the whole night cultivating and, the next day, he left the house and headed to the Clan Prefecture.

On his way over, Su Mo grew slightly excited. Would Qing Xuan be there?


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