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Lightning Fist’s Rage

Ye Cang displayed all the equipment. “There shouldn’t be a problem for me to distribute as I wish, should there? Since I put my heart and soul to get them.”

Knowing that he would never distribute among them as he had already sacrificed two big jars of Black Dragon Kill and most parts of the two dragons, LordAsked kept silent. This b.a.s.t.a.r.d will never let himself suffer any loss.

Ye Cang gave them directly to Zhang Zhengxiong.

Zhang Zhengxiong who put on the armor looked even more intimidating and fiercer as if a strong killing aura was surrounding him amidst the clouds of flames floating around his body. Together with the shining and glittering crystals on his exclusive heavy-weighted arm shield, he looked amazing, not to mention especially when he changed into Lightning Fist’s Rage.

Lightning Fist’s Rage

Category: Heavy War Hammer

Requirements: Strength 600, Const.i.tution 650

Damage: 140-165

Strength +90%

Const.i.tution +100%

Strength +360

Const.i.tution +400

Dragon Steel weapon: Damage dealt to dragons will be doubled.

Armor penetration +500

Armor penetration will be doubled when dealing with dragons.

60% of dragons’ armor will be deemed useless.

There is a chance of crushing part of the dragon’s scales.

Heavy Crushing Hit: Acc.u.mulates strength and unleashes a crushing hit that could penetrate through armors, dealing a great amount of armor penetration and stun. The effects are doubled when facing dragons. Cooldown: one minute.

Earthshaking Shockwave: Jumps on the targeted area and causes knock-up, floating in the air and stun. It also deals a large amount of qi damage. Cooldown: 10 minutes.

Star of Broken Sky – Multiple Wave Hits – Fake – Weak: Instantly unleashes a rapid hammer hit. When the hammer hits the ground, three shockwaves will be generated. The damages are categorized into 300%, 500%, and 800%. It will also cause stun, knock up, interruption, silence and armor crushing. Cooldown: five minutes.

In addition, there were five set effects from the equipment and armor of Lightning Fist’s Rage. He obtained a fire-resistant aura and an increase in Strength and Const.i.tution. His speed of recovery of rage points, damage and defence were also increased greatly and the Sea of Molten Iron (able to summon a sea of molten iron and ignite a large area) was also one of the significant effects.

“I guess in a short period of time, you wouldn’t be needing any same-level equipment…” LordAsked was picking the equipment dropped by Zhang Zhengxiong and VastSea also selected two of them. There isn’t a single item on this fella that is not a treasure. But of course, these are still no match to what he is having now. A body of armor made out of magic iron! The weapon itself is legendary!

“Brother HeavenlyShaking, quickly spin your rewards. If you get any duplicated magic iron equipment, give them to us,” LordAsked said.

“Sure, definitely,” Zhang Zhengxiong stared at his own set of armor. Lele had worn something like this once and now is my turn. Haha. Let’s see who dares to fight me in the martial arts compet.i.tion! Who?! Well, of course besides Lele… His confidence built up.

Ye Cang was the first one to spin his rewards and his luck brought him a magic iron ranked crossbow. I’ve gotten used to heavy ballista and guns. This is really not my thing. SpyingBlade was staring at the crossbow in Ye Cang’s hands. “Don’t give it to me!”

“Take it.” Ye Cang tossed it to him.

At a side, Th.o.r.n.yRose looked at SpyingBlade. Are you serious about getting all sorts of weapons as backup?

Lin Le got a silver dragon magic iron ranked hook which came together with a long and rough magic iron string. Lin Le attached the string part on his Armed Crystal Drive and hung the hook at his waist. Th.o.r.n.yRose took a look at the weapon’s profile. Wow, this is not bad. Its attributes and skills are good. This thing can also be tossed at a range of distances depending on the user’s Strength. The string is about 40 meters long which means the enemy that gets. .h.i.t will be hooked. Lin Le can decide to pull it towards him or toss it to somewhere else. This fella’s tossing success rate is incredible.

