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### Chapter 107 – This bath, do you like to take a bath or not!

Outside the underground storage room, Feng Xinglang’s handsome face was covered with ice that could be sc.r.a.ped off.

He cast a stern glance at Ye Xiaonian, his hostility frightening, “Ye Yinian, maybe I’m still unwilling to kill her, Lan Youyou, but if I want to kill you now, I’m really willing!”

He knew that Feng Xinglang would not really harm his a.s.sistant for so many years, but she might just beat him up.

“Don’t, Brother Lang … You have seen Lan Youyou’s White Bone Spirit technique before! Sometimes she was confused, sometimes she was confused. I really couldn’t handle her. Haven’t you been played by her just now? She got what she wanted and you hugged her, but didn’t you manage to get anything out of her? “

Actually, Ye Qingsheng only wanted to say: Lan Youyou is really hard to deal with. But at the same time, he also didn’t expect that Feng Xinglang would be dragged down to accompany him on the rankings.

How could Feng Xinglang not be angry?

“You can’t even deal with a woman, I think you should just get the h.e.l.l back to the underground boxing ring and be your meat bag!”

Yes.h.i.+ Nien was a good boxer. A few years ago, when Feng Xinglang and Feng Xinglang went to prop up Yan Bang’s Sanda Compet.i.tion, they met Ye Xiaonian, who was the last PK with him. At that time, Ye Wen was still young, and although his skills were not bad, in the end, he was defeated by Yan Bang.

After that, Feng Xinglang kept Ye Qing Nian.

“Brother Lang, no matter how heinous Lan Youyou is, she treats you with complete sincerity!” Ye Xiaonian still went against the wind and spoke a few words of fairness for Lan Youyou.

“Really? When did you see that she meant it? ” Feng Xinglang scoffed.

“Two eyes saw it!” Ye Xiaonian added.

“You should know how she hooked up with my brother! A woman like her was a scorpion wearing a beautiful human skin! He didn’t even know what happened when he died! “My brother is a good example!” Feng Xinglang’s eyes were filled with anger.

“Brother Lang, I understand … I’ll keep an eye on her. It won’t happen again! ” Ye Xiaonian nodded.

No matter how much Feng Xinglang spewed out of the evil deeds of a woman, Ye Nian always felt that this Lan Youyou was sincere towards Feng Xinglang!

There are some things that may not be true to your eyes, and can only be felt by your heart. Maybe it was different from the truth, so much so that it was completely different. However, what his soul felt was the truest of aspects. Perhaps it was not the truth that he had witnessed!

Feng Xinglang left. Ye Qinian went back into the bas.e.m.e.nt storage room.

He saw Lan Youyou sitting on the ground like a broken rag doll, completely motionless, like a puppet that had lost its life.

“You really like Feng Xinglang, right?” Ye Shaonian suddenly asked.

He wanted to test his intuition. His intuition told him that his judgement was correct.

Lan Youyou was startled, she moved her weak body, and suddenly, she laughed. It was a sharp, hair-raising laugh. He was panting heavily, as if he had heard the funniest joke in the world.

It was like a dagger slicing through flesh.

“Ye Xiaonian, you are so stupid and stupid! Those words, I lied to Feng Xinglang… Hahahaha… You actually believed it? “

Lan Youyou continued to laugh until tears were flowing out of his eyes, “No wonder you are only Feng Xinglang’s little brother … With your intelligence, I don’t think you’ll ever have a chance to make a comeback in your life! “

Ye Xiaonian looked at Lan Youyou who was laughing to himself. She suddenly felt that this woman was really pitiful. Perhaps it was just as she had said. She had kept it a secret from Feng Xinglang, not because she wanted to protect the mastermind behind all of this, but because she wanted to protect Feng Xinglang.

That person must be a dangerous character! It was so beneficial that Feng Xinglang was simply unable to shake him!

That was why women kept it a secret. He didn’t hesitate to let Feng Xinglang repeatedly attack her viciously. However, she continued to silently endure.

Lan Youyou saw that she was only a young lady in her early twenties.

Maybe just a little girl.

“Lan Youyou, go take a shower.” He felt that such a beautiful girl must love to be clean.

Lan Youyou smiled tenderly, “Are you trying to take advantage of Feng Xinglang’s absence … Why don’t you take a shower with me? “

“…” This woman’s mouth was truly sharp. Ye Xiaonian was originally just a loving person, but now he was moved by her words. It was no wonder that Feng Family Feng Lixin was tricked by her.

But then, Ye Xiaonian calmed down, “I don’t dare! No! This bath, do you like to take a bath or not! But the condition is that you cannot escape! “

This woman, even more so than a rose with thorns!


After exiting the GK Corporation’s underground storage room, it was already around 4 AM.

There was no need to go back to the Feng Family. Feng Xinglang then rode on the private elevator directly reaching the CEO’s office on the top floor.

GK Group, a reputable listed venture capital inst.i.tution. It also operates a range of finance-related projects.

