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Chapter 1618: Do You Know About The Devilseal Tablet?

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The old man fell into a daze when he recalled the past.

At that time, King Qian was attacked by a.s.sa.s.sins when he went hunting. Not many people were left by King Qian’s side since most of the powerhouses had chased after the a.s.sa.s.sins. It just so happened he was the cart driver that day. At that moment, an a.s.sa.s.sin suddenly charged forward with a sword in his hand. He had moved in a timely manner and blocked the sword meant for King Qian, effectively saving his life. The powerhouses who had killed the other a.s.sa.s.sins then came back in time to kill the lone a.s.sa.s.sin as well.

At that time, he was severely injured and was on the verge of death. However, thanks to King Qian’s favor, the Four Star Saint Inscription Masters in Windfall Nation had treated him and worked their magic to pull him back from the brink of death.

After that King Qian had summoned him and granted him a promise. He gave his word that he would grant one of his requests if it was within his capability to fulfill it. At that time, he had merely expressed his grat.i.tude, he did not think about it too much.

After the incident where King Qian was almost a.s.sa.s.sinated, fear began to rise in his heart after he had recovered. He knew King Qian, the Fourth Imperial Highness, was ambitious and coveted the throne. It was very likely King Qian would be faced with a.s.sa.s.sins again in the future.

He, on the other hand, only had one life. He only wished to keep himself safe and unharmed. Due to this reason, he bade King Qian farewell and left to set up a home in the southern frontier of Windfall Nation. In the end, he even formed a group of bandits and lived very well.

Before he left, King Qian had told him that his promise had no expiry date.

Initially, he did not think he would have any use for that promise. It did not cross his mind that his third brother would be killed by a mysterious powerhouse. It was when he realized he was no match for the mysterious powerhouse that he recalled the promise King Qian had made.

It was exactly because of this he had decided to return to the capital to make use of the promise King Qian had given him.

Unfortunately, luck was not on his side. Although he had arrived at King Qian’s estate, he was told that King Qian was in the midst of closed-door cultivation. Due to this reason, he could only wait in the side palace. When King Qian came out of his closed-door cultivation, he learned of his arrival and had sent one of his people to bring him over to see him.

Under the middle-aged man’s guidance, the old man quickly arrived at the main palace of King Qian’s estate.

At the entrance of the main palace, ten sergeants in their armors stood ramrod straight. Their expressions were aloof, and their eyes were fierce, subtly emitting an oppressive aura.

The middle-aged man stood outside of the main palace and announced loudly, “Your Highness, Ye Mu Bai is here.”

“Mu Bai is here? Bring him in.” At the same time, a burst of hearty laughter reverberated from inside the main hall. Although the laughter seemed friendly, the old man, Ye Mu Bai, knew how fierce and ambitious this person was.

Despite the fact that he owed Ye Mu Bai for saving his life, he was only acting so friendly to put on a show for his men. He did not want his men to think he was an ingrate after all.

When Ye Mu Bai walked into the main palace, he finally saw King Qian, the Fourth Imperial Highness, again after so many years. He realized King Qian was not as young as he remembered him to be. Currently, King Qian possessed the majestic air of a ruler that was oppressive.

Ye Mu Bai could not help but muse in his heart. Time really pa.s.sed by so quickly. So many years had gone by in just a blink of an eye.

After Ye Mu Bai entered, he immediately kneeled to show his respect, presenting himself in a humble manner. “Fourth Imperial Highness.”

“Mu Bai, you’re my savior. There’s no need for you to be so formal with me. Please get up.” The Fourth Imperial Highness, King Qian, was a middle-aged man who was dressed in a long golden robe. A benevolent look could be seen in his eyes. Although his eyes also contained a hint of fierceness, it did not make him look angry. With just a raise of his hand, invisible energy stretched out and lifted Ye Mu Bai up.

When Ye Mu Bai sensed this energy, his heart jolted.

Although the Fourth Imperial Highness was not at the Saint Stage yet, he was most likely already at the Imminent Saint Stage.

As someone who had worked in King Qian’s estate, he could still ascertain that much.

“Thank you, Fourth Imperial Highness.” After Ye Mu Bai was lifted up, he bowed to express his grat.i.tude.

“Mu Bai, I heard the reason you came back is to ask a favor from me?” King Qian said with a smile.

“Yes.” Ye Mu Bai nodded. “Indeed, I do have a favor to ask from you. After this matter is dealt with, I’ll never bother you again, Fourth Imperial Highness.”

“Mu Bai, you’re too polite. You’re my savior after all. I promised you last time that I’ll grant one request of yours as long as it’s within my capability to do so. So many years have gone by, but you didn’t return. For a moment, I thought you’ve forgotten about the promise I made. It seems like you didn’t forget about it at all.” King Qian’s smile remained plastered on his face. “Tell me, what kind of favor do you want from me?”

After taking a long and deep breath, Ye Mu Bai finally replied, “Fourth Imperial Highness, I hope that you’ll help me to kill someone.”

