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Chapter 342: The Gentle Moment of a Family of Three

A cigarette was burning between Feng Xinglang’s fingers. He elegantly lit it up in the car’s ashtray, then brought it to his lips and took a deep breath. His movements were calm and regular.

His handsome face, which was shrouded in smoke, was unfathomable.

He was a handsome man, and his handsomeness was evil.

Seeing the woman who had walked out of the school gate, the corner of Feng Xinglang’s lips curled up into a beautiful curve.

The trick of torturing others, for this idiot, White Honey, was trying it out repeatedly!

The door on the other side of the sportscar opened. Xueluo paused for a moment, but decided to get in the car.

No matter if it was Feng Xinglang’s pirate car or boat, wasn’t Xueluo already on it?

“Did you cry?” Feng Xinglang asked.

“Hm!” I’ve let you down! “

Xueluo deserved to be calm and composed. If he cried, he would cry. There was no need to hide it. There was no need to be coy in front of this heartless man.

Xueluo admitting it so openly and generously, to the point that it caused Feng Xinglang to not be able to utter any ridiculing words that were similar to sarcasm.

“I know you feel sorry for me!”

Feng Xinglang leaned over, and hugged the upper half of Xueluo’s body into his chest, and took a deep breath of her smell.

It was a very clean smell, a faint fragrance of a woman dyed in silk; it was especially pleasing to the nose.

This man was using her love and admiration towards him to unrestrainedly bully her?

Xueluo did not struggle, but chose to let any Feng Xinglang embrace him, and sense each other’s existence.

And the little girl in his stomach, he also needed to feel his father’s care.

Feng Xinglang kissed Xueluo’s ears softly like a brush, depicting her figure bit by bit; using his endless gentleness to nibble at Xueluo’s rationality.

A man’s tongue is young. It was as evil as its owner; wherever it went, it gave birth to a strong sense of warmth.

There was no doubt that Xueluo liked this kind of intimacy between men.

There was no feeling of being violated at all, as if they were a couple that they were deeply in love with. It was filled with the aura of the other party.

Feng Xinglang caught hold of Xueluo’s lips and tightly sucked the four pieces together, never to be separated again.

Xueluo didn’t dare to ask for more love from a man, she only wanted to offer everything to him.

She really loved this man!

In every dream, the figure of this man lingered; sweet dreams, bitter dreams.

Love came just like this, no one could stop it!

At the beginning, he clearly knew that he couldn’t fall in love with this man, but he still fell in love without any hesitation!

It was like being sick!

Love so much self-control do not self-love!

Love is like this, it came so unstoppable, all the way with lightning sparks.

It might hurt, or it might hurt, but Xueluo did not regret falling in love with this man!

Having tasted the most beautiful thing in life, even if she were to die afterwards, it would not be a pity.

Maybe because Xueluo was well-behaved, her lung capacity was not as strong as Feng Xinglang’s; she was already panting after a short while.

“It seems that we have practiced too little!”

Feng Xinglang leisurely said in a somewhat rough voice, leaving time for the woman in his embrace to take a deep breath. The silly woman looked as if she was about to faint from his kiss. Her entire face was flushed, and she looked exceptionally charming.

Xueluo breathed in and out heavily, not wanting to suffocate the child in his stomach to death. Her vital capacity was clearly not on the same level as a man’s.

He kept her mouth open for her to breathe, but Feng Xinglang didn’t stay idle. He used his thin lips to softly mow her earlobes, rubbed his slightly bearded chin against her collarbone to make her feel a little itchy.

“Don’t move! “It’s itchy…”

Xueluo reached out his hand, and used his palm to push away the deliberately mischievous Feng Xinglang.

“Hmm? What did you say? Where is the itch? “Here?”

Feng Xinglang deliberately misinterpreted Xueluo’s words, his large hands constantly measuring up to ten feet on Xueluo’s body. From her growing waist to her perky figure.

There was also the soft spot she had been avoiding. There was a hand trying to do something wrong covering it.

Xueluo was an experienced person, of course she knew where he was pointing. She was convinced that this man had the cheek to drive a car.

Yet he himself had no way of resisting Feng Xinglang!

He felt like he was going to fall into his arms.

To be honest, if Feng Xinglang did not do anything to her, perhaps Xueluo would still enjoy this warm moment between family of three.

Even though she didn’t want to, she couldn’t tell this man that she was pregnant with his child.

She didn’t want to tell this man about her previous anger, but at the same time, she was worried that this man wouldn’t like her child.

And now, the situation in Feng Family did not allow her to tell him about the little girl in her stomach.

Xueluo did not know how beneficial Lan Youyou’s foster father was. However, it was not hard to tell from Lan Youyou’s words that the foster father that she spoke of was a fierce person that was difficult to deal with.

Being burnt to pieces like that, Feng Lixin had already made this point clear.

In the previous compet.i.tion, Feng Xinglang was able to escape unscathed, so it was unknown whether or not it was Lan Youyou who contributed the most.

But Xueluo knew clearly that it was not every single time that Feng Xinglang could be this alert! It was even more impossible for him to be this lucky all the time.

But now, telling Feng Xinglang that he was pregnant, no matter if he was happy or unhappy, it had undoubtedly increased his worries.

At the very least, he would mention it after he had fought with that poisonous fish to the death!

Only, Xueluo had already made preparations to leave the Shen City.

A marriage without love is immoral; a marriage without love is even more painful.

Just as Xueluo was in a daze, Feng Xinglang had already created a beautiful scenery in front of her.

He couldn’t help but be impressed by this man’s high standards. Perhaps, it was because this man’s experience was too experienced; Xueluo simply didn’t feel Feng Xinglang’s hands move on her waist. Her previous body was already untidy.

He used his nose that was as tall as a mountain and his thin lips to form a path in front of Xueluo that led to the peak of the vermillion red mountain.

The man’s vicious actions were so bad that Xueluo couldn’t even imagine it.

When Xueluo wanted to push the man’s face away, it was already too late.

“Seal… Feng Xinglang, I’m hungry! Let’s go back to Feng Family for dinner. ”


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