Meanwhile, Zhang Zhengxiong got a magic iron ranked greave. He immediately gave it to LordAsked and VastSea to decide on who would have it. LordAsked who also got a pair of greaves picked one after comparing the attributes and gave the other to VastSea. As for the items thrown out by LordAsked and VastSea, they were distributed among Th.o.r.n.yRose and FrozenCloud.

In terms of cla.s.s talents, none of them had gotten a hero ranked but what they had was epic ones which were all useful and Ye Cang obtained the speedy reload talent. With concentration, his speed of reloading ballista arrows and bullets increased 300%.

As for Lin Le, he had the talent – Big Gold Coin Recovery Pill. He could use the Power of G.o.d Coins and turn gold coins into golden pills which were only consumable by Lin Le. After consuming, it would instantly recover all health points and increase Strength, Const.i.tution, Speed by 50% and Damage by 40%. However, the pill could only be taken three times in 30 minutes.

Zhang Zhengxiong obtained the extension of aura. The area of the aura he mastered was expanded twofold and became more difficult to be canceled out.

The others were not an exception and also had some good cla.s.s talents.

In terms of common talents, Ye Cang obtained Master of Two Weapons. By using two weapons at once, he could reduce the recoil of the weapons apart from increasing their calibration.

Lin Le’s new branch of Alchemy Skill enabled him to make some weird props. Zhang Zhengxiong was not quite happy with his talent and stared at the stoned wall. An aura enhancing type again…

Ye Cang was bothered by the excessive amount of skill points he had. He had ten of them and six of the talent points. Looking at his own skill – Sean’s Adventure Will, he seemed to realize something. Why should I be worried about insufficient points? He then leveled up his Mirror Image and Enchant Arrow – Flame Shot to the limit and Kilaris’s Shadow to the maximum. He could now store three weapons in his shadow. His Shadow Strike could save him some time and a few steps by allowing his shadows to imitate his next two skills and it was no longer considered as a close-ranged combat skill. Although the imitated attack could not be applied to hero skills and long-ranged attacks’ damage were reduced by 50%, his cooldown on Shadow Step was reduced. He could only use it every ten seconds.

Finally, Ye Cang felt that the Shadow Strike was going to be one of his most frequently used skills. Now, I just need two good long-ranged weapons. It’s about time to change the ballista and the guns.

“Should we enter the hero spirit realm?” LordAsked’s words made CloudDragon hesitate for a second. I couldn’t say no because that is one necessary thing. If we don’t have hero spirit skills, there’s no way we can battle in our following encounters, especially when we have to fight in the Fist of Storm, the Five Dragon Hall and the Broken Sky Hall.

“I agree. If we really activated the international mission, there’s a chance of getting another opportunity to enter the realm. It’s better for us to bet on this,” Little Ye Tian understood the importance of the hero spirit skills.

Meanwhile, Ye Cang, Lin Le and Zhang Zhengxiong were confused. They felt like they were discussing something very important but hero spirits were not something special to the three of them as they had met with numerous previously. As for those from mythologies, history, and foreign countries, there are already three in the team.

“Hehe, hope I will meet a beautiful hero spirit…” Lil’w.a.n.g rubbed his hands and activated the hero spirit realm.

“My requirements are not high. Any one of the Four Great Beauties will be enough,” AV prayed and entered the realm.

Liu Bei and the other two stared at each other’s faces and sighed.

“Well, let’s look from another perspective. Going there for a visit isn’t that bad either. Let’s go, Old Cao and Old Sun.” Liu Bei lit up something that looked like a cigarette as the other two nodded.

CloudDragon entered without any words and was followed by LordAsked. Meanwhile, RedMoon was amazed with China’s progress. Never have I thought that I would be activating the chance of entering the hero spirit realm in this place. I bet the Black Dragon Union doesn’t even have a clue about this yet. China never fails to impress.

Upon thinking about hero spirits, Medusa was the first thing that came into Zhang Zhengxiong’s mind. I hope I can see her again… As for Lin Le, he was questioning. What are they doing? What is a hero spirit realm? Why am I going there?

Staring at the hero spirit realm logo, Ye Cang pondered. Hmmm… how does it relate to the hero spirit realm? He shook his head but entered anyway.


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