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The smart little bug boy had been waiting at the edge of the parking lot.

Since the big bug would bring An An to the car park first, so it was undoubtedly the closest thing to the parking lot.

Feng Linnuo’s little friend had also wanted to wait in the parking lot. However, when he saw his younger brother, the bugs, was waiting for him there, he silently returned to the pavilion.

Subtly, Linnuo had already learned how to endure.

He knew that his brother’s bugs needed the care of the big caterpillar more than he did, so he chose to let his brother have his way. Sometimes he envied his brother. Fortunately, he still had his foster father to pamper him, which could at least make up for the small loss in his heart.

Half an hour later, the bug protecting little An An arrived in front of everyone.

Little An was dressed in casual clothes, with one hand holding a bottle of milk and the other holding one … Mango?

Compared to and Doudou who were both dressed like princesses, Xiao An’s clothes were much cleaner and cleaner.

“An’an… An’an … “Come, let mother hug you!”

The first to welcome him was Xueluo. Since Cong Gang treated her and her husband’s child as his own, of course she would treat Cong Gang’s children as her own. Moreover, Xiao An was just a motherless child, which made Xueluo’s heart hurt even more.

Little An quietly looked at the smiling aunt in front of her, but didn’t embrace Xueluo. Instead, she tilted her head and looked towards Feng Xinglang, who was sitting on a rattan chair at the back.

Glancing at the little thing sneaking a peek at him, the corner of Feng Xinglang’s lips raised upwards. His own aura was so strong that even without greeting it, he could become the target of this cold little thing’s attention.

“Yo, such a cold and cool little cutie! Do you wet yourself or not? It’s just too cool! “

Mo Ranran stepped forward, his hand still holding onto his son’s baby carriage, “Little An An, I want to introduce my son to you. He is refined and gentle, can you take a glance?”

“An An, the baby in Little Qian’s mother’s stomach has already been around for eight months. It’s called Tu Tu, it’s a perfect match for you!”

Bai Mo, who came forward, wanted Little An An to change to a different place to pee, but was stunned by Duo Duo’s words.

“Duoduo, what are you joining in for?” “We, Teng Qingshan, are not worthy to have a daughter!”

Although Bai Mo respected Cong Gang a lot and admired his cool daughter quite a lot, but wasn’t his wife Duo Duo exaggerating too much?

At that time, Duo Duo originally did not want to explain anything to Bai Mo, but she felt that Bai Mo being so wishful thinking that it was not a proper thing for her to think that she was carrying a daughter, so she decided to tell him this’ cruel ‘truth today.

“What daughter, the baby in my womb is a boy! Boy! It’s been checked many times, it’s a boy! “

Compared to Bai Mo’s wishful thinking of getting a daughter, Duo Duo was very satisfied with the baby girl that she got pregnant with.

“Ah?” Why … How did he become a boy? No …. Isn’t it supposed to be your daughter’s? “

Because he liked his daughter, Bai Mo felt that she was definitely a daughter that he was carrying in his womb.

“I’m too lazy to tell you!”

Duo Duo rolled her eyes at Bai Mo, and then glared at him. “Bai Mo, what do you mean? Is it because I have a son in my womb that you don’t love me? “

“How could that be … As long as it’s our child, even if it’s my love, it will still hurt! “

Bai Mo immediately hugged the angry Duo Duo tightly, and asked with his mouth slightly hanging open: “Duo Duo, is it really my son? Are you kidding me? “

“Go play on the side!” Don’t affect me finding a daughter-in-law! ” Yuan Duoduo was too lazy to say anymore to Bai Mo.

Xiao An bypa.s.sed Xueluo and also bypa.s.sed him, directly walking in front of him. After that, he placed the big mango in his hand on the table in front of him. Then, she quietly stared at Feng Xinglang.

Glancing at the big mango that the little girl had brought over, and then at the little thing that was quietly staring at him, Feng Xinglang narrowed his eyes: What exactly does this little thing mean? Was he trying to please him?

“Dad, take a bite of An Xin’s mango!”

Seeing that his father didn’t move at all, the children of insects all began to urge him on.

“Why would I eat her mango?”

Feng Xinglang raised his eyebrows. Actually, when he had just walked over with the mango in his hand, he had already guessed that this little fellow was going to use this mango to apologize to him!

To bite his father-in-law the first time they met … Did he feel that he was being too unruly?

This att.i.tude and method of admitting his wrongs, Feng Xinglang was still very willing to accept!

“Dad, just take a bite of An An’s mango! This way… This means that I have forgiven An’an! “

The bug showed its warm side and began to hold the mango up to her father’s mouth for Ann.

Because just now, the big bug had instructed An’an: As long as your father takes a bite, you will be treated as your father forgiving An’an!

“Let me have a bite… “It’s not impossible…”

Feng Xinglang smiled, then extended his hand out, “An An, obediently give me your little hand!”

Last time, he wasn’t able to touch Little An An’s hand, so this was a rare opportunity.

But there was a hint of ‘looting’.

“Dad, don’t make things difficult for us! Anthea doesn’t like people touching her small hands. The little bug’s hand can be touched by you! “

The warm-hearted children of sealers put their own small hands into his father’s big palm.

“Oh my G.o.d, Mommy really didn’t expect our bugs to be so warm …” Mommy is so gratified! “

Xueluo was truly moved by his youngest son’s warmth. This little darling An An was really the savior of his youngest son.

“Mommy, why don’t you let daddy have a bite of peaceful mango!”

If he took a bite, he and An An would be able to deal with the big bug.

“Xinglang, quickly take a bite! “Look at your own son …” Xueluo helped his youngest son urge his son.

Feeling that his face had received a huge amount of satisfaction, Feng Xinglang became even more arrogant.

“An An, give me your little hand … I’ll just take a bite of this mango! “

Feng Xinglang began to negotiate with a little guy who wasn’t even two years old. He felt that Tiny could understand his words.

Xiao An didn’t follow Feng Xinglang’s instructions. She just waited and watched.

Such a silent insistence was really a small version of Cong Gang!

“Feng Xinglang, are you going to eat it? If you don’t want to eat it, I will force you to eat it! ” Xueluo threatened.

Feng Xinglang knew that such a small thing like this should not have any tricks up its sleeve; it was just a habit that only she was born with, one that was calm enough and patient enough! He was starting to like this little thing so much!


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