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Chapter 1086 – For Love.

What did her husband, Feng Xinglang, do to Fang Yi Yan?

He actually called the police over and even showed his arrest warrant? How bad would it have to be?

Xueluo retreated to the French window in the living room and immediately called her husband, Feng Xinglang, to ask.

If he really was found guilty of intentionally hurting others, then he would really be arrested.

At that time, Feng Xinglang was eating a sumptuous breakfast in Yulong City.

Not only did it suit his taste, but it was also quite lively.

His life was short and bitter to begin with, so he should be able to enjoy life in time; he would eat whatever he wanted, and drink those strange soup and water for the sake of maintaining his health. It was only in front of his wife Lin Xueluo that he would obey.

“Xinglang, what did you do to Fang Yi Yan?”

A woman’s urgent question came out of the phone.

His wife’s question made Feng Xinglang feel like he was going against his ears, “What, did he complain to you? You do care about him. Worry about your own husband. Hit him? My hand hurts too! “

“Ah?” You really beat him up? “No wonder the police come knocking!”

Xueluo’s bad premonition had turned into reality: her husband Feng Xinglang had really beaten up Fang Yiyan.

“What?” The police came knocking? went to Feng Family? “

Feng Xinglang smirked, and said indifferently: “Wifey, are you helping him scare your husband?”

“Xinglang, I’m not joking with you! Captain Jian is outside confronting your big brother! She even showed the arrest warrant. “Speaking of which, Fang Yiyan is some kind of third generation celebrity. You’re in real trouble.”

“Heh, that Fang guy really called the police uncle to the Feng Family?”

From the woman’s urgent tone of voice, it was not hard to tell that her wife Lin Xueluo was serious and did not lie to her. She said the police had shown them a warrant or something, and there was a good chance it was true.

“Feng Xinglang, do you think I would lie to you? What have you done to Fang Yiyan? If it’s a minor injury, then you really must … “

Xueluo choked with sobs, “It’s fine, why are you causing trouble! I really don’t have anything to do with Fang Yiyan! If you don’t like me having contact or meeting with him, I’ll never see him again! Why are you so impulsive to hit someone? “

This life of his was finally peaceful. Xueluo really did not want his husband to get into any trouble.

“Rest a.s.sured, your husband will be fine. What I did, I’ll take care of. “Obedient, don’t cry and make your husband’s heart ache, do you understand?”

Hearing his wife confess like this, and hearing her crying, Feng Xinglang started to feel sorry for his woman.

“But Captain Jian is standing outside the door with an arrest warrant …”

“Ignore him!” That guy is so full! “

This Captain Jian was really getting more and more adept at handling matters, to actually try to scare Feng Xinglang’s wife and children?

“Xueluo, my big brother should be home, right? Or perhaps, the Old Mo could directly send that fellow flying! If anyone with the surname Jian dares to scare my Nuonuo, I will teach him a lesson! “

Until now, Feng Xinglang had never thought that beating Fang Yu up the previous night was a mental insult.

“It seems… He seemed to have left. Your big brother had them. “He persuaded us to leave?”

Xueluo saw that the two police cars in the courtyard had left, one after the other.

Following that, Feng Lixin called.

“Xueluo, hang up first. I need to answer my big brother’s phone. “

“Oh, okay.”

The call from Feng Lixin made Feng Xinglang realize that this time, not only was Fang Yi Yan serious, he was also being more ruthless.

Considering that there were two children in Feng Family, Feng Lixin decided to delay their search and let them go to GK Ventura to look for someone.

How did the ident.i.ty of a third generation member appear? He really kept a low profile!

“What’s wrong?”

Glancing at Feng Xinglang who was deep in thought, Yan Bang asked.

Feng Xinglang sighed, “I think I’ll have to eat prison food for a few days!”

“Eating prison food? Was it that serious? Even if I let everyone in Shen City eat jail food, I wouldn’t be willing to let you eat! “

Yan Bang scooped a spoonful of Ice-cold caviar and wrapped it around a piece of bacon before bringing it to Feng Xinglang’s plate.

“Yan Bang, did your father warn you in advance? Without your father’s permission, you are not allowed to cause any trouble for your father!”

Feng Xinglang sternly warned Yan Bang, who might be reckless.

“What happened?”

“I beat an eyesore! She even stripped off his clothes, locked his car, and let him enjoy the cold wind! “

Feng Xinglang was quite satisfied with his actions last night.

“You can just tell me to do something as crude as this! Hit someone will hurt your own hand, it’s so heartbreaking! “

All the illegal and criminal jobs were generally Yan Bang’s. He had always ensured that Feng Xinglang’s presence in the Shen City would be dazzling, and that he did not leave behind any ill deeds or records.

“The situation is different this time…”

Feng Xinglang dragged his words, “Maybe I really need to go in and eat prison food for a few days!”

