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Chapter 1615 Punis.h.i.+ng Ethan!

Translated by XephiZ

Edited by Aelryinth

“Ethan, you’re seriously the most disgusting guy I’ve ever met. Even hearing your disgusting words for a second more is torture to me!” Mo Fan declared.

“Why so? You’re going to be disgusted by yourself, just like how you’re disgusted by me, in a few years. I know how detestable I am, yet it’s not going to change the truth,” Ethan replied indifferently.

“I seriously don’t understand why you keep saying I’m just like you. We are different. A jerk like you deserves to go to h.e.l.l!” Mo Fan reb.u.t.ted instantly.

“Such a pity, the people that are capable of going to h.e.l.l are exactly the people I’ve mentioned before. Why do you think they would bother to take me down? As for you, I’m afraid you aren’t qualified to punish me, nor do you have the influence to convince the International Military Tribunal to p.r.o.nounce me guilty!” Ethan burst out laughing.

Mo Fan knew that the International Military Tribunal was unlikely to judge a true general guilty. They were too deeply involved in the games of power.

On the other hand, Mo Fan was aware of Ethan’s strength. The guy was a powerful Super Mage. There was no way he could kill the b.a.s.t.a.r.d without relying on the power of the Demon Element.

However, Mo Fan had his own way of delivering punishment.

“Apas, give him h.e.l.l. Let him repent for a hundred years or two in it,” Mo Fan let out a hollow laugh, staring at the arrogant Ethan.

Apas was standing behind Mo Fan, Ethan finally noticed.

Ethan did not kill Mo Fan in the first place because Apas was having fun toying with him. He knew Mo Fan was Apas’ plaything. Once Apas had enough, Mo Fan would be doomed without Ethan’s intervention!

“Bring me h.e.l.l? HAHAHA, it sounds like you still don’t understand the situation!” Ethan burst out laughing once again.

“It’s you who doesn’t understand the situation. Apas, what are you waiting for!?” Mo Fan turned around and glared at Apas.

Apas did not like being ordered around by Mo Fan, but she was left with no choice.

She stepped forward and approached Ethan. Her aura s.h.i.+fted slightly. Her attractive face was now displaying a hint of n.o.ble imperiousness!

Her gaze sharpened as she fixed her eyes on Ethan.

“What are you doing?” Ethan was surprised.

“I must obey his words,” Apas said.

“Are you kidding me? Do you really treat your plaything as your important friend now? You are the n.o.ble Golden Eyes Medusa! Who in the world dares to order you around?” Ethan was amused.

A pair of gold-dusted eyes suddenly appeared while Ethan was in the middle of his sentence. The eyes overwhelmed his vision and replaced the night view of Cairo City. Both Mo Fan and Apas vanished into thin air. The dusty golden eyes were the only existence in Ethan’s world. They were staring at him without any emotion, as if he was just as petty as a mere ant!

“How could you…” Ethan was astounded.

He did not understand why Apas would use the terrifying Curse on him. When did he provoke her!?

The Curse of the Snake Eyes originated from the Medusa’s Curse, and as a Medusa with a pure lineage, the Curse from her golden eyes was several times scarier than the Curse Mo Fan had been placed under in the past. The Medusae in Cairo were able to apply the Curse on their enemies only because Apas was in the area!

The attack took Ethan by surprise. Even though he was a Super Mage, his mental state was not particularly outstanding, so he did not have much resistance against the Curse Element. The Curse left a deep imprint on his soul.

Ethan backed away in cold sweat. He slipped and fell into the pool, and was drenched in the cold water.

For some reason, the cold water scared him greatly, as if he was being wrapped in cold snake scales. In addition to that, the heads of the snakes were replaced with ghastly, familiar faces demanding his life!

Ethan was not afraid of ghosts, but that changed when he saw someone who terrified him the most. It was his foster mother, back in his hometown. An undead centipede had managed to sneak into the city after his men left their posts without permission. Many people had died in the incident, but Ethan decided to cover up the truth so it would not damage his reputation, as he was climbing the ranks back then.

Ethan would not panic if he was haunted by strangers, but he could not stand it when he was accused by his foster mother, who had died a miserable death back then!

Ethan climbed out of the pool, crazily wiping himself dry.

Apas pointed at Apas and swore, “What did you do to me? What have you done!?”

“It’s a Curse that will haunt you for a very long time. The thing that you are afraid of the most will haunt you whenever you feel you are safe,” Apas said.

