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Chapter 407: Horse Cannon’s bear!

Lan Youyou reflexively turned around, and he saw Yan Bang’s sinister and vicious face.

At this moment, Lan Youyou was afraid of him.

Yan Bang threatened to cut her tongue so he must not be joking with her.

foster father Hetun did not know whether he had gotten rid of Old Chu and the others, so Lan Youyou could not be ruthless.

Furthermore, the Shen City was still Yan Bang’s territory. If he wanted to take Lan Youyou’s life, it would be as easy as flipping his palm.

Thus, Lan Youyou did not argue with Yan Bang, and obediently retreated to a distance three to four meters away from him, leaving him with a s.p.a.cious path.

For Lan Youyou to think of staying in the Feng Family and waiting for Feng Xinglang, Yan Bang of course, could!

Yan Bang lightly knocked twice, but did not hear any response from the Nanny An in the villa.

“Nanny An, it’s me! Yan Bang! “

Yan Bang’s voice was sonorous and powerful, full of prestige.

The name ‘Yan Bang’ had an absolutely shocking power within the Shen City.

With a click, the villa’s door was opened.

“I’m sorry Mr. Yan, I opened the door late for you.”

Seeing that it was really Yan Bang outside the door, the Nanny An immediately untied the anti-theft chain. He looked towards Lan Youyou who was behind Yan Bang, and waited for him at the side of the door.

Before Yan Bang entered the room, he half-turned his body and coldly swept his gaze at Lan Youyou.

“Go back and tell your foster father Hetun: the grudge between him and your Feng Family is over! If he dares to pester the Feng Brothers again, he will be making an enemy of me, Yan Bang! “

Yan Bang’s words were cold and sharp.

Lan Youyou tactfully nodded, turned around, and left in the Maserati Mountains.

In fact, she really wanted to rebuke Yan Bang: If you have the guts, go and say it to my foster father Hetun yourself!

What kind of hero would you be if you acted so arrogantly in front of a weak girl like her?

It was not even 10% of Cong Gang’s strength! It was just a bear behind a horse!

When Feng Xinglang was shot, how come you, Yan Bang, became a turtle with its head lowered?

Lan Youyou was afraid of Yan Bang, and looked down on him!

Actually, Lan Youyou misunderstood Yan Bang!

If Feng Xinglang had not deceived Yan Bang and said that they would meet again in three days, Yan Bang would not have missed the best time to save the two Feng Family brothers.

When Yan Bang entered the villa, the Nanny An immediately locked the door.

“Where’s Lixin?” Yan Bang asked.

“Upstairs. Old Mo just gave him a breathing machine. It’s like the lungs are inflamed from the cold. “

Nanny An’s eyes were red. Probably cried.

Yan Bang nodded his head slightly, then walked upstairs to check on Feng Lixin’s condition.

In the treatment room, the Butler Mo waited in front of Feng Lixin’s illness.

The continuous infusion for a few hours did not end. Feng Lixin, who was having difficulty breathing, had no choice but to use a breathing machine.

Seeing Yan Bang, the Butler Mo immediately stood up to welcome him.

Feng Lixin instinctively wanted to sit up, but was suppressed by Yan Bang.

“Lie down.”

Feng Lixin indicated for the Butler Mo to take off the breathing machine. Butler Mo looked to be hesitating. Feng Lixin then wanted to fetch it himself, but Butler Mo was unable to change his att.i.tude and could only help him take off his breathing machine.

“Ah Bang, quickly go and save Xinglang.”

Feng Lixin’s aura was a bit rough and it was difficult to change his breathing.

“I came here specifically to tell you news about Feng Xinglang. Rest a.s.sured, Xinglang is no longer in danger. “

From Feng Lixin’s tone, it seemed that he did not know that Feng Xinglang had been saved by Cong Gang on the cruise. Furthermore, Feng Xinglang did not take the initiative to contact his big brother Feng Lixin.

That shouldn’t be the case!

Feng Xinglang should have taken into account that his big brother Feng Lixin would be very anxious about his situation. Unless…

Unless Feng Xinglang still had not woken up from his coma due to the blood loss.

“Ah, Xinglang escaped? Where is he? Quick, take me to see him! “

Feng Lixin, who was too excited, wanted to crawl up from his sickness, but was pushed back down by Yan Bang.

Butler Mo was also overjoyed, thanking the heavens for his help.

“After Xinglang finished the bullet extraction surgery, he was taken away by Cong Gang! He probably wants to hide Xinglang for the time being, so that he can get rid of the Hetun’s pestering once again! “

Yan Bang didn’t want to talk about Cong Gang, and he didn’t even want to talk about Cong Gang. But he still told Feng Lixin everything from the beginning to the end.

If someone could contact Feng Xinglang right now, that person would definitely be Feng Lixin.

“He was taken away by Cong Gang? This way is also good, and you don’t need to be pestered by the Hetun again. “

Even though he said that, Feng Lixin still didn’t quite dare to believe it.

“Is Xinglang really out of danger? He was hurt so badly. Ah Bang, you better not report your good news to me! “

I heard Xinglang’s main surgeon say it himself! Don’t worry, when Xinglang wakes up, he will take the initiative to contact you! “

Since he couldn’t obtain Feng Xinglang’s whereabouts, Yan Bang was very anxious.

He ordered his subordinates to search all over the Shen City for Feng Xinglang’s whereabouts while guarding the Feng Family, waiting for Feng Xinglang to contact him.

“Oh right, where’s Xueluo? Has Xueluo found his whereabouts? “

It seemed that in the Shen City, the person who was most concerned about Xueluo and her son’s safety was only Feng Lixin.

Yan Bang frowned slightly. Honestly speaking, from the beginning to the end, he had never thought about Lin Xueluo.

In other words, Xueluo could totally be ignored in Yan Bang’s eyes.

“I’m not sure!” They should still be on Hetun’s cruise! “

“He’s still on Hetun’s cruise?”

Feng Lixin started to cry sorrowfully again, “When we brothers escaped from danger, we threw a weak woman who was pregnant to the Hetun! “What a sin!”

“Are you pregnant? Lin Xueluo is pregnant? Xinglang’s child? ” Yan Bang asked sincerely.

Feng Lixin nodded. Because he was too emotional, his breathing could not catch up, causing him to cough violently. Butler Mo had no choice but to give him a breathing machine again, allowing him to not have to breathe on his own.

Although the bullet had already been retrieved from Feng Xinglang’s body, and was even using a lot of antibiotics, Cong Gang was still worried that a low immunity situation would cause complications if he lost too much blood.

So after he brought Feng Xinglang away from the private hospital, he stayed by Feng Xinglang’s side the entire time.

Time is a magician.

He remembered that a few years ago, the situation between them had been reversed. He was lying, and Feng Xinglang was standing.

But now, it was actually Feng Xinglang who was lying on the ground.

Because of the scalp injury, his head was shaved. He still looked as handsome and handsome as ever.

It seemed that as long as one was a true handsome man, he would be able to face off against all kinds of hairstyles.

The wound on his scalp would only take a few days to heal. The bullet wound on the left part of his body, although very close to his heart, was not fatal.

The most serious injury was on his right thigh!

Since the bullet had hit the bone, it was unlikely for him to walk upright again in less than a year.

Cong Gang thought about the tracker in Feng Xinglang’s biceps …


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