Its venture funds come from a variety of sources, from borrowing funds to equity funds; issuing commercial paper, issuing stocks and bonds in capital markets; borrowing from banks, but with a small share; and investing in a wide range of companies, which invest far more money than average.

Because of Feng Lixin’s case, GK had already shelved many profit objective venture capital projects.

At four in the morning, the night was still dark. However, it was extremely quiet. Sitting in the huge office, Feng Xinglang frowned.

After a moment, with a slight increase in breath, Feng Xinglang rubbed his tired eyes and sat up straight. He began to look through the items that the secretaries had compiled, which were extremely valuable and worth investing in.

He reached out to grab his coffee cup out of habit, but found that it was so quiet that it was suffocating. Only now did he realize that the time was still good. Secretary Tang was still not at work. The outstretched hand withdrew.

He was not thinking of the considerate Secretary Tang, nor was he thinking of the Nanny An who cared for him more than his mother. Instead, he was thinking of that stubborn little woman who was unwilling to show him kindness, yet had tears in her eyes in order to protect him.

The corner of Feng Xinglang’s lips curled up into a faint smile, which was faint but indiscernible.

The feeling of loneliness a.s.saulted him. At this moment, Feng Xinglang seemed to have once again thought of toying with that stubborn, yet tender, woman.

Lin Xueluo, such a beautiful name! It may seem harmless, virtuous, and virtuous, but occasionally it shows its sharp teeth to you. Especially that soft and sticky body that could drip water, because young and full, there was a steady flow of vitality for him to absorb.

As he thought about it, he felt that it was a bit crooked. That kind of thing was really addictive!

“Achoo …”

Xueluo who had woken up early in the morning sneezed all of a sudden. Was he feeling cold? There were still people who were secretly talking bad about themselves.

Neither! Maybe there was someone who had a presumptuous thought of her!

Today was the first day of school reporting. Xueluo’s mental state was exceptionally good. Being with a group of peers seemed to better reflect the value and meaning of life.

Xueluo was originally a girl who loved and was pa.s.sionate about her beautiful life. More accurately, it should be a woman!

Her pet.i.te body was wrapped in a big blanket, causing Xueluo’s mind to wander again.

It was also a morning when he drifted away to that day. Like a madman, he begged that man to have him, repeatedly saying to him, “I want to be his woman.”

Heavens, there was no place for him to put his face! He was so embarra.s.sed that he was about to die!

Xueluo covered his face with the blanket, and spoke to himself as if he was hiding his ears: You don’t have to be shy, it’s all because of that bowl of porridge! It has nothing to do with you, Lin Xueluo!

A few minutes later, Xueluo finally recovered from the state of being ashamed. Since it had already happened, he didn’t want to disturb himself.

The only thing that made Xueluo gratified was that man’s gentleness!

This was something that exceeded Xueluo’s expectations!

She thought that a man would despise her and humiliate her like he treated a shameless woman, but he didn’t!

At that moment, he felt like he was being deeply loved!

Heavens, what had he been thinking all morning? How spring!

Xueluo immediately stood up and rushed into the washroom to take care of himself.

Today was the day to report back to school. He had to welcome the new day with a full posture.

It’s a good time. Feng Xinglang was actually not in the Feng Family. After hearing from Butler Mo, Second Young Master had not come back since she left home in the early morning.

It would be better if he didn’t come back, lest he get so nervous at the sight of him.

“Madam, here is your tuition fee. I’ll get Little Qian to send you to school in a while. “

Butler Mo gave Xueluo two envelopes, “Here is your pocket money. There’s not much cash. You can use it first. And a credit card with you. “If you don’t have enough money, pick up some for yourself.”

“Thank you, Butler Mo. “Thank you.” This was the first time Xueluo got special respect from others when he asked for money. She thanked him several times.

Xueluo kept feeling that he was worthy enough to make Butler Mo respect him so much. Even though she was Feng Lixin’s wife, she couldn’t even take good care of his daily life. When Xueluo accepted Butler Mo’s money, he could not help but feel guilty.

“Madam, you are the mistress of the Feng Family. These are my duties. ” Seeing that his wife was extremely grateful to him, Butler Mo started to feel uneasy.

Butler Mo had always been optimistic about Xueluo, he thought that Xueluo was the wife that Second Young Master should marry.

On the way to school, Xueluo opened another envelope. A full five thousand yuan worth of living expenses. Butler Mo was truly generous. It should be said that the Feng Family was rich enough.

Seeing this money, the first thing Xueluo thought of was Yuan Duoduo’s tuition.

Thus, she immediately called Yuan Duoduo.

But unexpectedly, when they met, Yuan Duoduo had stuffed two thousand yuan into Xueluo’s hands, “Here! This is what you earned from dancing with me in Night Villa the last time! “

“Don’t, Duoduo! “I still have five thousand left over. I was just thinking about helping you pay your tuition!” Xueluo said anxiously.

Looking at the two thick envelopes in Xueluo’s hands, Yuan Duoduo snickered mysteriously, “Honestly speaking, are you already following Feng Xinglang’s lead? By him. Is it over? ”


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