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Sister-in-law, let’s chat later!

Seeing that the two of them were trying to get even with each other, Yan Bang was a little interested in watching the show.

“Lang, it’s not like you’re a big brother. Sister-in-law is so ambitious, it’s wrong for you to keep pouring cold water on her!”

Ignoring Feng Xinglang’s glare, Yan Bang continued to speak: “So what if you’re raising shrimp and vegetables? This profession is neither good nor bad, you should fully support your sister-in-law’s cause! “

In fact, Yan Bang did not really understand it clearly. Xueluo did not create a breeding ground for fish and vegetables, but had invested into a breeding ground.

“Yan Bang, is there anything you need?”

Feng Xinglang scolded the talkative Yan Bang harshly, “The door is on your left, when you leave, remember to close the door tightly.”

Seeing Yan Bang, who was speaking for him, being scolded by his husband, Xueluo felt that he could no longer stay here and speak calmly to Feng Xinglang.

She stood up, “Feng Xinglang, you don’t need to use the Evil Big Brother Yan! I was the one who was too restless. I should have been obediently staying at home and eating and waiting for death! “

With that, Xueluo turned and left without looking back. She thought that her husband wouldn’t support her work, but she didn’t expect Feng Xinglang to be so against it. and even brought Yan Bang along to be scolded by him.

“Sister-in-law, don’t be discouraged! Let’s go back and chat! “

Yan Bang called out to the figure of Lin Xueluo’s back that had just left. It sounded like he was comforting Xueluo, but it was actually more like he was provoking Feng Xinglang.

Sure enough, Feng Xinglang’s eyes were burning.

“Yan Bang, what the f * * k are you trying to do?” Feng Xinglang hissed.

“Help sister-in-law!”

“Does my woman need your help?”

“Of course! Otherwise she wouldn’t have invited me to have coffee! “

Yan Bang answered innocently, “As her husband, if you aren’t willing to help her, then I, as her big brother, will naturally be duty-bound!”

“Yan Bang, you want to do something bad? I warn you: If you dare to hurt Xueluo, we can only have enemies!

“Feng Xinglang, is it as serious as you say? I just want the kitchen of the Yulong City to go to the breeding ground that Lin Xueluo talked about to buy ingredients! If you give her some confidence and confidence, how come you want to do something bad? “

Seeing Feng Xinglang not saying a word, Yan Bang added, “To put it bluntly, you woman just wants to find something to do! “Prove yourself, and find some sense of accomplishment!”

Indeed, women spend too much time and effort on this business. She wanted to do the project successfully.

Actually, Xueluo still had another intention, which was to make his husband Feng Xinglang have a whole new level of respect for her. She wasn’t just a couple at home. She could be a minor helper in his career.

After a moment of silence, Feng Xinglang finally raised his eyes and glanced at Yan Bang.

“Help! But don’t help too obviously!”

Seeing that Feng Xinglang had let go, Yan Bang put on an air of arrogance, “Based on your savage look just now, this daddy really doesn’t want to help!”

Before he finished speaking, Feng Xinglang glared at him with his sharp eyes, “Say that again if you dare! I gave you face but you didn’t care about it, right? “

“Of course not! I just want to tease you! “

Yan Bang’s ruthless eyes were warm and uncoordinated.

“Bring your son back!”

Feng Xinglang tried to incite her, “Don’t be tricked by that woman, her seed was taken away!”

“With you around, she won’t be able to escape! “She doesn’t have the guts!”

“What, have you learned to understand her? “En, Nina is indeed a rare good woman, very suitable for your appet.i.te!”

There was a hint of gunpowder in his words. And it was the Dark Thunder.

“I’ll kill her sooner or later.”

Yan Bang hissed as he looked at Feng Xinglang with eyes that were still warm and gentle.

“…” The corner of Feng Xinglang’s mouth twitched, as though she wanted to say something, but it was not convenient for her to say it now.

… ….

He was afraid of everything!

Xueluo decided not to use his husband Feng Xinglang’s resources to find customers.

But it was easier said than done!

Hotels and schools as the focus of marketing. Ordinary schools, upon hearing that there was no public nuisance and that it was fifty to twice as expensive as the market, immediately refused! However, the bigger hotels were not even allowed in. The smaller hotels were allowed in, but the first thing they did was to offer a ton and a half of food for them to taste, in the name of taste.

How was this tasting? This was simply freeloading!

That n.o.ble school and big hotel had no connections and they didn’t even care about them.

With Xueluo’s resources, would he have to recommend it to the orphanage? Free.

After three days, Xueluo was already beginning to doubt life!

For the past three days, Xueluo had been sleeping in his son Linnuo’s child room, trying to deduce the deep feelings between mother and son.

On the fourth day, Feng Xinglang was unable to hold on any longer. If it weren’t for the fact that he was exhausted by the company’s recent affairs, he would have taken the woman out of his son’s room that very day.

“Lin Xueluo, for you to affect our relations.h.i.+p like this, isn’t that a bit too much?”

Feng Xinglang grabbed the woman who was tiptoeing straight to his son’s room.

When did this man appear? I saw him in the study with Nina just now.

“Let go! Feng Xinglang, you are affecting the relations.h.i.+p between us two.

Putting aside that Xueluo was truly tired, just his arrogant and stubborn look made it so that Xueluo did not want to get close to him.

“Lin Xueluo, this is just a small, c.r.a.ppy breeding ground, and there’s only a total of ten million investment funds. If this is how every project works, then wouldn’t I die of exhaustion?! “

“You don’t care, I care!”

Xueluo snorted, “What’s more, I’m tired of myself, and I’m not tired of your President Feng! What can you do about it! “

“Since Little Girl Lin has said so, then there’s no point in playing!”

Feng Xinglang scoffed, “For the remaining 4 million, I will save it to buy toys for my son!”

Feng Xinglang loosened his grip on Xueluo and leisurely walked towards the master bedroom on the third floor.

Xueluo who was slightly slower than him reacted and hurriedly chased after him, “Hey … Feng Xinglang, what do you mean? You said that you would invest four million in the intermediate stage, so don’t go back on your words! “

Usually, GK Venture Capital’s investment would be 343, the initial 3 million had already been invested, Feng Xinglang wanted to use the intermediate 4 million as the condition to force the woman and her husband to get off the bed.

After glancing through the crack in the door at Mommy, who had been coaxed back to the master bedroom by her father, the little guy let out an angry sigh.

With mommy’s intelligence, how could she be a match for daddy b.a.s.t.a.r.d! In the end, he still obediently went to warm the blanket!


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