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Chapter 57: Their First Meeting

“Bro, are you still unable to let it go?” Zhang ZhengXiong asked. He put some strength into his finger and flipped upright.

“I’m already over it, I just feel regretful. How great it would have been if I had awakened before that happened. Perhaps this body of mine could have saved her.” Ye Cang said, still absentmindedly looking into the distance. He thought to himself: “A’Xiong. What you don’t know is that QinXue’s death was only the beginning of the nightmare.” He shook his head, it was all in the past.

“Bro, sister wouldn’t want you to keep suffering while thinking of her.” Zhang ZhengXiong knew how big of a blow his sister’s death was to him and Ye Cang. The two of them had planned be together forever, they were even engaged. Although at the time, Ye Cang was only 15 and she was already 21, he always gave others a feeling safety. During the sibling’s toughest times, it was he who offered them a home. Thinking of that day, Zhang ZhengXiong looked towards the bright sunny sky, it was nothing like today. It was a cold winter day and it was raining heavily. Their father had just taken out his anger on him and his sister and even wanted to violate her. Recalling that time, he remembered how powerless he was. They ran away from home and were hurting, and hungry, and cold. In a small ally, his sister hugged him trying to keep him warm. Hungry and cold, the rain felt like sharp knives as it hit their skin. It was at this moment, a big black umbrella appeared and covered the brother and sister. The two were still feeling muddleheaded and got frightened. They thought it was the grim reaper who had come to take them away from the world. Under the umbrella, calmly looking at them was a white haired, white browed child with white eyelashes and pink eyes. The siblings couldn’t help but hug each other tighter in fright. In the end, the girl asked with a smile: “Are you here to bring us to h.e.l.l?”

The white haired child didn’t answer. He looked at them shivering, and thought of his grandmother’s teachings. “Little Cang, you should always help others when you can.” He childishly asked: “Cold?”

The two of them didn’t understand, but nodded anyways.

“Hungry?” The little Ye Cang asked calmly but also childishly.

The two nodded again.

Zhang ZhengXiong thought of that time and couldn’t stop smiling. After that, he and his sister started living with Ye Cang. He slowly walked over and threw an arm around Ye Cang’s shoulder. “Bro, let’s not think about these things anymore. It’s already 2:30. If we return now, we can go watch ‘Sisters’”

Ye Cang crossed his arms and smiled calmly. “Let’s go.”

Arriving back in their apartment, Lin Le had already woken up and was making a phone call. They knew who it was without even thinking. Ye Cang raised his eyebrows and walked up in front of him. “Lele, give me the phone. I have something important to say to her.”

“A’Xin. Brother Lil’White wants to talk to you.” Lin Le said then gave Ye Cang the phone.

“Cough~ Cough~ Little Sister in law, the business I brought up last time, can we discuss it again.” Ye Cang said as he smiled professionally.

In america, on a private plane, a beautiful woman rolled her eyes. Her body was a little chubby, and under one of her eyes was a beauty mark. This woman was Song Xin. She grumpily roared: “Get lost! Ye Cang, Lele told me that you’re all professional gamers now? And Nana moved in with you?”

“Yup.” Ye Cang shrugged.

“That’s good, there needs to be someone to watch over you three. Well, no more rubbish, give the phone back to Lele!” Song Xin faintly nodded.

Ye Cang sighed, and faced Zhang ZhengXiong making an X. Zhang ZhengXiong also sighed. Such a wealthy woman and Lele has no intention of sucking up to her.

Lin Le took the phone back.

“Lele. That d.a.m.n white head didn’t bully you, did he?”

“Brother Lil’White treats me very well.”

Ye Cang petted his head.

“If there’s anything you want, tell me. Got it?”

“I don’t need anything. I’m already very happy being able to fulfil my dream of going to college.

Song Xin felt her heart ache. “That’s good. I still have to make a trip to Russia, but I’ll be back in a few days. Take good care of yourself, got it?”

“Mm! I can take care of myself, stop worrying about me…”

After asking about his health for a bit, she hung up the phone. Song Xing leaned on the couch and slowly closed her eyes, her face still full of smiles. She knew he didn’t want her to keep helping him, but he was too much like a child. In order to keep an eye on him, she got a second job at the college, but nothing was going well. It was not like he didn’t want to fit in, but there would always be people who bullied him. It’s good that he met Ye Cang. Although she was a bit jealous, but she had to admit that Ye Cang really treated him like a little brother. She thought back to that day, she had wanted to scout him, but was threatened by him instead.

“You should be Lele’s girlfriend. I don’t care who you are, and don’t want to know. If I find out that you’re playing with his feelings, and hurt him, I’ll make you regret it.”

“How will you make me regret it? On what basis?”

“You don’t want to know.”

Song Xin felt an emotionless killing intent behind his indifferent expression and her whole body broke out in cold sweat. This guy wasn’t kidding, he was definitely someone dangerous. That Zhang ZhengXiong also wasn’t simple, his physique was all ranked A+. Students with all A rank in their basic stats could be counted on her two hands, and A+ was the limit of the basic testing machine. If he pa.s.sed the 2nd combat exam, he could become a monster that surpa.s.sed A+. She had also used all means to get information on Ye Cang. Besides his sad life story, she learned he might be a reserve member of the Dragon group.

After interacting with them for two years, she discovered that these two were really quite good people. They became some of her few friends. Most importantly, Lele was happy. But every time they called her little sister in law, she would be speechless, as she was a few years older than them. She then recalled the incident at the orphan school and murmured gently: “Lele…”

“Brother Lil’White! Brother Lil’Xiong! ‘Sisters’ is starting!” Lin Le saw that it was three o’clock. Ye Cang quickly changed the channel.

“Last episode, A’Duo and A’Suo were having a catfight by the cliff and A’Duo accidently fell. A’Xiang grieved and ended up getting closer to A’Suo again. But back at the cliff, A’Duo hadn’t died! She was saved by A’Xiang master and had transformed after several months of his tutelage. Now A’Duo has learned an even more powerful b***h attack and returned to the city! A’Suo was still happily spending time with A’Xiang not knowing that a big threat was coming…”

“We finally get to see A’Duo after her fortuitous encounter. So exciting…” Lin Le murmured.

“Actually, I prefer A’Suo…” Hearing Zhang ZhengXiong’s words, the gave him a dirty glare. “She’s just a b***h, you’re so shallow!”

“Eh…” Zhang ZhengXiong was speechless. Were they watching the same show? A’Duo doesn’t lose in any way compared to A’Suo when it comes to being a b***h.

After watching the intense action, Ye Cang was full of admiration.

“Next episode, A’Suo, during her crisis, happens to see a shooting star and comprehended a sure death attack. Armed with her high heels, can she make a comeback? Look forwards to next episode where mysterious technique meets mysterious technique! Burst forth, my high heels!”

“Oh my G.o.d… we definitely can’t miss tomorrow’s episode…” Zhang ZhengXiong said and the other two nodded in agreement.

TN: Wow, the first half of this chapter felt like a different novel with how serious it was.

Also there was one line that Ye Cang said about the show near the end that I didn’t understand at all “竟然是一扯西来,天外撒泼”. It’s not important, but if anyone knows what it means, I would appreciate it if you could help me out 🙂


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