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Chapter 1982: Group Reaction

Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

Translated by XephiZ

Edited by Aelryinth

The ninth team started having difficulty moving around once they had to look after two ill members. They were falling behind when the Mailong Private Military Group arrived at a place covered in frozen moss.

The Mailong Private Military Group left them markings along the way. Ai Jiangtu noticed the mercenaries had set up camp at a spot with a clear view after losing sight of them for some time.

“Is it already time to rest?” Nanyu asked.

“Something must have happened,” Ai Jiangtu judged.

“What are these mercenaries up to this time?” Mo Fan was starting to feel impatient with the Mailong Private Military Group.

When they arrived at the camp, they saw Gavin and some other people surrounding three members who were lying on stretchers.

Gavin frowned. When he saw Mo Fan and the others, he said, “Right on time, we are moving them to your team.”

“What happened to them?” Ai Jiangtu asked.

“They are ill. Same symptoms as the high alt.i.tude sickness,” Gavin said.

“We are already looking after two ill members. We won’t be able to maintain the same pace as the group,” Ai Jiangtu said.

“It’s an order. You should bear some responsibility for the group if you’re one of us. We’ll rest up here and set out again in three hours,” Gavin said.

Zhao Manyan could not bear with it any longer. He pointed at Gavin and snarled, “You’re overdoing it. We aren’t a team of medics. You should know that your people aren’t any stronger than us!”

“Huh, kid, do you think the world is short on powerful Mages? You might be strong, but can you take on the entire group?” Gavin scoffed.

“Humph, there’s no reason for us to follow you useless p.r.i.c.ks around either,” Zhao Manyan returned promptly.

“Sure, you’re only joining us temporarily. Feel free to leave if you want. We won’t stop you,” Gavin sniffed.

“That’s enough, why are we arguing in a time like this? Team nine, you don’t want to look after so many ill members, but the other teams share the same thought. It’s quite simple, actually. We’ll just move those who are sick to that spot. If they don’t recover in three hours, their chances of survival will depend on whether they can keep up with us,” k.u.ma said.

Everyone s.h.i.+vered after hearing k.u.ma’s words, especially the three sick members.

“I’ve already told you that if anyone slows us down while we are on a mission, they will be abandoned, including me. If you remember the terms we’ve agreed to, you should leave the group on your own, or else we’ll have to do it the hard way,” k.u.ma went on.

The three ill mercenaries begged for mercy, but the rest of the group remained silent.

The relations.h.i.+ps between mercenaries were not as solid as the relations.h.i.+ps in a Hunter Group. They were only after personal gain, and had no obligation to look after one another. They were only forbidden from fighting among themselves.

Every time they were on a mission, they were risking their lives. Not getting the reward was worse than dying for them!

“Bring them to our team,” Ai Jiangtu said after some time.

“Are you sure? We didn’t force you to take them this time,” k.u.ma pointed out.

“I’m from the military. I can’t accept it,” Ai Jiangtu replied.

“Very well, let’s hope you don’t fall behind, or we’ll have to abandon you too. You should know that more than ninety of us in the group are hoping to get enough of a reward to live a prosperous life, so they won’t be happy if you are in the way,” k.u.ma informed him.

The mercenary group had been promised a handsome reward. These mercenaries had their own principles. If someone died during the mission, they would still receive their share. They had all put down a close relative’s name while signing up for the mission. If the mission was a success, the mercenary group leader would deliver the sum to the close relatives of those who died. The mercenaries might be cold-blooded and selfish, but they would stick to their principles when money was involved. The others were not allowed to claim their shares. The rule was needed to stop the mercenaries from fighting among themselves.

“Ai Jiangtu, how are we supposed to keep going if you’re taking all the ill members?” Zhao Manyan said.

“I don’t have a choice, they are more cold-blooded than I imagined,” Ai Jiangtu shrugged.

“I’m seriously done here. Those regular members of the Mailong Private Military Group don’t even care about the sick, but we have to look after them when we are only joining them temporarily. We aren’t Bodhisattvas!” Zhao Manyan spat.

“Old Ai didn’t do anything wrong. After all, we aren’t mercenaries like them. We should stick to our principles as Mages,” Nanyu disagreed.

“Mo Fan, what do you think?” Jiang Yu asked.

“We’ll just follow Old Ai’s decision. These people are all foreigners. We’ll just treat it as a chance to show them how humane our country is,” Mo Fan shrugged.

The team now had five sick members. Jiang Yu summoned his Rock Golem and combined the stretchers with vines so the Rock Golem could drag them on the ground.

The five ill members could only lie still. The national team members could not help but sigh when they saw the ill members’ painful expressions and how cold-blooded the mercenaries were.

“What’s going on? Why are so many people falling sick?” Mu Ningxue asked. Something did not feel right to her.

“For some reason, I have a feeling it’s going to happen again,” Lingling said.

The team set out three hours later. They had to admit that oxygen was indeed lacking in the Rift Valley. The plants were not receiving any sunlight, so they were not using photosynthesis to produce fresh air. Everyone was having trouble breathing evenly.

Guan Yu suddenly breathed heavily as if his nose was clogged.

Jiang Shaoxu turned around and asked quickly, “Guan Yu, did you get a cold?”

“I have no idea. My nose feels blocked all of a sudden,” Guan Yu used his mouth to breathe when he noticed his nose was clogged.

His breathing had turned heavier. Jiang Shaoxu kept observing him. She noticed his face was turning pale.

“Guan Yu, are you sure you’re fine?” she pressed.

“I…I’m having breathing difficulties. I feel so weak. I can’t breathe,” Guan Yu staggered before sitting down on a nearby rock. His chest was rising and falling heavily.

“Seriously? You’re having symptoms of the high alt.i.tude sickness too?” Zhao Manyan said.

“I’m not feeling well, either,” Ai Jiangtu admitted.

“Same here,” Lingling said softly.

Mo Fan was carrying Lingling on his back. He only noticed her face was pale when he turned around. She was panting heavily, like a little fish struggling to breathe with its gills.

“Lingling,” Mo Fan quickly put her down.

“I’m feeling a little light-headed,” Lingling said.


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