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Feng Xinglang did not follow the ambulance. Instead, he leaned against the side of Lamborghini’s car and sat in silence.

As he felt the way Yan Bang sat down, he also felt the remnant aura that Yan Bang had left behind before he left as well.

After the grief, there was a moment of blankness. It was as if everything that had happened in the past had turned into nothing.

It was as if his soul had been extracted from his body, leaving only the mechanical breathing technique to maintain his life.

Feng Xinglang seemed to no longer be able to hear the noisy sounds around him, and he could no longer clearly see the figures running about in front of him …

A few groups of people walked over to ask about his condition. Seeing that Feng Xinglang was just sitting there silently, they all walked away and did not disturb him anymore.

It was only when the police siren pulled him back from the abyss of his memories.

Maybe it was because he had been sitting for a long time, but when Feng Xinglang got up, he was obviously a little full. His steps were also unsteady.

Ye Zichen reached for his phone and was about to make a call, but eventually sent a message instead.

The current Feng Xinglang did not want to say a single word! No matter who!

, go to the hospital to take care of the affairs of your Brother Bang!?

After sending this message, Feng Xinglang turned off his phone and then slowly walked out of the Yulong City.

… ….

Feng Xinglang disappeared for two days and two nights.

In these two days and two nights, many things had happened.

Bai Mo, who had rushed to the hospital to take care of the aftermath, hugged Yan Bang’s body as he cried his heart out.

When the doctor asked him to decide whether or not he should immediately take out the steel needle from the back of Yan Bang’s head, he cried again! He cried until he fainted several times!

If he immediately took out the steel needle that was stuck in the back of Yan Bang’s head, it was very likely that Yan Bang would die on the operating table.

However, if he did not immediately take it out, it would only delay and worsen his condition … Because at that time, Yan Bang no longer felt anything or had a functional reaction from his body.

Bai Mo, who was simply unable to make a decision, crazily had people look for Feng Xinglang; however, even after searching all over the Shen City, he could not find any trace of Feng Xinglang.

It was as if without Feng Xinglang as her backbone, everything had turned into a mess.

In the end, the next person to decide to operate on Yan Bang was Gentleman Bai.

When he said ‘this should also be Feng Xinglang’s intention’, he dispelled the other disagreements.

The message that Feng Xinglang had sent to him was something that the Gentleman Bai, who was with Bai Mo, knew about. It was not hard to tell: Feng Xinglang already knew the truth of Yan Bang’s injuries, and was even more clear that he was not in a good situation this time.

During the two days and two nights when Feng Xinglang had disappeared, some people were worried, some people were anxious, and some people were dissatisfied.

Half an hour after Yan Bang’s incident, the Hetun received the news.

“Father, I went to the hospital to look at Yan Bang’s wound. Judging from the area where the steel needle had pierced, even if the steel needle could be removed, the best result would be a vegetable! Unless… A miracle has happened! “

“Plant man? That means he won’t die? ” Hetun snorted in dissatisfaction.

“Actually, if I die …” It’s more or less the same! “

“This old man Ando, you can’t be too quick with your moves! “He actually made a vegetable?!”

“I think it’s very likely that Yan Bang will die on the operation table!” The one who followed up was Xing s.h.i.+si.

“That’s for the best! That kind of perverted thing should be more thoroughly d.a.m.ned! “

Hetun waved his hand impatiently, “Old Tweleve, why is Ah Lang not here yet? Shen City is such a big place, where can Ah Lang go? “

Xing s.h.i.+’er shook his head, his mouth curled into a faint snort: “If a person intentionally wants to hide himself … It wasn’t easy to find one! I think Yan Bang’s death must have truly hurt his heart! “

With a clang, the Hetun smashed the teacup beside him.

“What is Ah Lang trying to do? What was there to be sad about? It is not good to get rid of a scourge that pester him, no?! “

“Foster father… Then I’ll go out and look for it! ” Xing s.h.i.+si sensibly left the study room first.

… ….

After finding out about Yan Bang’s severe injury and being hospitalized, Xueluo immediately brought his eldest son, Feng Linnuo, to the hospital.

When Xueluo saw the young girl holding Yan Wuyang’s hand standing silently outside the gla.s.s door of the Intensive Care Unit, her eyes immediately turned red.

The steel needle that was taken out from the back of Yan Bang’s head was at least four to five centimeters long.

The operation was successful, but the result was satisfactory: Yan Bang was still unable to wake up.

Facing Bai Mo and the others who had lost control of their emotions, the doctor only said that he would observe them for a few more days. After 72 hours, they would repeat the test!

However, she had asked the doctor: The possibility of Yan Bang waking up is very small.

From a medical perspective, Yan Bang who was in the Intensive Care Unit was on the verge of death’s door! Because part of his brain had been damaged, perhaps he would never wake up!

Facing the crying Na Yi, the wordless and comforting Xueluo, could only accompany her as she silently shed tears.

“Idiot leopard, what’s going on?”

Little friend Linnuo rushed over and questioned, and started beating Baotou who was on the wall, “How could Big Bangbang be so severely injured? You didn’t even properly protect your Big Bangbang! “

Baotou, whose fists were bleeding profusely, sobbed as he held Linnuo, who was questioning him.

“Don’t just sit there and cry, okay? Who exactly injured Big Bangbang to this extent? Where’s my father? Where did my father go? Didn’t he say that he will be accompanying the Big Bangbang for the past two days? “

The little guy looked at Yan Bang who was pushed into the Intensive Care Unit and anxiously patted his head.

“It’s the Yamaguchi-gumi! It’s that old b.a.s.t.a.r.d Ando! If I don’t avenge the Brother Bang, I swear I won’t be a human! “

After leaving those vicious words behind, Baotou rushed out.


Yan Wuyang, who was only three years old, did not feel sad at all because of the nearly loss of his own father.

Maybe he only felt familiar with his biological father, Yan Bang, and did not have too deep of an affection for him.

He silently watched Mommy who was crying for a while. After hearing Linnuo’s voice, he immediately ran over.

He held Linnuo’s hand and looked up at him.

“Nuonuo… Lego… lego! Lego)! “

Yan Wuyang never called him big brother Feng Linnuo, he just called him Nuonuo every single time.

“No way! Wuyang, your biological father is severely injured, so you have to obediently stay in the hospital to take care of him, do you understand? “

Linnuo picked up the little Wuyang who was more than thirty kilograms and carried it with some effort, allowing him to see the Yan Bang inside the gla.s.s window.

The little fellow only glanced at it once before stopping looking at it.

“Wuyang wants to play lego!”

“No way!”

Linnuo practically roared at the Yan Wuyang who only wanted to play.

“Nuonuo, Little Brother Wuyang is still young, don’t be so fierce towards him!”

These days, Xueluo could feel that his man was abnormal, but he didn’t expect that the consequences would be this serious.

Later, Xueluo found out from Shao Yuanjun: Yan Bang had fainted in the arms of his husband, Feng Xinglang!

What kind of pain was that?

He could only watch as his beloved brother died in his arms bit by bit …

He also knew that because of Old An Teng’s death, he was going to choose between Yan Bang and his husband … And Yan Bang chose to die!

Xueluo did not go to Shen City full of enemies to find her husband, Feng Xinglang.

Instead, he chose to quietly wait!

She believed that her husband, after licking his wounds alone, would return to the three of them.


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