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Xueluo was startled: “I can tell that she never considered that the one she was pregnant with was a boy!”

When he read his wife’s stupefied expression, Feng Xinglang was just about to change the awkward subject, but he quickly added another sentence.

“I was just casually asking about my own son!”

There was a hint of recognition in his voice.

But at this moment, Xueluo was still immersed in her beautiful daughter’s dream.

“How could it be little brother?!” The doctor said that my daughter is very beautiful! “

The doctor did say the word beautiful.

But that was when Lin Xueluo asked the doctor at the time, “Is my daughter very beautiful?”

Then the doctor said, ‘Beautiful! ‘Pretty! ‘

Then, Xueluo firmed her heart: The one she is carrying is a pretty daughter!


Father and son looked at each other. Why did the doctor say that he was pregnant with a girl and then with a boy?

Could it be that this fetus could change its gender around in Mommy’s stomach?

“Mommy, of course my son believes that little sister Mimi is very beautiful …”

Under the instructions of its father, Feng Xinglang, the little thing immediately hugged Mummy’s round waist and started to act cute.

“I just want Mommy to have a brother. By the way, Mommy, would you be disappointed if it was really your brother? “

This method of questioning had a coquettish tone to it. When it entered Xueluo’s ears, it was only a kind of hypothesis.

“How is that possible!? The doctors said she was a pretty girl! ” Xueluo said firmly.

“Just if! Mommy, don’t be so excited! “

Mommy like this seems too paranoid. Not even a hypothesis.

“What if… “If it really is my brother …”

Since his son was asking about ifs, Xueluo replied with a ‘ifs’, “Mommy will send it to your foster father! Then he would go home and continue his life! Until we give birth to our daughter! “

“…” To be given to the Hetun to raise? Feng Xinglang’s forehead was covered in sweat, along with his forehead full of melancholy.

“Mommy, why did you send my brother to my foster father?”

The little guy’s question was also Feng Xinglang’s question.

Actually, at that time, Xueluo only said this “if”; he did not think too much about it.

As the months went by and his brain got bigger and bigger, it became harder and harder to use!

“I already said that Mommy is pregnant with a sister, then what if the one you’re talking about doesn’t exist anymore!”


On the way to the hospital, both father and son were depressed.

“Father, Mommy actually wants to send Little Brother Bug over to my foster father … Don’t even mommy love her own son? “

Fighting for favors was a battle for favors, but when he thought about how Mummy would send the cute little bug brother to his foster father, Linnuo was unwilling to part with him.

Although it’s good to be a foster father Hetun, there is still a gap between us! Also, his foster father had a bad temper sometimes, and his little brother Buggy was so young … Who would live happily with their parents!

“Your mommy just said that. How could she not love her own son? “

Although Feng Xinglang said that, he was still a little conflicted. He was sure that his wife would not really send their children to the Hetun to raise, but his wife would definitely be very disappointed and depressed.

“By the way, Daddy, why did Mommy’s doctor say Mommy was pregnant with her sister, and your doctor said Mommy was pregnant with her brother?”

the little guy asked gloomily.

“Ugh …” “Wait for the next maternity check, and let daddy do something!” Feng Xinglang was deep in thought.

“Does this mean that with a little trick on my father’s part, sister Mimi will become the brother of an insect?” The little fellow asked curiously.

“Well… It should be too late! “

“Too late?” But my own son still wants to become the little brother bug of his father! “

The little guy slightly smacked his lips, “But Mommy would definitely be very disappointed that way! And then, when Mommy got angry, she was going to send the little bug brother to my foster father. Such a headache! “

… ….

Feng Tuantuan’s cutie had always been eagerly waiting for her big brother Nuonuo.

“Sister Ranran, would Big Brother Nuonuo not know the way to the ward? Shall we go downstairs and pick him up? “

He knew that Big Brother Nuonuo would return to the Shen City today, but he didn’t know when he would come to the hospital to visit him. Feng Tuantuan was anxious while waiting.

“No!” Absolutely not! “Bundle, you must go back to your bed and lie down!”

Mo Ranran carried Feng Tuantuan onto the sickbed, “Let Big Brother Nuonuo take the initiative to come and visit you in the sickroom, only then would he be able to show a girl’s modesty!”

“No need to be reserved, I want big brother Nuonuo!”

The little thing clearly didn’t understand the meaning of Mo Ranran’s words’ n.o.ble ‘.

“Be more reserved! Girls must be more reserved! That way, men will value you more and care about you more! “

Feng Tuantuan could not completely understand the profound truths that Mo Ranran had told her, but she still obediently lay back down on the sickbed and waited.

Staring deeply at the two most important women in his life, Feng Lixin faintly exhaled a breath of air that was filled with helplessness and love.

“Man Man, your Sister Ranran is right, girls need to be more reserved! If your Big Brother Nuonuo is interested, he will definitely come here to see you! “

It was as if Feng Lixin was afraid that his daughter would be too attached to him. Although his daughter was still young, if she were to continue to be like this …

“That ball is lying on the sickbed waiting for brother Nuonuo to look at the ball!”

The little guy pursed his lips, and reluctantly accepted the suggestion of his father and Sister Ranran.

Half an hour later, footsteps and faint sounds of conversation could be heard from outside the ward.

“It’s big brother Nuonuo …”

“Shh!” “Concealment!”

Mo Ranran shushed the little thing, then immediately, Feng Tuantuan laid back down and closed his mouth.

What a beautiful bunch of sun-drenched flowers: champagne roses, sunflowers, with appropriate amounts of green leaves, sage.

Being carried by the handsome little friend Feng Linnuo made him look even more like a little gentleman and a warm man.

“Bundle, beautiful flowers for the beautiful and brave you! I wish you a speedy recovery! “

The flowers and lines were all completed under’s guidance.

“Thank you Big Brother Nuonuo! I really like it! “

Feng Tuantuan had long thrown his reservation to the back of his head and sat up to receive the flowers that big brother Nuonuo had gifted her.

“Bound, thank you for bravely protecting big brother Nuonuo’s mother! Big Brother Nuonuo is really grateful to you! “

“Big brother Nuonuo’s mother is also one of her uncles. The other uncles should be protecting their uncle’s mother and sister, Mi Mi!”

The little girl’s smile was especially cute and sweet. Her curved eyebrows were pure and beautiful.

Then, she pursed her red lips slowly, “Big brother Nuonuo, can you hug me?”

“Of course you can! Come, let’s embrace! “

Feng Linnuo’s little friend graciously opened his arms and quickly climbed onto the sickbed, hugging the cute Feng Tuantuan tightly.

Looking at the two children that were hugging each other, Feng Xinglang was still a little emotional.

“Just hug him for a bit…”

Feng Lixin, who was overthinking things, walked forward and forcefully separated the two children who were hugging each other.


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