“Did…did you really listen to the kid’s order?” Ethan gaped at her.

“Allow me to introduce her, she’s now my Contracted Beast,” Mo Fan went forward and smilingly fondled Apas’ head, like she was his beloved younger sister.

Apas angrily shoved Mo Fan’s hand away. She obviously hated being called a Contracted Beast!

“How is that possible? How could you possibly subdue the soul of a descendant of Medusa?” Ethan could not believe it.

Ethan had tried so hard to fawn over the young Medusa, yet he only managed to convince her to cooperate with him. How was it possible for Mo Fan to subdue a future Medusa Queen and make her become his Contracted Beast?

“Ethan, I know a man like you doesn’t have a clean conscience, and you aren’t disturbed by the sins you have committed. However, I believe you are well aware of the things you have done. Not only will you be spending the rest of your life in fear and remorse, but from now on, every sin you commit is going worsen the Curse. It’s the h.e.l.l I have built specifically for you. Enjoy! Once your twisted heart and rotten soul is cleansed by the torture, I suggest you surrender yourself to the International Military Tribunal! Once you confess every offense you and your men have committed, you will discover that living with a clear conscience is the best way to live. The Curse will disappear on its own, too!” Mo Fan informed him cheerfully.

Ethan was already s.h.i.+vering in fear after being drenched in the cold water. He could imagine how great a torture the Curse was going to be if he was constantly troubled by it for the rest of his life. He would never be able to sleep peacefully, nor would he find anything enjoyable from today on! The mental torture was far worse than physical torture!

“I…I’m going to kill you!” Ethan yelled angrily. The magic of four Elements immediately burst out of his body. The air froze beneath his overwhelming aura.

As Ethan was about to make his move, Apas stepped in front of Mo Fan while her gold dust eyes emitted a sharp light. Ethan suddenly felt like he had shrunk rapidly before her. His aura was suppressed like he was a mere firefly, while Apas’ dusty golden eyes were as bright as the moon!

Ethan fell feebly to the ground, a hollow look in his eyes, his face going pale.

It was the real Curse of the Snake Eyes, and Ethan ended up becoming the first victim of it. Ethan knew he did not stand a chance against a descendant of Medusa.

Because of her, there was nothing he could do to Mo Fan, either!

Despite realizing the situation, he still did not understand why Apas was willing to be Mo Fan’s Contracted Beast. Was it really possible for a human to subdue a true Medusa?

“I hope you learn your place soon, it will lessen your pain,” Mo Fan said indifferently.

Ethan had no one but himself to blame. He thought he could do whatever he pleased by abusing his power. He was disdaining human life and the law, but ironically, it was Apas who had punished him in the end!

That being said, if it weren’t for the sins he had committed, it was unlikely Apas’ Curse could suppress a Super Mage like him so easily!

One should never scorn the laws of nature. Otherwise, even G.o.d was not going to forgive you!

Mo Fan was satisfied with the punishment delivered to Ethan.

Ethan might have done a lot of bad things, yet his military achievements could not be overlooked, either. If he died right away, it would deal a serious blow to Cairo. After all, he was still in charge of the military forces here.

The Curse would make him suffer and struggle to sleep peacefully because of his own sins. Every time he did something wrong, he would be adding fuel to the burning pot of h.e.l.l he was trapped inside. He would soon repent after he was overwhelmed by remorse.

After seeing the pleasant smile on Mo Fan’s face, Apas asked coldly, “Are you happy now?”

“I am! Thanks to you, I finally punished that son of a b**ch!” Mo Fan was so pleased that he was humming along the way.

“Time to rescind the contract. We will part ways here,” Apas said.

Mo Fan halted in his tracks. He turned around and looked at the stubborn Apas with a serious expression. He placed his hands on Apas’ shoulders and stuck his face close to Apas’ adorable nose. He said, “I will never do that. To be honest, you don’t have to think so much about it. If you behave yourself, I can still treat you like the little fairy I stumbled into. You can call me big brother like before too… ah, I’m in quite a good mood today. Didn’t you want to learn magic? Come, I’ll teach you properly this time. It’s pretty strange that you can learn magic. Luckily, I was smart enough to see through your trick. If it was anyone else, it would have tricked them so badly.”

Apas clenched her teeth. She was even more agitated when she saw the pleased grin on Mo Fan’s face.

This guy was a hundred times more detestable than Ethan. He was the one that deserved to be punished!


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