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Chapter 509: Little Flame Belle

Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

Translated by XephiZ

Edited by Aelryinth

“Her soul was saved because of the sacrifice of another life. She stayed at the Fire Pillar Hill ever since, at the Starry Tree to guard the new life after the Fire Calamity. The little creature is too fragile, and many demon beasts and humans desired its power. Without a guardian, it would be easily taken away, and the Flame Belle, as a rare species, would forever disappear from this world…” Xinxia revealed everything she knew.

The Fiery Sorceress had chased them all the way here to secure the lineage of the Flame Belle.

The Flame Belle was born on the Starry Tree in the fiery brazier in the middle of a desert. The world was huge, with countless species, yet only the Flame Belle violated the natural way of producing offspring. It relied on a special way to keep their lineage, which guaranteed them to be the purest form of life, blessed by nature.

The little Flame Belle ran around restlessly. The debris across the place became her joyful playground, completely unaware of the destruction, death and conspiracy just a few moments ago…

Mo Fan always thought he was a heartless man. All the deaths he had witnessed in the past had made him numb when it came to a situation like this, yet when he saw the Fiery Sorceress’ fire dying slowly and the little creature jumping around in such a lively manner, he suddenly found himself choking with sobs.

The Flame Belle did not realize that the Fiery Sorceress whose life was coming to an end was her mother. She stood there blinking her big eyes and uttered a confused moan similar to that of a kitten.

She had no idea how difficult her birth was.

The Fiery Sorceress’ life came to an end. Mo Fan believed that her eyes were full of relief when she saw the Flame Belle being born healthy. She would never regret what she had done. If there was anything she felt not satisfied, it was the fact that she only had limited time to look at the little creature…

The Flame Belle cried softly. She had the ability to float in the air. The tired creature flew into Mo Fan’s arms.

Mo Fan was surprised. It felt like the little creature had been circulating around him since she was born. Did she mistakenly a.s.sume he was her father?

“She left a marking in your soul when she possessed you. The Flame Belle will be treating you like her parent. Brother Mo Fan, Jiang Feng hopes that you will take good care of the little Flame Belle…” said Xinxia.

Mo Fan cast a glance at the little flame porcelain doll lying in his arms, then at the slowly fading Fiery Sorceress…

He was indeed hoping that he would get a Flame Belle youngling as his Contracted Beast, yet he never thought it would turn out like this.

Mo Fan took a deep breath as he was aware of the great responsibility entrusted to him.

“If her soul is still around, please tell her that when the Fire Calamity happens again, I’ll bring the Flame Belle to the Starry Tree, and help her guard her lineage,” Mo Fan told Xinxia.

Xinxia shook her head and said, “That was the last Fire Calamity, and she is the last Flame Belle.”

“Why?” Mo Fan exclaimed in surprise.

Xinxia did not answer, as she only learned that from the disjointed memories of the Fiery Sorceress. The Fire Calamity would never happen again, nor would the Starry Tree bear any Fire Calamity Fruit. The little creature was the last Flame Belle, and once she died, her species would become extinct.

“Fine… I’ll take good care of this little thing,” Mo Fan nodded sternly.

He initially thought the hope of getting a Flame Belle was lost, yet he still ended up getting one.

The truth was, the information about the Flame Belle supplied by the Hunters was mere rumors and speculations. The Flame Belle they had seen over the past few years was actually the Fiery Sorceress Jiang Feng. The real Flame Belle lying in his arms was as light as a kitten, and as adorable as a porcelain doll. The flames surrounding her were weak and barely emitted any heat.

Mo Fan drew the Summoning Star Pattern after calming his thoughts.

Mo Fan had never cast the Intermediate Summoning Spell despite ranking up to Intermediate a long time ago. Not only was he slow at casting the Spell, he even failed a few times.

It did not make too much of a difference. As he slowly completed the Summoning Star Pattern, he placed the Contract Seal on the Flame Belle.

The Flame Belle did not reject his energy. She rolled over and received the seal, before falling asleep again, as if she were telling Mo Fan not to wake a little baby up until it was time for food.

“By the way, what are you going to do if the Flame Belle drinks milk?” Zhao Manyan went up to Mo Fan and asked jealously.

Mo Fan straightened his face and mouthed his reply silently, as he was concerned of disturbing the Flame Belle’s sleep: p.i.s.s off!

“I think she eats Soul Seed Pieces, and they have to be Fire Elemental too,” said Nanyu confidently.

“WHAT?” Mo Fan was left dumbfounded.

Soul Seed Pieces!

Soul Seed Pieces are extremely costly. He would rather feed the Flame Belle milk. A nanny would only cost a little bit of money every month. Besides, he still had gorgeous beauties like Xinxia, Tangyue, Mu Nujiao, and the others to feed her…

“Brother Fan, do you have enough money to buy milk powder to feed her?” Zhang Xiaohou asked softly.

Mo Fan’s face went dark.

Judging from how the Flame Belle had eaten all the pieces of the Fire Calamity Fruit in only a few minutes, G.o.d knows how many Soul Seed Pieces he needed to feed her every day. How much money would he have to invest before she became mature?!

“Luckily we saved up some supply at the North Burning Valley.”

“I don’t think it’s enough. I heard that the Flame Belle also eats Soul Seeds, since Soul Seed Pieces aren’t filling enough.”

“That’s right, it’s said that the Flame Belle will possess a higher level flame once she matures if you feed her Soul Seeds. Mo Fan, I’m sure that a povo like you won’t be able to raise her appropriately. Give her to me, my family has more than enough resources…”

Mo Fan gave Zhao Manyan a full screen of the same phrase: p.i.s.s off!

“The Flame Belle’s lineage is extraordinary, her strength is surely formidable if you raise her well. Mo Fan, even if you have to sell all your possessions, you have to take good care of her. Don’t worry about living a tough life, it will soon pay off!”

“It’s time for me to get back to the army; otherwise I’ll get brought up as a deserter,” sighed Zhang Xiaohou.

“Houzi, I can’t let you go back empty-handed, take this Soul Seed…”

“Brother Fan, I already found a diamond rock when you were swept away by the lava. I can sell it for a good price, you should keep the Soul Seed to feed your little Flame Belle.”

“…” Mo Fan squinted.

This son of a b.i.t.c.h Zhang Xiaohou, he still had the mood to dig up a diamond rock when he was swept away by the lava.

“I’ll be taking this.” Zhao Manyan took the contents of the Demoness’ s.p.a.ce ring. There was not much, but it was still profit.

Xinxia took a piece of Psychic Equipment that the Demoness was wearing, which seemed to be fairly valuable.

Even though their profit was not as great as Mo Fan’s, their loot was actual money and equipment, unlike Mo Fan, who still had to invest further before reaping the harvest. He was already a bottomless hole in need of resources, and now he had to raise a little Flame Belle that ate Fire Seeds and Fire Seed Pieces…

It seemed like he had to accept more quests. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to feed his family!


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