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Chapter 999 – Overdraft Health

His robust body laid on the sofa, Feng Xinglang’s face was warped.

It was quiet, in the living room of the villa where the Feng Family was suppressed.

After a long while, Feng Xinglang finally raised his head from the sofa and said, “Old Mo, my brother is injured. Help him to go back to his room and take care of him.”

Feng Lixin’s nose was already bleeding.

He was already weak, and could not withstand Feng Xinglang’s pus.h.i.+ng force.

“Alright, alright.”

Seeing that Second Young Master Feng Xinglang had finally calmed down, he couldn’t help but heave a sigh of relief.

“First Young Master, let me help you up the stairs. Your nose is bleeding, and I’ll help you see if there are any other injuries. “

Feng Lixin did not leave, but continued to stare at Feng Xinglang who was sitting on the sofa, and only after a long while did he mutter, “Xinglang, I’m sorry …”

Feng Xinglang did not reply him, he only spoke coldly towards Butler Mo, “Old Mo, help my brother go upstairs!”

“Alright, I will send First Young Master upstairs now.”

Seeing that the First Young Master still refused to move, the Butler Mo changed the topic, “These days, I have been looking forward to see you return home.”

“Bang, bang …” Feng Lixin’s expression immediately changed, “Is she alright? Where is she? “

“Great! Second Young Master and Second Young Master’s Wife have always treated the ball as their own. “

Butler Mo held Feng Lixin’s arm and waist, “First Young Master, this Old Mo will help you up the stairs first, then I will explain in detail the various matters that need to be discussed with you.”

Under the enticement of the Butler Mo, Feng Lixin was finally lifted up the stairs.

Scanning in the direction of the stairs, Feng Xinglang took out a pack of cigarettes from the drawer of the table.

His handsome face, which was shrouded in smoke, was covered in a layer of profoundness that no one could see through.

“Nanny An, send Xueluo some food to the hospital. and also gave a phone to Nuonuo. “

“Okay Second Young Master, I will go prepare it now!”

In the empty living room, only Feng Xinglang who was fiercely smoking was left.

And there was also Basong who was hiding in a corner. He kept on looking at Feng Xinglang.

He wanted to come up and preempt Feng Xinglang from eating too much: Cong Gang in the Sunlight Room had not eaten for two days already!

However, he was also worried that if Feng Xinglang, who was so irritable that even his big brother acted against him, would vent his anger onto the BOSS, and then, beat him up and humiliate him again and again.

Before Basong could think of a foolproof plan, Feng Xinglang who was sitting on the sofa suddenly pinched the tip of his cigarette in the ashtray, then quickly stood up and ran up the stairs.

It was as if at this moment, Feng Xinglang had completely ignored his inconvenient movement of his legs.

It should be said that his walking speed was as fast as flying. It was an overdraft on his health!

Basong secretly thought, “Not good!”

Because he could already feel that Feng Xinglang was going upstairs to denounce him! He quickly followed.

The three chains in the sunlight room were opened one after another. Feng Xinglang saw Cong Gang quietly sitting on the sofa.

Cong Gang was always this relaxed.

No matter what kind of situation he was in, he would always be as calm as a mountain boulder. He sat there steadily with a condescending att.i.tude, looking down upon all the changes in the world.

Hearing the sound of the door opening, he only turned his head to glance at Feng Xinglang, and then started to think about his own life.

Without saying a word, Feng Xinglang pounced forward and grabbed Cong Gang’s neck, his eyes revealing a vicious look.

“b.a.s.t.a.r.d, Lan Youyou deliberately murdered Xueluo, were you planning to kill him?”

Plotting an intentional murder into a toxic vehicle to cause trouble did indeed require a certain amount of scheming and tactics.

With Lan Youyou’s haughtiness and arrogance, she wouldn’t cover for her intentional murder.

This time, Cong Gang resisted.

It really lifted up his camel spirit. Under the situation where he had not eaten for two days, he used his elbow to push him away from Feng Xinglang; he gathered strength at his knee and pushed Feng Xinglang away.

Cong Gang rubbed his neck that was in pain from being pinched by Feng Xinglang, and snorted: “What, you want to find an excuse for Lan Youyou, so you don’t need to blame me, right?! Why did I murder your wife? I am not that idle yet! “

Indeed, Cong Gang had no motive to kill Lin Xueluo!

Feng Xinglang stared closely into Cong Gang’s eyes, wanting to catch some clues, but Cong Gang’s eyes were only filled with contempt and ridicule for him, nothing else!

Either he covered it up too well, or he had nothing to do with it!

“b.a.s.t.a.r.d, don’t let me find out that this has anything to do with you!” Otherwise, your death will be even more miserable than when I picked you up ten years ago! “

Facing Feng Xinglang’s gnas.h.i.+ng of teeth, Cong Gang merely smiled faintly.

“It’s perfectly normal for this Xiao San to want to murder the main wife! But you, Feng Xinglang, can think of something else? “

Cong Gang slightly pursed her somewhat dry lips, and said with a smile that was yet not a smile: “If you don’t want Lan Youyou to die, then just say it, I have no objections at all! But I will not take the blame for this! You’d better find someone else! This way, your credibility will be higher, and it will be easier to get past your wife! “

Feng Xinglang’s thin lips trembled from her anger as she hissed word by word:

“Cong Gang, you better not play tricks with me! The black car that Lan Youyou was driving was modified … Also, Lan Youyou did not follow him all the way from the Bai’s mansion to Shen Da. I think someone should have informed her: Lin Xueluo went to Shen Da Cai!

