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Chapter 1133 – Pain You Don’t Know

When Feng Xinglang hurriedly rushed over, Linnuo’s little friend was snuggling up against Cong Gang’s chest and eating a mouthful of the Rise Noodle Roll without taking a single bite.

“Father? Why are you here too? “

When it saw its father, Feng Xinglang, the little guy was quite happy. He had completely forgotten about his father’s gloomy face.

Feng Xinglang did not answer his son’s question. Instead, he made a video call with his wife, Xueluo. And let her see the baby eating the risotto to comfort the woman who was so anxious about her son’s departure.

“Cong Gang, you f * * king tricked my son again?”

Perhaps, even though he clearly knew that his son had taken the initiative to look for Cong Gang, Feng Xinglang’s tone was precisely this unfriendly.

With just the word “again,” he clearly stated the fact that Feng Xinglang was not satisfied with Cong Gang for more than a day or two.

Cong Gang was too lazy to reply to the vile and unreasonable Feng Xinglang. He didn’t even bat an eyelid.

“Father, you misunderstood the giant caterpillar. I came to look for him myself! “

Seeing that her father was cursing and blaming Cong Gang, the little guy immediately went to defend Cong Gang.

“What, wasn’t the previous lesson gory enough? You are running around and making your mother worry? “

Feng Xinglang pulled over a chair and sat in front of his son and Cong Gang.

The little guy pursed his lips. “A son should have the slugs bring a message to Mommy.”

“Feng Linnuo, can’t you be an obedient child? Do you really have to go through so much trouble to make your mother worry about you every day? “

Feng Xinglang lectured the disobedient little fellow in a cold voice.

The little guy lowered its head, and remained silent.

“Why don’t you reflect on yourself: it’s all because of your complicated social relations.h.i.+p that makes your son’s life more complicated, too?!”

Cong Gang’s words had hit the nail on the head once again.

His ability to a.n.a.lyze problems was always unique.

“I’m educating my son, why the f * ck are you interrupting? “Do you have the right to interrupt here?”

In front of Cong Gang, Feng Xinglang would instinctively a.s.sume the role of master; he would always think that Cong Gang should bow and kneel before him.

It was as if, in this place, the decision was in the hands of Cong Gang, right?

However, Cong Gang would never lower himself to the same level as Feng Xinglang.

Especially in front of little friend Linnuo, she had given him more than enough face.

However, Feng Xinglang listened to Cong Gang’s words that were straight to the point.

“Father, don’t you have to be such a fierce caterpillar … I really did take the initiative to look for him. “

The little fellow said weakly. Presumably, he really could not stand hearing his father Feng Xinglang scolding Cong Gang like that.

It was very embarra.s.sing, okay! He was embarra.s.sed for the big caterpillar.

“Hurry up and eat!” After you finish eating, go back with your father! “

From what he heard, Feng Xinglang’s mood was overflowing with unspeakable restlessness.

“Dad, you should eat a little too. The risotto made by the big caterpillar is delicious. “

Although he was scolded, the little guy still went after his father.

“Eat it yourself. Daddy is not hungry.”

At this moment, Feng Xinglang’s stomach was rumbling with hunger. He had been living a life of hunger and hunger these days.

A faint stomachache struck Feng Xinglang, and he subconsciously pressed his hand to his stomach.

For the sake of Feng Xinglang’s stomach, Xueluo had been worrying about his work for the better half of a year. It was with great difficulty that he managed to control and improve the man’s stomach, but he didn’t expect that once again, the man would lower himself and ruin the woman’s hard work. Once again, he failed to live up to the woman’s concern.

He saw the sealed box on his desk. There were only a few Brazilian pine nuts in it.

Feng Xinglang did not stand on ceremony and immediately brought it over for eating.

“Didn’t I tell you to peel it a bit more and save it?” “I’ve slacked off again!”

Cong Gang lifted his head, glanced at Feng Xinglang indifferently, and said gently, “Feng Xinglang, Nuonuo said that you were upset about Yan Bang’s death. but I don’t want my wife and kids to see it. “

Slightly paused, Cong Gang looked around, “There are no outsiders here, you can be like your son, crying happily! I can lend you a shoulder if you need it! “

After swallowing the last bit of Brazil nut in his mouth, Feng Xinglang looked over at Cong Gang.

“Even if you die, I will be sad.”

Feng Xinglang looked straight into Cong Gang’s eyes, and said word by word in a clear and cold voice.

“I dare not accept it!”

Cong Gang said softly, “If I have to die one day, I will definitely choose a way to make you hate me to death!”

Feng Xinglang narrowed his eyes as he looked at the calm and collected Cong Gang, who had been maintaining his composure all this while, and gave a somewhat sad and light snort, “Cong Gang, I’m starting to find it harder and harder to see through you! Aren’t you tired of playing dumb with me? “

Cong Gang smiled blandly, “Long ago, I should have died a violent death on the streets of Chinatown. “If you can spend more of these days, you will spend more. It is not a pity!”

“Are you mocking me for saving you back then?” Feng Xinglang squinted at him.

Cong Gang glanced at Feng Xinglang, and then turned his head. He was silent and didn’t say anything else.

“Your father has worked so hard to save you, and you even came to save your sins?!”

Feng Xinglang was very unhappy with Cong Gang’s arrogant att.i.tude of not caring about anyone else.

“Feng Xinglang, are you sure you can live a happy life if Yan Bang is still alive?”

Suddenly, Cong Gang skipped over the topic and suddenly asked this question.

Feng Xinglang smirked, “Most people are emotional creatures, unlike you!”

Exhaling a breath of foul air, Feng Xinglang looked towards the basin of elegant Monarch Orchid.

“In this world, there are many roles: from my son and brother when I was young to my brothers and sisters later on, my lover, my husband, my father … A little longer, and he could be a father-in-law, grandpa. In this long life, he would inevitably encounter all sorts of parting! In this life, the bitterness, sweetness, bitterness, and saltiness are things that must be tasted many times over. “

“Maybe it’s like having an illness. It’s over now, that’s all! “

Feng Xinglang didn’t know whether he was saying these words to himself or to Cong Gang.

However, there was one thing that he was sure of: this narration could relieve the pent-up pressure in his heart to a certain extent!

Linnuo’s little friend had always been quietly listening in front of a pious listener. Even though he still could not completely understand it, he realized that his father was still grieving for the death of the Big Bangbang.

“Then this disease of yours …” When can I get better? ” Cong Gang asked.

Feng Xinglang looked back at Cong Gang, and dryly smiled, “What, you also wish for me to quickly recover, right?”

Cong Gang avoided looking at Feng Xinglang, “I asked on behalf of your own son. You’re so depressed and drunk and driving every day, and they’re both worried about you. “

Why did this brat tell everything to Cong Gang?

Feng Xinglang’s gaze fell upon his son Linnuo’s body, with a hint of scrutiny and reproach.

The little fellow immediately lowered its head, refusing to look at its father’s enraged expression.

“Unless Yan Bang comes back to life, I will be completely fine!”

Originally, Feng Xinglang wanted to say something to comfort his son, who was blaming himself for his youth. However, as soon as the words left his mouth, it went against his wish.


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