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Xueluo and Yuan Duoduo were completely shocked by the way Xueluo was being forced to say these words.

“Xueluo, you, you’re pregnant?” Yuan Duoduo asked in surprise.

“Sister-in-law, aren’t you unable to bear children? How can you get pregnant? “

Many people knew that Lin Xueluo was no longer able to bear children. But these words came from Bai Mo’s mouth, it was extremely ear-piercing. Bai Mo had always been a guy that did not know how to express his feelings!

“Can’t you from the Brother Lang?!”

The lie had already been spread, and in order to fight for it, Xueluo had to make a full explanation of his own lies.

But Bai Mo was still disdainful, “What harm is my Brother Lang doing? If he had the ability, he would also be like me, suddenly producing two beautiful daughters?! Just based on his genes, his daughter, who was most likely born here, was also very big and strong, very mischievous and evil! “

“Alright!” , I have already remembered what you said. When your Brother Lang comes back, I will explain everything to him! His brotherly brother had actually spoken of him like that in front of his wife! How can you allow me, a sister-in-law, to endure? Where are you letting your Brother Lang’s face go? “

Xueluo was helpless against Bai Mo who did not speak, he could only use his husband Feng Xinglang to intimidate him.

“Sister-in-law, I’m just teasing you. You really hold a grudge?”

With regards to Feng Xinglang, Bai Mo still had some reservations. After all, Feng Rui had a lot of schemes, if he really wanted to help the Little Strong Yuan get back Doudou and Yaya’s custody on a whim, that would be really troublesome.

“Alright, then sister-in-law will forgive you in large amounts!” However, you will have to accompany me, Duo Duo and Doudou to stroll around the streets later. “

Xueluo sincerely wanted to give Yuan Duoduo a chance to get along with Bai Mo and his two daughters.

“That won’t do! Brother Lang called my grandpa: They say that before he can rush to Shen City, you have to stay there and can’t go anywhere! “

After a slight pause, Bai Mo took it for granted and added, “Sister-in-law, aren’t you just pregnant? Brother Lang doesn’t need to be this nervous, right? Think of my home as a maternity and child care center?! “

What was this?

This was too embarra.s.sing! Where could he get himself a baby to hide in!

What if Bai Mo, the big mouth guy, s.h.i.+vered and got out, how disappointed would his husband, Feng Xinglang be when he found out the truth?

When he thought about how his husband tried to comfort him with a contraception, Xueluo’s heart ached.

To think that he would lie to Bai Mo so quickly, he was truly r.e.t.a.r.ded.

He wanted to be honest and open with Bai Mo because he was deceiving him, but he was worried that Bai Mo would mock him with even more force.

Actually, could still bear to taunt her husband, but she really could not stand Bai Mo ridiculing her husband like that!

Didn’t he just give birth to two beautiful twin daughters? Look at him smug!

Didn’t Bai Mo not have a smart and intelligent son? He really didn’t know what to show off about!

All right… Xueluo really wanted to help him, and also help his beloved man give birth to a new daughter!

However, she knew that it was just an unattainable dream!

“What, you’re not happy that sister-in-law came to your house to visit?” Furthermore, I came to see the old man and Doudou! “

“How could I dare be unhappy!” Bai Mo scoffed, “I’m even hoping to see you again, Sister-in-law!”

“Anyway, I don’t think you’re doing very well right now! He would always be like a militant as he began to retaliate against them! It was as if the whole world had failed you! I will never stand on Duo Duo’s side and think for her! “

“Xueluo, eat this chicken rice flower, it has less oil and more crispness, it tastes really good.”

Yuan Duoduo didn’t seem to want Xueluo to continue, so he changed the topic.

It was unknown whether it was because Yuan Duoduo was in Bai’s mansion or not, but after waiting for a long time, Bai Mo repeatedly reminded him to go to vacation villa to settle some matters.

It was obviously the servants who were warning them, telling them to definitely look favorably on Doudou and Yaya, and not to let Yuan Duoduo take them even half a step out of Bai’s mansion.

If it wasn’t because the distance to vacation villa was a little far, Bai Mo probably would have brought his two daughters along.

Bai Mo’s nagging naturally wouldn’t work.

Xueluo wanted to break the rules of Bai Mo: Let Yuan Duoduo, the mother, take the two children out to play at any time!

This child was not his, Bai Mo’s, life, so what right did he have to yell and shout at Yuan Duoduo, his mother, to scold him and restrict him?

As for the phone number that Bai Mo called when he mentioned his husband, Feng Xinglang, Xueluo would definitely not care about it.

With Basong here, even if she couldn’t guarantee her safety, it wouldn’t be of any use even if she were to hide in the Bai’s mansion.

Furthermore, ever since Lan Youyou pa.s.sed away, Xueluo didn’t think that he would have anything to worry about.

“Doudou, Yaya, your G.o.dmother will bring you guys to the breeding grounds to get closer to nature, and embrace nature, okay?”

This kind of speech, it was truly a literary style!

In fact, the simpler way to put it was to take the two children to the farm to fish for shrimp and play with mud!

Yuan Duoduo agreed with Xueluo’s suggestion. He felt that his two daughters were too much like flowers in a greenhouse, and that he had to pull them over to the nature’s edge to take a stroll.

They were probably infuriated by, the grandson, to the point that the Gentleman Bai had been resting in his bedroom all night.

Yuan Duoduo was allowed to bring Doudou and Yaya out to play for two hours, but he had to return before lunch. Not only that, the Butler Bai had even sent bodyguards and a servant to follow behind him.

After finally being able to go out and play with Mommy, the two children were exceptionally happy. They kept chattering non-stop along the way.

“Xueluo, are you really pregnant? “Congratulations!”

Yuan Duoduo knew that Xueluo had always wanted to have another daughter to help him.

“Sigh …” Xueluo let out a long sigh, “If you are angry with your Bai Mo, you would still believe it!”

“Ah?” So you, you were angered by Bai Mo? ” Yuan Duoduo was stunned for a moment.

“Look at Bai Mo’s arrogant and conceited att.i.tude … Let alone you, I even have the thought of beating him up! “

The lie that Xueluo made up was just to vent his anger at the arrogant Bai Mo.

“That’s how he is …”

Yuan Duoduo also let out a sigh, “I reckon that when the day of his parents’ sacrifice is almost here, he will find a way to cause trouble!”

“Bai Mo didn’t have a mother and a father from a young age, yet he can make a ruckus like this? Aren’t you and I both orphans? At the very least, Bai Mo had such a doting grandfather! “

Xueluo caressed Doudou’s ponytail lightly, “I think this Bai Mo is most likely spoiled by the Gentleman Bai! You don’t know when you’re lucky! “

“Oh right, Xueluo, tell me about Feng Lixin and Mo Ranran! How are they? The two children travelled all the way to the Rouen to find her. Mo Ranran must be very touched, right? “


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