“Oh?” King Qian’s eyes flashed for a moment before he nodded. “As long as it’s within my power, I won’t reject your request. Tell me, who is he?”

“To be honest, I don’t know who he is.” Ye Mu Bai smiled wryly.

Upon hearing that, King Qian frowned immediately. A hint of displeasure flashed in the depth of his eyes.

At this moment, the two old men standing behind King Qian and the middle-aged man standing next to Ye Mu Bai shouted indignantly, “How dare you!”

Two waves of extremely powerful auras suddenly surged from the two old men’s bodies and swept toward Ye Mu Bai. It pressed against Ye Mu Bai until his body began to tremble. These two auras almost made him suffocate.

At this instant, Ye Mu Bai was certain the two old men were Saint Stage powerhouses.

When King Qian raised his hand, the two old men finally retracted their powerful auras.

“Mu Bai, you don’t even know who he is… How do you expect me to help you?” King Qian asked as he looked at Ye Mu Bai. The smile on his face had long disappeared.

Ye Mu Bai broke out in cold sweat. He quickly said, “Fourth Imperial Highness, it’s my fault for not finis.h.i.+ng my sentence in one go… Although I don’t know who he is, I have his portrait with me. Moreover, I found out he arrived in the capital a while ago.”

“A while ago?” King Qian frowned. “In other words, you’re not even sure if he’s still in the capital?”

“Yes.” Ye Mu Bai nodded, but he quickly added again, “Fourth Imperial Highness, if that man is still in the capital, I wish you’ll help me to kill him since he has killed someone really dear to me. If you find that he’s no longer in the capital, then I can only blame it on my luck, and I won’t bother you again, Fourth Imperial Highness.”

One could see Ye Mu Bai had applied the principle of retreating to advance to his words.

“In that case, leave the portrait of the man behind. Return to the guest room in the side palace and wait for the good news. I’ll definitely do my best to repay you for saving my life previously,” King Qian said.

“Yes.” After Ye Mu Bai left the portrait behind, he was brought back by the middle-aged man who had brought him here.

Meanwhile, King Qian unfolded the portrait in his hands. He saw a handsome young man with das.h.i.+ng eyebrows and a piercing gaze. ‘Ye Mu Bai has really gotten muddle-headed in his old age… He actually wants me to personally make a move on such a young man!’ Naturally, King Qian did not say this out loud.

Just as King Qian put away the portrait in his hand, the voice of a sergeant guarding the entrance reverberated from outside. “Fourth Imperial Highness, there’s somebody outside who claims to be the Sect Leader of Dark Nether Sect.”

“Ye Feng, the Sect Leader of Dark Nether Sect, wishes to see the Fourth Imperial Highness!” At the same time, an arrogant voice resonated from outside. The voice contained True Origin and quickly swept into the main palace.

At this moment, the two old men behind King Qian exchanged a look before they said to King Qian, “It’s a Saint Stage powerhouse.”

Due to the True Origin contained in the voice, they knew the owner of the voice was a Saint Stage powerhouse. After all, only Saint Stage powerhouses possessed True Origins.

King Qian raised an eyebrow before he muttered to himself in curiosity, “The Sect Leader of Dark Nether Sect? Why’s he here?” Then, he stood up and walked outside while chuckling. “Sect Leader Ye Feng, look at you personally coming to my estate. King Qian’s estate is greatly honored by your presence.”

A Saint Stage powerhouse was enough to make him go out and personally welcome him.

When he walked out, the two old men behind him followed him like his shadow.

“Fourth Imperial Highness.” Outside the main palace, Ye Feng who was exhausted by his long journey bowed at King Qian.

“Sect Leader Ye Feng, you’re…” King Qian was stunned when he saw Ye Feng’s appearance. He had met the Sect Leader of Dark Nether Sect once, and he was full of vigor. However, his appearance this time was similar to that of an abandoned dog.

“It’s a long story. Fourth Imperial Highness, let’s go inside and talk.” Ye Feng sighed.

“Alright.” King Qian nodded before welcoming Ye Feng into the main palace. After he sat down on the main seat, he motioned for Ye Feng to sit at the seat below.

“Sect Leader Ye Feng, you’re the Sect Leader of Dark Nether Sect, and your future is boundless. Why do you look so wretched now?” King Qian asked curiously as he looked at Ye Feng.

“Fourth Imperial Highness, let’s talk about this later… For now, I have a question to ask you.” Ye Feng looked at King Qian.

“What question?” King Qian was curious.

“Fourth Imperial Highness, do you know about the Devilseal Tablet?” Ye Feng looked at King Qian solemnly.

Devilseal Tablet!

Upon hearing Ye Feng’s words, not only King Qian, but even the expression of the two old men behind him turned solemn.

Naturally, they were no stranger to the two words ‘Devilseal Tablet.’

In fact, these two words were enough to shock the entire Dao Martial Saint Land.

The Devilseal Tablet was one of the Ten Super Saint Weapons in the Ten Great Saint Weapons Ranking. It was a nightmare for Devil Cultivators.


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