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Chapter 920 – Like a Dog

Three minutes later, the two men stopped arguing.

Glancing at the naked Yan Bang, Feng Xinglang turned his head and snorted, “Go and put on your clothes!”

“No need to wear it! “It’s cool this way!”

Yan Bang’s carefree appearance, did not hold back in the least, displayed his upright and strong build.

Feng Xinglang was too lazy to argue with Yan Bang on this topic. He liked cool out, so let him cool off!

However, his eyes inadvertently glanced at a certain part of his body that was injured: the shape was almost perfect. He wondered if its function had also returned to a state of being able to shock the skies and clouds.

Seeing that Feng Xinglang was looking at him, Yan Bang quickly moved his arm away to let him have a good look.

Feng Xinglang coughed lightly and turned his head.

“Is Baotou trustworthy?” Feng Xinglang returned back to normal and asked.

“Absolutely! He is Hu Jian’s brother. “

Feng Xinglang frowned slightly, “Yan Bang, who are you using? Yet another guy with well-developed limbs and a simple mind! It’s not surprising that you were betrayed and used again and again! “

“Then what should we do now? Was he going to let me, the boss, lead a group of people to wipe out his Yulong City? Why does it sound so weird! “

Yan Bang squatted beside Feng Xinglang’s wheelchair without restraint, with his two powerful legs full of chestnut muscles.

“In the Yulong City, is there any secret room that you don’t often go to, one that is convenient to hide in?” Feng Xinglang asked.

“There are so many corners in this hundred mu of land. I can’t possibly eat my fill and support myself every day, so I can wander around every house every day, can I?!” But for the sake of Kid Nuo, I can turn the entire Yulong City upside down! “

Yan Bang knew that Linnuo was Feng Xinglang’s true love. Yan Bang, who loved his house dearly, naturally doted on this little fellow as well. Not to mention that the little guy was still so likeable.

“Right now, I am still not sure if Nuonuo is in the Yulong City or not … I have a method that does not alert the enemy, and I need your cooperation! “

“Absolutely!” “Tell me, what do you want me to do?”

“Send Xing s.h.i.+’er and the others in to look for him!”

“What?” You want me to lure those rats into the house? I can bring people to find the Kid Nuo, okay? As long as Kid Nuo is in my Yulong City, I promise to help you find him! If you can’t find it, I’ll see you with my head! “

“Do I want your head to be a ball kick? I must ensure Nuonuo’s safety! “

Feng Xinglang’s words were filled with hostility.

Yan Bang looked at Feng Xinglang with a profound gaze. “Could it be that you never suspected that Hetun was the one who acted out this bitter scheme? The purpose is to get rid of me! “

Yan Bang’s words, caused Feng Xinglang’s expression to tighten.

Or do you only know how to believe Hetun, that b.a.s.t.a.r.d who almost killed you, your own son, and you’re not willing to believe a brother who has gone through life and death with you for more than ten years?

In Yan Bang’s eyes filled with anger, there seemed to be a faint sense of desolation.

Because the decision Feng Xinglang had made, was to not approve of him, Yan Bang!

“Yan Bang, why are you screaming? “If laozi doesn’t trust you, would I be able to show you a hand?”

Feng Xinglang took a deep breath and rebuked, “For Nuonuo, for me, I just let Xing s.h.i.+’er in to look for someone, how did he injure your self-esteem?”

Seeing Feng Xinglang’s face that was filled with anger due to his love for his son, Yan Bang suddenly let go.

“Alright then!” I’ll let you take me, okay? Your father’s entire body can be yours, let alone a mere Yulong City! “

Just because he said that, it did not mean that Yan Bang did not have his own thoughts.

It was entirely possible for Xing s.h.i.+’er and the others to enter the Yulong City to find a child!

But Yan Bang had only agreed to let them in, and not agree to let them out …

As long as they entered his Yulong City, if they still couldn’t find him, then they wouldn’t be able to come as they pleased and exit just like that!

Xueluo had not slept for almost the entire night.

If her son wasn’t by her side, how could she sleep peacefully?

She wanted to call his husband Feng Xinglang to ask about her son’s situation, but she would always put him back on the phone.

She knew that her husband loved his children. He must be doing his best to save them.

Xueluo really did not want to wait.

She wanted to know about her son. but he didn’t want to call Hetun. If it wasn’t for Hetun’s wanton delusions and the beautiful dream of Feng Tuantuan being his own granddaughter, she wouldn’t have recklessly brought her son to a place like Stone Bamboo County!

Not only had he lost his own child, but he had also caused his husband to suffer the pain of losing a leg!

What Xueluo could not accept the most was the selfishness of the Hetun: Regardless of what she felt as a daughter-in-law, she stubbornly wanted her to accept Feng Tuantuan as her ‘illegitimate daughter’!

Regardless if Feng Tuantuan was currently her illegitimate daughter or not, Xueluo’s prejudice and rejection of the Hetun should have been branded onto them!

At least, she wouldn’t take the initiative to lick her own face and make peace between her husband Feng Xinglang and Hetun!

Xueluo called Xing s.h.i.+’er. Xing s.h.i.+’er was rus.h.i.+ng from s.h.i.+ Zhu County to Shen City.