“Lang, you don’t have to be so wronged! With me here, I guarantee that nothing will happen to you! “

Yan Bang naturally would not just sit by and watch Feng Xinglang get detained.

“Yan Bang, you are not allowed to get involved in this matter!”

Feng Xinglang lightly licked his lips, “For love, cheating yourself once … “So what?”

“Feng Xinglang, you’re not feverish are you? You really want to go in? That place is not easy to stay in! ” Yan Bang asked in confusion.

“What do you know about P. You don’t have a wife! “

Feng Xinglang scoffed.

When Feng Xinglang rushed back to the GK Ventura, the Captain Jian leader was waiting in the reception room outside of his CEO’s office with two people.

Giving them a glance, Feng Xinglang took a detour around the second pa.s.sage and entered the office.

“My dear president, what have you gotten yourself into? “It’s been a bad morning to let the cops hold the door.”

Nina was excited, but she seemed to be in a state of exhaustion.

“I beat up that guy who glanced at my wife!”

Feng Xinglang took a sip of the Soothing Coffee that Nina brought over, and responded with a slow hum.

“President Feng, you have enjoyed yourself quite a bit, but how do you plan to deal with the cops outside?”

Nina glanced at the door of the CEO’s office, “We won’t keep them for lunch, will we?!”

“No need, I’ll go with them in a while!”

Feng Xinglang looked at the few folders by his side, “For the project of ‘Jin Ke Du’, I have decided to let Peng Guan take over! He had a clean background and a solid background, which was just nice for Old Chu! As for the other two projects, you can decide on them. The funds were still the first three, the third one, and the last four. Don’t feed them too full! “

“President Feng, you wouldn’t really want to go into the prison, right?”

At that time, Nina could tell that Feng Xinglang was arranging her recent company affairs.

“A man risked his life for love … How touching, how beautiful, and how touching! “

On Feng Xinglang’s handsome face, an uncertain smile surfaced. It was as if he could already see the moving scene of his woman being moved to tears.

Nina finally saw through it, “You’re just playing a trick to make your wife happy!”

“Don’t make it sound so bad. This young master is very diligent, okay!”

Feng Xinglang glanced at Nina, “In a while, call my wife and tell her that her husband, who loved her deeply, was taken away by Uncle Police!”

Honestly, Feng Xinglang did not have much skill in this stratagem of moving the boat with the water, but he was still shocked by’s earnest way of coaxing his wife.

For a man to be able to gain the approval, pity, grat.i.tude, or even to throw himself into a woman’s arms, that was something else entirely.

“Then be careful when you go in. You’re handsome and rich, so don’t let those prison wardens blow you up. It’s not worth it! “

Nina said with a cold, humorous tone.


Feng Xinglang stared at Nina coldly, and then dialed a number.

“Old Chu, investigate someone for me!”

When Xueluo received the call from Nina saying that her husband had already been taken away by the police, tears immediately flowed down her face.

This result was something even Fang Yiyan could not have predicted.

He thought that with Feng Xinglang’s arrogant and despotic personality, he would definitely arrest him and use all sorts of connections to settle this matter.

But on the contrary, not only did Feng Xinglang not arrest him, he had also cooperated with the police quite well.

For a dignified president to say that he would fend for himself, was truly out of everyone’s expectations.

And in the name of love …

It seemed like Feng Xinglang had won, no?

When Xueluo arrived at the police station and saw his husband, Feng Xinglang, isolated in a single room, he immediately cried out.

Feng Xinglang opened his arms wide, holding the teary lady tightly in his arms and kissing chaotically.

“Darling, don’t cry… When you cry, my heart hurts. “

Feng Lixin, who was behind Xueluo, did not enter nor did he not enter. After seeing his brother Feng Xinglang’s crafty gaze, he still retreated, leaving the s.p.a.ce for the young couple who were embracing.

Feng Lixin found the Captain Jian, “Are you really going to lock my brother up like this?”

“We don’t want to either. The main issue is that the upper management is very serious this time, we …”

“Alright, I’m here to help Feng Xinglang get bail! My lawyer will give you a good talk! “

“I probably can’t do it! “Firstly, the evidence is conclusive. Secondly, the second young master does not want to bail himself out.”

“Xinglang does not want to be bailed out? What does he think? “

“I don’t know about that. However, the Second Young Master has been quite cooperative this time, and we are all rather ‘moved’! “

Captain Jian originally thought that Feng Xinglang wanted to play tricks with him again, but at that time, he felt a headache.

“Rest a.s.sured Young Master Feng, we will take good care of Young Master Feng.” Let him eat well and sleep well. “

This was within the Captain Jian’s capabilities. Actually, the arrest of Feng Xinglang was just a formality. The yamen would of course take good care of the G.o.d of Fortune in the Shen City.

It was just that the fairness and rigour of the law had to be displayed.

“How many days will it be?”

“If you intentionally cause light injuries, I estimate it will take 15 days!”


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