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Because they had not seen each other for only a few days, Hetun’s hair had almost turned gray.

Furthermore, he seemed to have aged a lot all of a sudden!

A few days ago, the Hetun could still be described as’ growing stronger with age ‘.

And at this moment, the Hetun was even more real with his old age!

Just like a dying old man! An old man who looked a lot older than Grandpa Mo!

“Father, what’s wrong?”

The little guy asked in surprise, “Why are you so old now?”


Hetun wanted to use his only broken arm to pick up his grandson Nuonuo, but he was too tired to carry the strength that would carry Linnuo’s weight.

“Father, don’t move!” Lie down and come to hug you! “

The little guy ran over and quickly climbed onto the bed, and tightly hugged Hetun who was in pain.

“Nuonuo, how is your father? And your mommy … “

“My father is still in the hospital. But he could already eat. My mother. I’m having a baby at home. Both she and her sister need a good rest. ” Of course the little guy wouldn’t say: Mommy and Big Doo went shopping for a movie.

“I have let Ah Lang suffer … Let you suffer with your foster father! Let your foster father see your hand … “

Hetun wanted to check the little guy’s broken finger, but the little guy immediately hid behind him.

“Father, don’t look!” It’s very ugly now, I’ll show you when I grow a fingernail! “

“I’m sorry … I’m sorry about your dad. I deserve to die! It was not worth dying for! Your foster father shouldn’t have come back alive! “

“Father, don’t be like this!”

The desolation of the formidable era was not scary at all. What was scary was the desolation of the ambitious spirit!

Xing s.h.i.+’er didn’t want to see the Hetun feeling down the most, so he kept saying “d.a.m.n it” all day long.

“Father, you don’t have to blame yourself! The one who deserves to die is Celeste! But he was dead! No one can hurt our family anymore! “

The little guy rubbed Hetun’s face, “Foster father, you have to be good. Fifteen is waiting for you to recover quickly so that you can take me out for fun! My dear father and mother have a new sister, and my foster father loves me the most now! You must not die! Even if it’s fifteen years old, you still can’t die! “

“Nuonuo… Don’t you hate your foster father? “

The warm words of his grandson made Hetun feel gratified and sad.

“Of course not! You are fifteen’s most beloved foster father! and also 15’s most beloved biological grandfather! “

Love should be love. But using the word ‘love’ was like trying to curry favor with someone.

“Did that fifteen have any thoughts of blaming his foster father?”

The little guy writhed in Hetun’s arms, comforting Hetun’s state of mind that was filled with self-hatred.

“A little! However, it was not about Celeste. It was my foster father who beat me up like that. Fifteen really felt sad for a very long time! Father later knew that he was wrong, and at the age of 15, he forgave him! However, I’m afraid that my dear father will not be able to forgive you! But, foster father, you still have me to pamper, to love! Fifteen will forever be your foster father’s precious daughter, your most beloved foster son! “

The little guy was very proud of this.

Because he was foster father Hetun’s most beloved! No one!

It did not look like its father, Feng Xinglang, who liked to change his mind: To think that it would fall for those two impersonators!

“Nuonuo… Thank you! You are my foster father’s good child! Your foster father is counting on you to live on! “

Hetun’s pessimistic and desperate heart was comforted once again by the little fellow’s warmth.

After being intimate with the Hetun for a while, the little fellow seemed to feel that something was missing.

He raised his head from the Hetun’s embrace and only saw Xing s.h.i.+’er wiping and disinfection the Hetun in front of him.

“Old Tweleve, where’s eighth brother? Tell Old Eight to get me and my foster father some breakfast! I didn’t even have breakfast to come to see my G.o.dfather earlier! “

The little fellow was extremely arrogant. It had become natural for him to order these sworn brothers who were older than him.

“Breakfast is ready. I’ll go bring it over now.”

The one who followed up was actually the Xing s.h.i.+si who had been waiting for this entire time in the outer sect.

“Who wants you to go?! I want to be a fool! Where’s Eight? Where did he go to be lazy? “

The little guy’s willful words and actions once again hurt Hetun and Xing s.h.i.+’er’s hearts.

“Eighth Bro, he … He … He was off on a sightseeing trip! I told you not to miss him too much! “

Xing s.h.i.+’er’s voice was choked with sobs. He could only pa.s.s Xing Ba’s original words to him.

“Old Eighth went out to sightsee? Do you think I would believe you? “

The little guy widened his intelligent eyes. “My foster father suffered such heavy injuries and was unconscious for two days, how could I, eighth brother, be willing to abandon my foster father and go sightseeing!? Besides, even if eighth brother can’t bear to leave his heavily injured foster father, he can’t bear to leave me! “Because I am his fifteenth brother!”

As he spoke, the little fellow seemed to understand something.

The little guy asked in panic, “Old Tweleve … Eighth Bro, he … Eighth Brother, could he be … Did the interviewer die? “

Xing s.h.i.+’er lowered his head, because he was not the kind of person who was good at lying. Even a white lie!

“Old Tweleve! Say something! Eighth Bro, he … Is it true. He really died? Or was he injured? Crippled? That’s why they are unwilling to see anyone while hiding! “

The little guy jumped down from the bed, grabbed Xing s.h.i.+’er’s arm and shook it many times before asking.

“Eighth Bro, he … “Dead!”

Responding to Linnuo were five simple words from the Hetun. However, the word “die” was too ear-piercing!

“No …” No! I don’t believe it! I don’t believe that Old Eighth is dead. I don’t believe it! You are all teasing me! Smelly eighth brother loves to tease me! “

“Your foster father is not lying to you …” Eighth Bro, he … “He’s really dead!”

The tears that the little guy had been holding back finally burst out at this moment. He raised his head and wailed loudly!

Seeing the little guy bawling, Xing s.h.i.+’er, who had been enduring patiently for several days, also started to sob like he was about to collapse.

The little fellow cried unrestrainedly, no matter who it was that tried to persuade him.

If Xing Ba really had a soul in heaven, he would probably be pleased after seeing this.

That was because in the heart of his beloved fifteenth brother, he unexpectedly held such a high position! At least the little guy could cry so loudly for him!

In order to console Xing Ba’s spirit in heaven, Xing s.h.i.+’er knew that Xing Ba, other than his foster father, was the most considerate of his fifteen little brothers. Xing s.h.i.+’er had secretly recorded the little guy’s wails, and even if he were to give Xing Ba a memorial grave in the future, he would still have something to put inside.

“The smelly eighth brother must not have died! He was the worst! “You always like to tease me!”

The little guy wailed once again, “He must have snuck away somewhere to get lazy …”

Hetun comforted Xing s.h.i.+’er for a long time, but he still could not stop the little thing from relying on Xing Ba. More than an hour later, they were still humming along.

“Fifteen, Twelfth Brother wants to ask you for a favor …”


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