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Chapter 2074: The Consequences of Offending the Emperor

Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

Translated by XephiZ

Edited by Aelryinth

If the destructive Light beam swept through the Alps, the whole mountain range might become a sunken ground, yet the powerful ray had failed to penetrate the Evil Moon Robe, which was as thin as a veil?

The golden dragon puffed angrily. It was about to spread its wings and fly into the sky to brawl with Zhan Kong when the cold moon’s evil brilliance flickered above it. Zhan Kong, who was standing under the moon just a moment ago, had already returned to the Sacred City. He had turned into a blood-red crescent saber!

The Crescent Evil Saber extended along the main street of the Sacred City, from the center of the city to the slums. The defenses along the way were sliced in half.

The slash covered a distance of about eight kilometers, and almost knocked the golden dragon out of the Sacred City. Its st.u.r.dy scales were scattered across the ground and fell on either side of the Crescent Evil Saber like metal parts.

The golden dragon rose to its feet in rage. It looked across the long ravine that now extended across half of the city. The Undead Emperor with the appearance of a human wielded immeasurable power. The golden dragon was struggling to handle a simple move from him!

“Attack!” Commander Reynold yelled.

The rest of the Sacred City Mages were not going to stand on the side while the golden dragon was taking on the Undead Emperor.

Help from the golden dragon was reducing their casualties, or they had no chance of defending themselves from the Undead Emperor’s attacks!

They were casting multiple Super Spells simultaneously again. This time, they were using the Wind Element.

“Vacuum Storm!”

“Vacuum Storm!”

The Star Palace was over ten times bigger than usual, as several Super Mages were constructing it together, using the energy provided by hundreds of Advanced Wind Mages. The resulting combination of Super Spells was beyond terrifying.

Everything inside the Vacuum Storm would end up as tiny particles. Zhan Kong was standing at the center of the storm, where the wind was the strongest. The tons of debris from the buildings nearby were swept off the ground and shredded by the merciless wind!

The wind shredded the debris into pieces, then into powder, and finally into tiny particles, leaving a shocking hole on the battlefield. Even though they were currently in the mirrored city, it felt like the real Sacred City would eventually end up in the same state!

Group Spells occurred when multiple Mages of the same Element used the same spell on the same target.

Combination Spells occurred when a huge amount of energy was poured into a single Magic Pattern to stack its power several times. It would also expand the spell’s coverage several times over.

There were many Super Mages around, with squads of Advanced Mages as their energy supply. The resulting spell was almost comparable to a Forbidden Curse. The Vacuum Storm did not let them down, either. It managed to inflict obvious damage on the Undead Emperor’s robe.

The battle robe was the Undead Emperor’s main defense. Any damage inflicted on it was an indication of his injuries. They finally saw the Emperor get injured after trying for so long. Even Commander Reynold was relieved.

They had sacrificed the lives of many powerful Mages and even used their trump card, the golden dragon. If everything they did had no effect on the enemy, wouldn’t that prove the Emperor’s words that the modern magic civilization of mankind was nothing but a joke?

Zhan Kong walked out of the Vacuum Storm and glanced at his black robe.

The outer layer of the robe was falling off. He was unharmed by the Light and Fire Elements, but the Wind Element had gotten the better of him. It seemed like the golden dragon had its uses after all! It had at least kept him distracted so the Sacred City Mages had a chance to prepare their attacks.

“Such a pity, there won’t be a second chance for you!” Zhan Kong declared.

Zhan Kong knew Commander Reynold must be extremely pleased with himself since he and his men had just injured an Emperor.

However, the injury was like a mere bruise to him. It would not affect the overall outcome of the battle.

“Guilty are the offenders!” Zhan Kong suddenly clenched his right fist as if he was crus.h.i.+ng something into pieces.

A strange ripple of death spread in the air and swiftly swept past the Sacred City Mages who were involved in the preparation of the Wind Combination Spell.

The left sides of the chests of the Wind Mages suddenly burst open. Blood poured out after their hearts ruptured. One after another Mage fell to the ground with shocking holes in their chests!


Commander Reynold had an old comrade by his side, who was also the core of the Formation when casting the Wind Combination Spell. He was the one who had constructed the huge Star Palace.

However, the old Wind Mage did not survive. His chest exploded as his blood splattered on Reynold. Reynold watched in utter disbelief as his old friend died in such a horrible manner.

“The…the revenge of the undead…” the old Wind Mage murmured as his mouth filled with blood.

Reynold finally realized something.

It was a vengeful Curse! Whoever harmed the person under the Curse would be tagged. The Curse would hurt everyone who was tagged when it activated!

However, wasn’t the Curse a little too terrifying? So many Wind Mages had only inflicted a minor injury on him, yet the seed of the Vengeful Curse had instantly sprouted in their bodies and butchered everyone in such a short period of time!

The Super Mages and the group of Advanced Mages were all dead!

Reynold was struggling to stand properly.

Are we really so weak?

They had just made a little progress, but they immediately felt like they had entered a deeper h.e.l.l. Who would dare to offend the Undead Emperor again?

Most Vengeful Curses would scale according to the damage that the target had received. Most Curse Mages could only return the favor by taking an eye for an eye, but the Undead Emperor was claiming his revenge by demanding the extermination of the entire party of offenders. It was no longer just a Vengeful Curse, it was the inviolable authority of a king!

Perhaps he is the true G.o.d of Death?

Most of the Mages who fought the Undead Emperor from the start of the battle were wiped out, even though their ace, the golden dragon, was still standing.

What about the injured?

Reynold had prepared Healers to take care of the injured, but there was not a single injured person in the battle. Every person who earned the Undead Emperor’s attention was dead!

Not a single one survived. These were the consequences of offending an Emperor!


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