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Chapter 1295 – Mother to Mother

Nina stayed silent for a long time. It was unknown what she was thinking about.

But her face was abnormally calm!

Feng Xinglang had already left.

From Nina’s point of view, he ruthlessly threw a child that was only four months old to a demon-like person!

In a sense, the cruelty of Feng Xinglang was even more sinister than the cruelty of Yan Bang!

What would it mean to leave a child eating a bottle of milk to a violent person …

Nina was a shrewd woman, she did not beg Feng Xinglang’s pity. She clearly knew what kind of person Feng Xinglang was!

The solution was always come up. If even she could not save her child, then that would be too pathetic!

Baotou who went out to purchase items from the Yulong City saw Nina who was standing outside the Yulong City.

Regardless of whether Nina was a man or a woman, her pitiful appearance was still quite dismal.

But then again: was such a beautiful woman really a transvest.i.te? Would it be the same as his own? Would there be another one?

Baotou subconsciously looked in a certain direction towards the NPC. He felt that it was quite flat, and should be a complete woman.

Baotou recognized Nina. He knew that this dangerous woman was Feng Xinglang’s best man. In the GK VCs can be said to be one person below, above thousands of people. A talented woman!

Actually, Baotou felt that it was pretty good for the Brother Bang to have such a capable woman as a mother.

It was easy to tell that she was a strong woman! He might even be able to help the Brother Bang build up his career.

Subconsciously, Baotou had already treated Nina as the owner of the Yulong City. He did not care whether Yan Bang would accept or hate this woman!

Actually, the change in one person’s consciousness was quite miraculous: A few hours ago, he had thought that this woman was very scheming and could even lie!

But after knowing that little Wuyang was Yan Bang’s biological son, Baotou had a whole new level of respect for Nina.

He felt that: A woman who doesn’t seek Yan Bang’s money should not be a bad woman!

“Ah, um… Wuyang was coaxed to sleep by Second Elder. When I came out, he wasn’t crying or making a fuss. “

Of course, Baotou knew that this woman was worried about her child. To be honest, Baotou couldn’t bear to hear a four month old child cry so miserably.

Seeing that Nina did not speak or move, Baotou felt a little awkward. A few hours ago, he ‘helped’ her steal a four-month-old child from her home! What are you doing now? To get close to her?

“Ugh …” About that, I will go and buy Wuyang’s baby products; if you can give me a list, I will buy them from you! “

“No need!” Nina said indifferently.

“No, no?”

Baotou was slightly startled: So you don’t need to make a list for yourself? Or did he not need to buy any baby’s necessities for Wuyang?

“Are you able to bring me in to see Yan Bang?”

Na looked at Baotou, her gaze calming down. It looked like she had a plan.

“This… I’m afraid that Brother Bang, he … He doesn’t want to see you! When Lord Second had left, he had looked very irritable! “I think you’d better not push yourself into a hole!”

Baotou was speaking the truth. Every time Feng Xinglang left, he would be at his most ruthless. Even he couldn’t avoid it. It was better not to provoke it.

“I want to take Wuyang away! so we must first meet Yan Bang, right? ” Nina asked.

“What?” You want to take Wuyang away? Heh, don’t even think about it! If even Second Master was not able to take him away, then that is even more impossible! “

In Baotou’s opinion, the fact that Feng Xinglang was unable to take little Wuyang away from the Yulong City was undoubtedly asking for trouble.

“The reason why Feng Xinglang can’t leave is because he has ulterior motives!”

Nina said firmly, “But I can!”

Baotou naturally did not believe it. With Yan Bang’s bad temper, not to mention carrying away the little fellow, he would probably be beaten out of the room before Nina could even open her mouth.

“Because I have a way to make Yan Bang happy!”

Because of those words, Baotou unexpectedly brought Nina into the living quarters of the Yulong City.

Baotou naturally hoped that his master would be happy, normal, and strong.

“I’ll go in and greet the Brother Bang first …”

“No need! I’ll go in myself! “

Without waiting for Baotou’s reply, Nina had already stepped into the living room.

With a glance, she saw her son Wuyang, who was placed on the sofa. He reflexively wanted to rush over, but when he saw Yan Bang who was fiercely pouring whiskey at the side, he stopped in his tracks.

With a loud ‘clang’, Yan Bang smashed the wine bottle in his hand onto the marble floor, “Who let this monster in!?”

The sound of the wine bottle being smashed caused little Wuyang, who had gone to sleep crying with great difficulty, to wake up once again.

“Yan Bang, do you want to see Feng Xinglang everyday?”

Without waiting for Yan Bang’s next wave of anger, Nina spoke out for the strong, “And Feng Xinglang cannot reject you!”

Yan Bang had already stood up, with his sinister look, it seemed that he would do something to the Nina in the next second.


It had to be said that Nina’s words were too enticing to Yan Bang!

“If you want to continue with Feng Xinglang, you must choose a more gentle method! He definitely wouldn’t be able to use force! Feng Xinglang had always been a guy who ate soft but not hard! Your coercion will only increase his disgust! “

Nina’s words were a little heavy, but she was able to reach Yan Bang’s heart.

“What kind of gentle method?” Yan Bang continued to ask.

“Leave Wuyang in my care! I can take him to work at GK VCs every day, and I can also take over Feng Xinglang’s CEO’s office. If you were to visit your child in the name of a father, would Feng Xinglang be able to reject you? “

Nina answered her own question, “Obviously, Feng Xinglang will not reject! His son is missing five years of fatherly love, so if you go over to see him, he definitely won’t reject you! “

Seeing Yan Bang was thinking with his thick eyebrows, Nina added, “And you have me to help you! This way, you will have more chances to get close to Feng Xinglang! At the very least, you can maintain brotherly relations with him! It’s still better than being rejected by Feng Xinglang time and time again! You must know that if you don’t even have the chance to get close to him, how will you make him love you? “

In order to obtain the right to take care of her son Wuyang, Nina’s scheming had exceeded her own imagination.

She actually wanted to play matchmaker for Yan Bang and Feng Xinglang!

“Are you sure your method can work? Just now, Feng Xinglang abandoned this child and then left!

“That’s your method! Warm water to boil a frog, that is only suitable for Feng Xinglang! “


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