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Chapter 567: Happy New Year!

Staring deeply at the woman’s sorrowful face that seemed to already have nothing to love, Feng Xinglang’s heart was once again stung.

Xueluo was in a coma for two days and two nights. Other than searching for the whereabouts of his son Linnuo, Feng Xinglang had also been guarding by Xueluo’s side the entire time.

And when he found out that he and her second child were gone, his heart ached so much that he couldn’t breathe.

He owed this woman far too much…

The cold smile that a woman could not cry, in Feng Xinglang’s eyes, was like a boundless thousand year old ice; Xueluo’s world had already been sealed in ice, she wanted to cut Feng Xinglang off from her world.

Feng Xinglang did not go over to comfort her. At this moment, it was as if all his words were empty.

He only hooked the girl into his arms once more, pressing her heart even closer to his own.

The woman’s struggles and bites were calmed by a tranquilizer.

Supporting her weak body, Feng Xinglang deeply kissed the woman’s chapped lips …

Feng Xinglang knew that what a woman needed was not words of comfort but words of consolation. Her heart was riddled with holes and she was completely disappointed in him, her husband and the father of their child.

After gently placing the woman’s injured body back onto the sickly bed, Feng Xinglang pressed his face close to Xueluo’s pale white face, and did not move for a long time.

After a long time, he finally stood up. The mute voice warned the Nanny An:

“Nanny An, you have to watch over Xueluo 24 hours a day. Take good care of her. “

“I will, Second Young Master.” Nanny An wiped her tears and nodded.

He did not want to take care of the woman, but Feng Xinglang still resolutely left the sickly body.

Because he knew: only by bringing his son Linnuo back would he be able to comfort Xueluo.


Feng Xiaozhong was so shocked that he stayed in the hospital for two days to observe.

The little cutie didn’t say a word, she only hugged Lan Youyou’s neck tightly, not letting go for a single moment.

Lan Youyou, who had been tormented by a woman for two days and two nights, also seemed to be exhausted.

However, her exhaustion and Xueluo’s pain were two completely different mental states.

Lan Youyou was filled with joy after his daughter had escaped from death’s door; however, Xueluo’s heart had been torn to shreds because of the painful loss of his second child.

As for his son Linnuo, who had once again been abandoned by Feng Xinglang, his whereabouts were still unknown … From a mental point of view, the twin strikes from his physical body made it so that Xueluo could barely survive any longer!

It was so painful that every breath she took was filled with bitterness and difficulty!

“Tuan Tuan, your mom is tired. Let her hug you.”

Feng Lixin had just seen Xueluo. Xueluo was still in the midst of using the sedative, and slept soundly. Thus, he returned to his daughter Feng Tuantuan’s children’s ward.

Seeing that it was only Feng Lixin who had entered, and not the Feng Xinglang she had expected, Lan Youyou’s entire face darkened.

“Alright Feng Lixin, don’t cause trouble! Didn’t you see that the group of players was scared out of their wits? This Feng Xinglang is serious, his daughter is already like this, why didn’t she come to take a look? “You sure are ruthless!”

Lan Youyou could not help but complain at Feng Xinglang.

“Lan Youyou, aren’t you going too far? Let’s not talk about the fact that Xueluo lost a child, and now that Nuonuo’s whereabouts are unknown … “

Lan Youyou’s cold and heartless att.i.tude towards him made Feng Lixin’s heart turn cold.

“Who can we blame?” It was all her, Lin Xueluo’s fault! She already knew that the Hetun wouldn’t hurt her son, so why did she have to pretend to be a pitiful victim? Heh, you really blinded the two of you brothers? “

Lan Youyou scoffed coldly. There was still an unrelenting hatred mixed within his words towards Lin Xueluo.

“Lan Youyou! You. You are hopeless! Xueluo made so many sacrifices … You are simply repaying the kindness with grievances! “

Feng Lixin was so angry that the muscles on his face were trembling.

“Waaaaaaaah ….”

Little Princess Feng, who was in her arms, once again burst into tears.

“Feng Lixin, what are you roaring for? Roar! Roar! “

Lan Youyou carried his daughter Feng Tuantuan and started to pace around to comfort her.

“Be good now …” Be good, and stop crying. Mommy is here. It’s been here all along! “

Looking at his daughter, who had not uttered a single word these past two days and was only crying, Feng Lixin’s heart ached.

“Tuan Tuan, give me a hug, okay?”

Feng Lixin once again extended his hands out to his daughter who was hugging Lan Youyou’s neck tightly, but Xiao Ci could only shake her head and cry.

After telling his daughter the fairy tale for more than half an hour, the little cutie was hugged into Feng Lixin’s embrace by Feng Lixin half an hour later.

He was so tired that his shoulder ached and his back ached.

Only an hour later did Feng Little Princess fall asleep in Feng Lixin’s embrace. Her long eyelashes trembled from time to time, as if that terrifying nightmare was still lingering around her.

When Feng Lixin had settled his daughter down and turned around, he couldn’t find Lan Youyou …

Where did she go?

Could he have gone to find Feng Xinglang? Or to find Lin Xueluo who was in the sickroom upstairs?


After the sedative finished its effect, Xueluo had already woken up.

He was still determined to get up and find the whereabouts of his son Linnuo.

She had lost the small life in her stomach and she really didn’t want to lose her son Linnuo again.

“Madam, you are so weak… The hospital tells me to stay in bed and rest. You must love and cherish your body! “

Nanny An and the nurse comforted Xueluo, who was insisting on standing up and leaving.

“My son’s whereabouts are unknown, why would I still cherish this body?”

As a mother, Xueluo couldn’t just lie there like this.

Lan Youyou walked in, smiling coldly as he looked at Lin Xueluo who was struggling to get up.

“Lin Xueluo, you are impatient, where are you going?

Go find Feng Xinglang and let him hug you? Pain in you?

For the sake of getting back at Feng Xinglang’s heart, you really are willing to give it your all!

Look at your little tears …

It made Feng Xinglang’s heart ache so much!

It goes without saying that a woman’s tears are indeed a good medicine to conquer a man!

Lan Youyou’s harsh words were sarcastic and sarcastic, every sentence was like a sharp sword, aimed straight at Xueluo’s heart.

But Xueluo could not refute a single word of Lan Youyou!

Since her husband had already abandoned them once again, what else could Lin Xueluo say?

“Miss Lan, your mistress is feeling sad. Don’t make sarcastic remarks.”

Nanny An could not bear to listen any longer and retorted to Lan Youyou.

“Will she be sad? Why didn’t I see it? If she, Lin Xueluo, still has that little bit of shame, she would not go back to the Shen City and send herself to Feng Xinglang! ”


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