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Chapter 1059: Return the Favor

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In the void, Su Mo sat on the Spiritual Sword cross-legged, flying towards Heaven-sea City.

He looked serious, pondering with a frown. He knew he had underestimated the Netherworld Devil Sect.

He was attacked by two powerful members of the Netherworld Devil Sect, one phantom claw and the other black spear.

Su Mo guessed the black spear strike was from the master of the Netherworld Devil Sect and the phantom claw was certainly not from Yan Tai, the the First Elder of the Netherworld Devil Sect.

Because the aura of the strike was very different.

“Looks like Yan Tai is not the only Lv 9 Martial Royal Realm fighter of the Netherworld Devil Sect!” Su Mo muttered quietly.

He must be more careful with the Netherworld Devil Sect. This sect’s strength had been well hidden.

Without a word, Su Mo flew another ten days to the entrance to the Firmament Palace in Heaven-sea City.

After taking a glance at the direction of Heaven-sea City, Su Mo went directly back to Firmament Palace without stopped at the Sky-sea Pavilion.

Figures appeared in White Jade Square inside the Firmament Palace. Just like before, the nine puppets came out to welcome Su Mo.

“Greetings, master!”

“Greetings, master!”

“Greetings, master!”

The nine puppets saluted in unison.


Su Mo saluted with his hands folded in front of his face. He didn’t put on airs as the palace master.

“Congratulations, master. You’ve reached the Martial Royal Realm!” Gold One looked surprised and very pleased after glancing at Su Mo.

“Congratulations, master!”

“The Firmament Palace’s future is bright!”

“Master has a good chance of reaching the emperor realm at this speed!”

The other puppets were also glad that Su Mo had reached a new level, the Martial Royal Realm.

“Masters, how is the preparation for the Firmament Palace’s coming out?” Asked Su Mo in a deep voice.

“Master, the Void-s.h.i.+fting Formation is ready. We can activate it at any time!” Answered Stone One.

The Void-s.h.i.+fting Formation was a very powerful formation from ancient times. It could move the Firmament Palace’s main gate back to the Firmament World.


Su Mo nodded and continued loudly, “Inform all disciples of the Firmament Palace to gather in White Jade Square in ten days. We’ll watch the Firmament Palace’s rebirth together!”

“Yes, master!” The nine puppets answered in unison, obviously excited. After tens of thousands of years, the Firmament Palace was about to return to the Firmament World.

“Okay. I’m leaving.”

Su Mo rose after a nod and flew towards his residence ignoring the Firmament Palace’s Air-sealing Formation.

Back to his palace, Su Mo took out the Divine Map. He thought about it and two figures appeared in front of him.

It was Tian Chen and An Nuan.

“11th Junior Brother!” Tian Chen seemed thrilled to see Su Mo.

An Nuan remained silent, her look complicated.

“Second Senior Sister and Tenth Senior Brother, I’ve taken you out of the Netherworld Devil Sect.”

Su Mo’s eyes shone brightly as he continued, “If you don’t want to stay with the Netherworld Devil Sect, you are welcome to join my force. If you want to return, you are free to go.”

Su Mo looked cool and calm. He wanted to test them. He knew them well but humans could change.

They had spent so much time in the Netherworld Devil Sect. They might no longer be the same. They might be willingly serving the Netherworld Devil Sect.

Hence, Su Mo must test them.

An Nuan and Tian Chen didn’t say anything.

A moment later, Tian Chen asked, “11th Junior Brother, have you joined the Emperor Xuan Palace or the Sky-sea Pavilion?”

Tian Chen asked because he was aware of Su Mo’s ties with the Emperor Xuan Palace and the Sky-sea Pavilion.

He didn’t want to stay in the Netherworld Devil Sect but the sect was too powerful. Once he betrayed, he would be doomed to death.

Even the Emperor Xuan Palace and the Sky-sea Pavilion together couldn’t secure his safety.

“No!” Su Mo shook his head.

“So which force is it?” Asked Tian Chen, confused.

“My own.” Su Mo answered without mentioning the Firmament Palace.

Tian Chen thought about it before answering, his teeth clenching. “11th Junior Brother, I’d like to join you. I was forced into the Netherworld Devil Sect in the first place…”

Tian Chen made up his mind. He knew Su Mo wouldn’t kill him even if he declined his offer but he chose to join him.

Members of the Netherworld Devil Sect were too different from him. He never felt home in the sect.


Su Mo put on a bright smile as he nodded. Then he turned to An Nuan.

“Second Senior Sister, what about you?” Asked Su Mo in a deep voice.

“11th Junior Brother, I have a question to ask. What will you do to our master?” An Nuan responded to Su Mo’s question with a question.

“Kill!” Su Mo’s answer was short and direct.

An Nuan’s heart sank and her face turned complicated.

A moment later, An Nuan answered, “11th Junior Brother, I have never been fond of the Netherworld Devil Sect and I can’t agree with our master’s practice, but he has been kind to me.”

An Nuan had mixed feelings about this. Her life was saved by Huangfu Qing and everything she had was given by Huangfu Qing. Although she felt hurt by Huangfu Qing’s actions but she couldn’t watch him die.

If Huangfu Qing was killed by Su Mo, she certainly couldn’t join his force since she wouldn’t be able to settle her heart.

Su Mo asked with a frown, “Second Senior Sister, what is on your mind? Please tell me!”

An Nuan took a moment to think, with hope in her eyes. “11th Junior Brother, I want you to spare our master’s life!”

“No chance!” Su Mo shook his head firmly. He must kill Huangfu Qing no matter what!

An Nuan lowered her head and said nothing after. She knew it was impossible for Su Mo to let go of Huangfu Qing.

The atmosphere was quite heavy.

Su Mo locked his eyes on An Nuan and thought to himself, “He saved my life, which is a huge favor that I can never return. I’m being merciless here.”

After a moment, Su Mo broke ice, “Second Senior Sister, I can spare Huangfu Qing’s life but he must be punished severely!”

An Nuan’s eyes brightened. She asked at once, “11th Junior Brother, what’s your plan?”

“Abolish his cultivation and turn him into an ordinary commoner!” Su Mo looked cool and grim.

“Fine. As long as you spare his life, I kind of return the favor.”

An Nuan heaved a sigh and continued, “I’m willing to join you!”


Su Mo nodded. He wanted An Nuan and Tian Chen to join the Firmament Palace.

“By the way, where are Seventh Senior Sister and Eighth Senior Brother?” Su Mo thought about Feng Shaoyu.

“They are still in Cold Yin City, training in seclusion!” Replied Tian Chen.

Su Mo sighed quietly. Feng Shaoyu and the others were in seclusion otherwise he couldn’t have taken them out all together. Now he had to wait for next opportunity to save them.


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