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Chapter 743: Intense Fight on the Reef Island!

Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

Translated by XephiZ

Edited by Aelryinth

It was exactly what the timid Sea Monkey had said; the one that kidnapped the kid had a great ambition in mind. It was only inches away from the reefs where its king was resting. It had already imagined how different its life would be compared to the other Sea Monkeys, but a ferocious human somehow fell from the sky and gave it a great scare!

The Sea Monkey rubbed its eyes, thinking that it might have been a hallucination. However, at such a close distance, it could clearly see Mo Fan’s murderous expression!

The Sea Monkey was stunned. Little did it know that its life-endangering trouble had only come because it was being a show-off!


Mo Fan grabbed out and took the child from the Sea Monkey while its mind was still blank from surprise.

The child wrapped in seaweed was crying out loud. The Sea Monkey did protect the kid cautiously while escorting him here. It even prevented the seawater from soaking his clothes too much.

The kid was most likely terrified by the creature. When he saw Mo Fan, he slowly stopped crying and dove into Mo Fan’s arms seeking protection.

Mo Fan cradled the boy and stared coldly at the Sea Monkey who had stolen him from his mother!

“You can die now!” Mo Fan did not show any mercy. His eyes flashed furiously with a hint of silver.

A strong will came out of his eyes. The Sea Monkey was lifted into the air by an invisible force, which grew stronger after the flash in Mo Fan’s eyes!

The Sea Monkey’s body suddenly exploded, as if it was squashed by two walls. Its blood and organs splattered across the place.

Some fresh blood jetted in Mo Fan’s direction. He raised his arm and blocked it, to prevent the blood from staining the innocent child.

Mo Fan took a deep breath, looking at the remains of the creature on the ground. He then looked at the unharmed kid and slowly calmed down…

Lucky, he made it in time. He could not help those who had died, but at least he managed to stop the ongoing tragedy.

“Mo Fan, look out!” Zhao Manyan’s voice came from the sky.

Mo Fan was standing still. He immediately sensed a strong murderous intent coming from behind before he could turn around.

Normally, Mo Fan would quickly dodge aside with Fleeing Shadow. However, he was sensing a strong presence of death, even Fleeing Shadow would not be able to save him!

Terrifying, the thing behind him was absolutely terrifying. That was Mo Fan’s first reaction!

“Black Snake Armor!”

Mo Fan immediately summoned his defensive equipment. Luckily, the Black Snake Armor was designed for emergency situations like this. Otherwise, Mo Fan would not be able to rely on the armor consecutively in such a short period of time!

Black snake scales rapidly combined together and covered Mo Fan’s entire body…

The Black Snake Armor was somewhat intelligent too. It knew that Mo Fan was being attacked from behind, thus it first covered its back before spreading to the other body parts.

However, before the armor finished covering Mo Fan’s body, a strong blow landed on his back, inflicting an enormous pain. Mo Fan felt like his heart was almost smashed into pieces by the impact!

“Mo Fan!”

Zhao Manyan quickly cast Light Protection: Sacred s.h.i.+eld to encapsulate Mo Fan, but the creature’s strength was too overwhelming. Its attack easily shattered the light s.h.i.+eld. The only defense that mattered was Mo Fan’s Black Snake Armor!

Zhao Manyan saw Mo Fan get knocked flying by the attack. His body was spinning in circles in the air as he flew far into the distance. He finally stopped after slamming into a huge rock.

The rock broke into pieces and fell onto Mo Fan.

Mo Fan felt like his backbones were broken. A sharp pain was penetrating his heart…

What exactly was this creature, to possess such a terrifying strength! It was definitely not a Warrior-level Creature!

The five-meters tall Scarlet Rending Demon whose body was glowing in an eerie scarlet roared from where it stood at Mo Fan’s previous spot. It had a twisted expression and bloodshot eyes. Its sharp claws were crossed on its chest as it grinned harshly at Mo Fan!

The Scarlet Rending Demon!

It was the cunning Commander-level sea monster!

It recognized Mo Fan, the human who had broken its chest armor!

It had been waiting for the Sea Monkey’s offering, as it was planning to eat the child alive to nurture its injured body. However, it never thought the same human would appear and disrupt its business once again.

The Scarlet Rending Demon was utterly furious. It had used all its strength to execute the attack, determined to kill the human!

Even though the child would most likely be smashed into minced meat, at least it managed to vent all its anger!

The pieces of rock were loosening up. Slowly, the rocks that were covering Mo Fan rolled off on their own. Some even floated in the air and moved aside.

Not long after, after the rocks were cleared, Mo Fan, covered in blood, climbed to his feet…

Mo Fan stood there and slowly opened up his arms that had almost fractured. He lowered his head looking at the boy. The kid called Xiao Di had blood coming out of his nose from the concussion. He could not tell if the kid was still alive…

Taking a deep breath, Mo Fan’s face was covered in blue veins. His body was trembling in rage!

Mo Fan uttered a furious roar. His bloodshot eyes emitted a raging, eerie silver glow.

The broken rocks and some heavy boulders shuddered at the silver light. They all floated in the air as a silver Star Orbit circled Mo Fan!

The pain and anger helped Mo Fan to concentrate. His will was strong enough to control everything around him!

The rocks were fired like heavy bullets under Mo Fan’s control, flying toward the Scarlet Rending Demon!

The Scarlet Rending Demon stood there and ignored the rocks flying at it. It was more surprised by the human’s vitality, and the fact that he was still alive after suffering its attack.

The rocks landed on the Scarlet Rending Demon who did not even bother dodging them. It was like the rocks were landing on a thick steel plate. Most of the rocks immediately smashed into dust from the overwhelming force of impact, but not a single scratch was left on the Scarlet Rending Demon’s body. The rocks did not even knock the creature back a step.

The attack was nowhere enough to harm a Commander-level sea monster!

However, a giant boulder fell from the sky while the Scarlet Rending Demon was still uttering a hollow laugh…

The boulder was at least five meters across. Its weight was already shocking, yet with the momentum it gained from falling from the sky, even the Scarlet Rending Demon could not withstand it. The creature was slammed to the ground by the boulder, which broke in half after the impact!


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