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Chapter 2048: Unforgivable Sins

Translated by XephiZ

Edited by Aelryinth

Mo Fan was panicking. Why couldn’t the Undead give him a phone or something? Why did he have to use such a traditional way to communicate with them? By the time he paid the Ancient Capital a visit and waited for the Queen of the Netherworld to relay the message to the Underworld, those a.s.sh**** Judicators would have already locked Qin Yu’er up!

“Oh, I’ll let the king know!” The Queen of the Netherworld immediately withdrew her smile and vanished quickly back into the memorial tablet.

Mo Fan had no idea what else he could do, as his only option was to let Zhan Kong know.

Hopefully, Shao Zheng would be able to delay the Judicators so they would not reach the Sacred City of Europe so soon.

“I’ve told the king!” The Queen of the Netherworld suddenly returned before he could leave. Her voice took Mo Fan by surprise.

“What did he say?” Mo Fan said.

“I don’t know…”

“What do you mean you don’t know?”

“I can only send him a message. How would I know what his reaction is? The woman you mentioned was only related to him when he was alive. Perhaps the king no longer has any feelings toward her. We are close to beating those sc.u.m in Egypt. The king is soon going to conquer the Underworld. There’s no reason for him to make a big fuss over a woman. We can’t afford to mess with the Heresy Judgment Court, either,” the Queen of the Netherworld said.

“That’s only what you think, right? Queen of the Netherworld, stop trying to win over your king, he will never accept you,” Mo Fan said.

“Nonsense, I was born a natural beauty. The stars fell and the flowers wilted when I died. How is that Qin Yu’er even comparable to me? Your ancestors were once dazzled by my beauty when I was the empress!” the Queen of the Netherworld stated loftily.

“What empress? Are you saying you are the Tang Empress? What a joke, I already saw your memorial tablet…” Mo Fan said.

“Who told you there was only one empress in the past? Do you seriously believe those historical records?” the Queen of the Netherworld snarled.

“Enough fooling around, hurry up and tell me what Zhan Kong is planning,” Mo Fan scoffed.

“What else could he do? Humph, I seriously don’t understand why you must tell the king that. It’s only going to cause him trouble. Do you seriously think the Heresy Judgment Court is trying to take out Qin Yu’er because she’s a heretic? If so, why didn’t they purge her on the spot? Why are they bringing her back to the Sacred City of Europe? Can’t you living people use your brains for once?” the Queen of the Netherworld snarled at him.

Mo Fan’s heart sank after hearing those words.

The Heresy Judgment Court would normally execute people on the spot. If they had used Forbidden Spells against Qin Yu’er, she would be dead by now, yet they had done everything just to bring Qin Yu’er back to the Sacred City…

“But how did they know Zhan Kong was the King of the Undead?” Mo Fan was confused.

“Mo Fan, if the world was that simple, wars wouldn’t have occurred so regularly in the past,” the Queen of the Netherworld lectured him.

“You’re telling me the Holy Judgment Court and Heresy Judgment Court have colluded with the Black Vatican?” Mo Fan said.

Only the members of the Black Vatican knew Zhan Kong had become the Qin Emperor. Han Ji, Senior Hunter Xiao, Zhu Meng, and the others would never tell anyone that secret.

“Why would they collude with the Black Vatican? Would they throw away their power and reputation by colluding with the Black Vatican? However, members of the Black Vatican might be helping them. It’s not against their duty to uproot the Black Vatican, thus it isn’t against the rules for them to trade information,” the Queen of the Netherworld reminded them.

The Black Vatican was trading information with the Holy Judgment Court and Heresy Judgment Court?

“Khufu won’t be taken out so easily. We are putting a great pressure on him in the Underworld. Do you think he won’t pull off some dirty tricks in the living world to throw us off?” the Queen of the Netherworld prodded him.

“So who’s behind it?” Mo Fan had to ask.

“(Sigh), why don’t you understand? No one is conspiring. It’s just a fact that the king’s existence is a threat to their system! The Underworld, Magic a.s.sociation, Parthenon Temple, countries, and various alliances… whenever they are threatened by a person or an organization, even the Black Vatican and the Heresy Judgment Court can join hands temporarily. Did you forget how your father-in-law died?” the Queen of the Netherworld reminded him.

“My father-in-law is still alive. Oh, I thought you were referring to Mu Zhuoyun. I do hope he lives a few years less… Are you talking about Wen Tai?” Mo Fan asked after a moment.

“Who else could it be? Was he a heretic? Did he do anything outrageous? What did he do except for being too outstanding and brilliant, which got in the way of too many people achieving their goals? The Holy Judgment Court took him out too, and it’s obvious they weren’t the only ones. The Holy Judgment Court only took the lead. Those who wanted him dead just needed to go along with the tide, while none of the other organizations were willing to step forward. It doesn’t matter if you’re good or bad, they will just send you to h.e.l.l! Do you think Izisha, who failed to earn the approval of the Soul of the Parthenon Temple, could possibly usurp the Saint? She was just abusing the fact that many had the same goals as she,” the Queen of the Netherworld calmly lectured him.

Mo Fan looked at the Queen of the Netherworld curiously. He did not expect her to know so much about the world when all she did was hide inside her memorial tablet while laughing at the people who burned incense sticks for her. Was there a computer that breached the Great Firewall of China in this temple?

“Anyway, it’s a conspiracy against Boss Zhan Kong. The Heresy Judgment Court sees him as a threat, Khufu is abusing it in his favor, and the Black Vatican provides the information…” Mo Fan organized what he’d just learned.

“You can count your country in, too. Not everyone wants Councilman Shao Zheng to hold so much power. You might have done well to resolve the crisis of the Ancient Capital, but everyone knows you are on Shao Zheng’s side. Shao Zheng is now in charge of the defense of the inland and the coastline. He is blocking many people’s paths in achieving their goals, making the rest of the Councilmen look like they are useless. Therefore, taking out the king is basically landing a direct hit on Shao Zheng’s head. He would have to give up his power, since he couldn’t look after both the inland and the coastline by himself,” the Queen of the Netherworld deduced for him.

Mo Fan’s heart shuddered. “Is that true?” Mo Fan asked softly.

They had done so much to help the Ancient Capital survive. They even led the restless undead that had been a constant threat to the country into the Underworld to keep the undead in Egypt that were trying to invade their land at bay. If Councilman Shao Zheng was the protector of the country, Chief Military Instructor Zhan Kong was the commander of the undead in the Underworld!

Even though the invasion from the Pyramids in Bejiang was not disclosed to the public, without Chief Military Instructor Zhan Kong’s contribution, the north of the country would be h.e.l.l by now. How many people would possibly live comfortably in their cities right now?

Yet some of the authorities of his country were hoping to destroy the peace instead?

Those people were unforgivable!


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