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Chapter 1485 – How exactly are they going to play?

Gentleman Bai took a sip of the soup before calming his tone down and saying:

“Kid Mo, don’t go too far … Forget about Duo Duo being Doudou’s and Yaya’s mother, just based on the fact that Duo Duo is my great-granddaughter, she has the right to live in Bai’s mansion for as long as she wants! I don’t think it’s appropriate to use the word “Lai”! “

“Lordmaster, you’re purposefully adding fuel to the fire, aren’t you?”

Bai Mo snorted, “This marriage has already broken off, and she still remains in Bai Family. What’s the meaning of this?”

Gentleman Bai glared at his grandson Bai Mo, “Duo Duo shouldn’t be too sensible … She should have won the right to take care of Doudou and Yaya! Because you, Bai Mo, are simply too arrogant! [The husband and wife have been together for hundreds of days. It is one thing that you have let Duo Duo down, but you actually dare to speak ill of her …] Bai Mo, this is not only a matter of your temper, it has also risen to the point of being a moral person! “

“Fine, fine, fine. I won’t say anymore. Can’t you just be a mute?” You can have a pleasant meal with your G.o.ddaughter.

Bai Mo had not even finished his breakfast before he angrily got up and left.

Duo Duo saw it and heard it. Actually, she was feeling rather awkward. She wasn’t able to show herself, nor was she able to. He could only hide around the corner and wait for Bai Mo to leave.

In fact, what Bai Mo said made sense: Since the marriage was already broken up, why was he still hanging around the Bai Family?

And what kind of status did he have to continue staying in the Bai Family?

“Mommy… Mommy. “Eating in various aspects…”

In the two lovely plates, there was a noodle that the cook had specially made for them by hand. The two cute girls ate happily.

“Is the noodles good?”

“Delicious…” The two cute girls replied in sweet voices.

“If it’s delicious, then eat more …” But he couldn’t eat too much either! Otherwise, my belly will feel very uncomfortable! “

After Duo Duo kissed her two daughters, she sat down beside Gentleman Bai.

“Grandfather, are you angry again?”

Yuan Duoduo pretended to be relaxed as he said, “Don’t … Don’t always argue with Bai Mo for the sake of favoring me. “You are his grandfather, so you must treat him better!”

“Duo Duo, come to the study room after breakfast. I have something to discuss with you.”

“Oh, okay, grandpa.”

It was very obvious that the old man wanted to avoid Shui Qiannong on purpose. Because Bai Mo was not around, the two children were still young, and only Shui Qiannong was left on the dining table.

In the study, the old man was reading some information about kindergarten through his gla.s.ses.

“Grandfather, you’re looking for me?”

Yuan Duoduo went over, “Grandfather, are you going to find a suitable kindergarten for Doudou and Yaya?”

“Um… These two houses are pretty good, you should take a look too. ” The Old Master pa.s.sed the information in his hands to Yuan Duoduo.

“Grandfather, Doudou and Yaya are not even two years old yet. Isn’t it a little too early to send them to the kindergarten?”

At that time, Gentleman Bai was the one who was the most opposed to sending her two precious great-granddaughters to the kindergarten. It was because he really couldn’t bear to part with his two children!

“It’s a little early … But since Grandfather wants to fire teacher Shui, you should not take care of Doudou and Yaya. After thinking about it, it’s better if you send them to a preschool cla.s.s. “

“Ah?” Grandfather, are you going to fire the teacher Shui? “Why?”

Yuan Duoduo was extremely shocked, “This teacher Shui was specially invited by Bai Mo for the sake of Doudou and Yaya …. If you fire her, Bai Mo will mess with you again! “

“Let him cause trouble! and Yaya really cannot leave the early education teacher, at that time, just invite another one! “

Gentleman Bai spoke quite casually. Actually, he could also smell the subtle relations.h.i.+p between Bai Mo and Duo Duo, as well as Shui Qiannong.

Actually, the relations.h.i.+p between the three of them was not that complicated. It was just that when Bai Mo said “he wants to marry Shui Qiannong,” he more or less subtly changed the relations.h.i.+p that was originally not very delicate.

Yuan Duoduo remained silent for a few seconds, then muttered, “Old Gramps, Shui Qiannong is actually quite good as well … They had taken good care of Doudou and Yaya! If you really just dismiss her like that, then … Isn’t that too much for the teacher Shui? Besides, teacher Shui is a woman that Bai Mo wants to marry, please don’t do it for … You’ve fired the teacher Shui for something that you shouldn’t have done! “

“Actually, Grandfather has his own selfish motives for wanting to dismiss teacher Shui. Grandfather doesn’t want his great-granddaughter and grandson to get too close to a home tutor teacher! ” The old tutor explained in a light voice.

Yuan Duoduo pursed her lips, “Grandfather, if Bai Mo really marries into the teacher Shui, then she will become your grandson wife …”

“Marry the teacher Shui? Heh, “Gentleman Bai snorted lightly.” Do you really think Kid Mo wants to marry Shui Qiannong? He’s mad at us! Furthermore, teacher Shui is not stupid, she can see why Kid Mo wants to marry her! “

“Grandfather, but I feel that … Why don’t you discuss it with Bai Mo? In case he makes trouble for you! “

“Duoduo, come and accompany these two children when you have time! Even if it’s to help grandpa! Kid Mo had never been close to his mother since they were young. The amount of time they spent together could be counted on one hand … Grandfather hopes that Doudou and his wife can get more of your mother’s company. “

“Grandfather, you are making me so ashamed!”

… ….

Just as Xueluo was about to have a beautiful nap, he received a call from Yuan Duoduo.

“Xueluo… What are you doing? Talk to me. “

Didn’t you stay in Bai Family to defend your own position?

“Xueluo, you said that my ex-wife was shamelessly staying in Bai Family … Isn’t that a bit inappropriate? “

“If it’s not appropriate for a mother to stay by your two daughters’ side, then it’s even more inappropriate for a tutor like Shui Qiannong to stay in the Bai Family!”

“Xueluo, I’m telling you … Grandfather, he said that he wanted to dismiss Shui Qiannong. “

“Really? The old man is finally enlightened, and he knows that the crux of the problem lies with Shui Qiannong! “

“Xueluo, you said that Shui Qiannong took care of Doudou and Yaya wholeheartedly, and was even dismissed when you said that … Isn’t that too much of a grievance? “

“She is only a early education teacher, Doudou and Yaya will not always need her! It is only a matter of time before you are fired. “

“Even so… But I’m still worried that Bai Mo will cause trouble for Grandfather! Bai Mo had already threatened to marry Shui Qiannong, but to suddenly dismiss him, Bai Mo was definitely going to go berserk! Who knows, he might even bring Doudou and Yaya along to elope with Shui Qiannong! “

“Then I will have to dismiss her and give it a try! Let’s see how Bai Mo will play! “

“Ahh …”

Xueluo had not finished speaking when Yuan Duoduo’s surprised voice came out from the phone.

“Duoduo, what happened to you?” Xueluo asked.

“I think … It’s the period! “

“Do you need to shout like that for period? “You scared me!”

“You still have the nerve to scold me …” Who would call me every few days of every month and wail at me? Oh right, Xueluo, you didn’t howl at me last month! “


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