Cong Gang glanced at Feng Xinglang indifferently, “You should tell these to Uncle Police! You really don’t need to tell me! “

“Cong Gang, I will investigate thoroughly!”

Feng Xinglang hissed coldly, “I won’t let you off this time! I have let you live for so many years, you should be satisfied now! “

“Feng Xinglang, if you really want to save Lan Youyou, I can take this blame for her. “But I have a condition …”

Cong Gang stopped himself from speaking further, as if he was waiting for Feng Xinglang’s reaction.

“What condition?” Feng Xinglang asked.

“Next, if I want to kill Hetun, you have to promise not to interfere!”

Cong Gang stated his condition.

Feng Xinglang kept quiet.

“Why? Is it hard to choose?”

Cong Gang raised his eyebrows and smiled, “Using the life of a biological father in exchange for the life of a woman he loves is completely worth the trade!”

A few seconds later, Feng Xinglang smiled coldly.

“One is my father and the other is my old love; the back of my hand is flesh. “To be honest, it’s really hard for me to make a decision!”

Feng Xinglang’s handsome face was covered with an obscure layer of profoundness.

Cong Gang was a little confused.

“How about I let you consider it for a few days?”

Cong Gang smiled as he took over Feng Xinglang’s words.

Feng Xinglang decided to sit down on the sofa, “There’s no need to worry for a few days, I promise you right now! You have to shoulder this blame for Lan Youyou, I agree to your conditions! However… “It’s just that my wife is a little difficult to deal with …”

Feng Xinglang leaned his body towards Cong Gang, so close that he could breathe out his breath on Cong Gang’s face.

“Why don’t you think of a perfect murder plot for me that will convince my wife! Otherwise, my wife would definitely think that I was taking the blame for Lan Youyou by hook or by crook! She’s going to have a row with me again! “

Feng Xinglang’s words truly made Cong Gang speechless to the point of choking up.

He really hoped that Feng Xinglang would hear these words of his …

“Feng Xinglang, how much do you love Lan Youyou?! He couldn’t bear to part with her, yet he actually had to find someone who was in the dark to deceive his wife? I was curious: Wouldn’t it be fine if you and Lin Xueluo divorced and married Lan Youyou? This will save you a lot of trouble! “

“You don’t have to worry about that! I have my own unspeakable secrets! “You just have to think of a perfect murder plan for me that will convince my wife!”

Feng Xinglang pursued Cong Gang for a ‘murder plan’.

“You are smarter than me, and you know your own wife better than me. You should think about it!”

Cong Gang vigilantly answered every one of Feng Xinglang’s words that seemed to be both true and false.

“Murder, framing, framing, whatever, you’re the best at it! Let you think about it! I believe you, I will think of a flawless process that can make my wife believe! “

Feng Xinglang interrogated Cong Gang.

“Go get me something to eat!” I’ve been starving for two days already, shouldn’t I vent my anger now?! Besides, don’t you still need my help? Hurry up! “

Cong Gang did not continue with the conversation above.

Because he could already feel that Feng Xinglang was digging a pit for him, waiting for him to crawl in!

“Alright, just you wait. I’ll go and get you something to eat! “

Feng Xinglang stood up and walked out of the Sunlight House.

However, he did not go and prepare anything for Cong Gang to eat. Instead, he went to the monitoring room in the study. He wanted to see if Cong Gang would act in a rush to contact Wei Kang and the others.

If it really was Cong Gang, then he definitely had a way to contact Wei Kang and the others.

No rush, I have an entire night’s worth of time for him, Cong Gang’s, to “practice”!

He waited for over an hour, but Cong Gang did not do anything worthwhile; he only looked out the window with his back facing the camera.

Feng Xinglang asked Basong to send some food to Cong Gang who was in the sunlight room.

When Basong approached the Sunlight House with food in hand, he received a warning from Cong Gang.

“President Feng asked me to deliver some food to you … Do you want to eat or not?! “If you don’t eat it, I’ll feed it to the dogs downstairs!”

“Your President Feng wants me to be the scapegoat, but he doesn’t have any sincerity … What is this? “

Cong Gang said in a low voice. More like a show.

“If my President Feng chooses you, that would be giving you face! Don’t not know how to appreciate favors! “

There was nothing wrong with the conversation between Basong and Cong Gang.

Only, Feng Xinglang had some doubts: In order to protect Cong Gang, who made a huge move against him two days ago, at this moment, about Cong Gang’s transformation … It seemed a little too stiff and forceful!

Basong opened up the chain and placed the tray with the food on the table.

“Basong, how much did Feng Xinglang pay you? As long as you let me go, I’ll double! “

“Stop dreaming! I will only be loyal to the President Feng! “

Suddenly, Cong Gang attacked towards Basong …

When Basong finally escaped from Cong Gang’s attack and ran out of the Sunlight Room and locked the door, he had an additional thing in his pocket.


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