From Xing s.h.i.+’er’s words, he found out that Xing Ba had been ambushed by Yan Bang’s infrared electronic capture device because he had gone to the Yulong City to search for Number Fifteen. Now that Xing Ba was in Yan Bang’s hands, it was unknown whether he was dead or alive!

Was he hit by Yan Bang’s ambush? Does that mean that Yan Bang was already prepared?

Could it be that Yan Bang really kidnapped Nuonuo and wanted to force her to leave Shen City so that they could be friends?

When he thought about Lan Youyou who was hiding in the darkness, Xueluo felt that this world was really twisted, crazy, and dirty!

Xueluo, who could not endure it any longer, still called her husband, Feng Xinglang.

But the person who picked up the phone was Yan Bang.


“It’s me!” Yan Bang! “

“Where’s Xinglang?”

“It’s only 3 in the morning …” Of course Feng Xinglang is sleeping! “


That man was actually sleeping? He was really magnanimous!

“Is there something you need me to pa.s.s on to him?”

“No!” Let him sleep! Wish him a good dream! “

Xueluo impatiently hung up the phone.

His own husband was currently sleeping beside Yan Bang, and he was sleeping extremely comfortably as well.

Was her son Nuonuo the only one in her life?

Xueluo who was unable to sleep soundly, did not know whether to go to the Yulong City or to the Shallow Water Bay!

Suddenly, she felt that the whole world was filled with malice towards her!

Be it the Hetun or Yan Bang!

Xueluo tormented every minute, every second, until the sun rose.

After resting for only half an hour, Xueluo was jolted awake. Without bothering to wash up, she hurried downstairs.

At the dining table downstairs, Xueluo saw Feng Lixin whose appet.i.te was not good. He was dressed in formal attire and was probably planning to head out.

One had lost his son, and the other had lost his daughter.

There was no need for comfort between them.

“Xueluo, I’ll be going to Shallow Water Bay in a while … … You want to go together with me to find out where Nuonuo is? ” Feng Lixin asked.

“I won’t go … I will stay at home and wait for news from Xinglang! “

Xueluo was afraid that she would not be able to see Feng Lixin’s sorrowful thinking girl and his exhausted appearance. With his overflowing love, she would once again help Feng Lixin to get Feng Tuantuan out of the Hetun’s grasp.

Before his son Linnuo returned safely, Xueluo did not want to make a fool of himself again!

Although Xueluo knew: Both children were innocent!

“Then I’ll go…”

Feng Lixin was about to say some comforting words, but in the end, he swallowed them.

Because he could clearly feel how bitter and difficult it was for Xueluo to lose her own child.

“Big Brother, be careful!” The misunderstanding has already been resolved, and there will be no problem at all! “

Xueluo comforted Feng Lixin in the end.

Maybe Feng Lixin was weak and pedantic, but that was also because of his unrepentant love for Lan Youyou!

Xueluo was extremely sympathetic and compa.s.sionate to him.

Furthermore, he was so angry that he refused to fight for it!

In the darkness of the small room, the little guy could no longer tell whether it was day or night.

The rumbling from his stomach reminded him: I’m hungry again! He wanted to eat again!

However, the next second, he could smell the fragrance of the food.

It seemed to be his favorite prawn roll with bacon, and a spiced risotto.

The little guy smacked his lips and realized that the ribbon around his mouth had been removed, allowing him to freely breathe.

When he opened his sleepy eyes, he found the strip of cloth on his arm still there.

The little fellow sat up and saw the big bad guy eating delicious food with his back facing him!

And a bad guy without a V-mask!

The little guy was quick-witted and immediately jumped off the bed. After circling around half a meter, he went to find out what this big bad guy looked like, so that his foster father could lead people to destroy him!

Unfortunately, when the little guy circled around and ran towards him, the V-mask had already been put back on the big bad guy’s face.

“Do you need to be so sneaky in front of a little kid? What a loser! You must be afraid that my foster father would kill you after I recognize you, right?! “

The little fellow snorted with disdain.

“That’s right… I’m scared! But with President Yan, I’m not afraid anymore! “

V The mask had been talking to the kid for days in this childish child’s language.

“Humph!” Yan Bang was finished! You won’t be arrogant for long! “

The little fellow humphed angrily.

“Hungry? I’ll feed you! “

The mask wrapped the spaghetti in a fork and fed it to the little guy’s mouth.

“I don’t need you to feed me!” “You hateful fellow!”

The little fellow yelled in disgust.

“Then you can only lie down and lick it with your mouth! Just like a puppy! “

The mask put the fork back in its place and sat back on the springs, looking at the tiny, bound hands.

Let’s see how he’ll eat the food!

“Don’t stare at me! This Demon Face of yours, actually made us lose our appet.i.te just by looking at him! “

Even if it was a puppy licking a plate, it still had to lick out its dignity.

“Alright then …” I’m tired! It’s time to rest! “

With that, the V Faced Mask laid down on his side, his back facing Linnuo.

When the little guy saw that the V-mask did not look at him, it started to eat its fill.

Towards this method of licking their food, the little guy didn’t feel that there was anything shameful.

After chewing for a while, the little fellow suddenly realized that the door to the dark room was ajar…


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