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1497 The Real Alps Inst.i.tuteTranslated by XephiZ

Edited by Aelryinth

“A hint of remorse? I would rather step over her dead body and her soul every day. I would rather spit on the plants that were nurtured by her blood. A person like her should be spurned forever by the Alps!” Edith declared in a disgusted voice.

She looked completely different from her usual appearance. Her iciness and cruelty made her look like she had been Possessed by a demon. She looked scary and unfamiliar, yet it was in fact the true nature of the girl that had grown up in the Alps and received the best education. Headmistress Perry had personally taught her magic…

The sacred Alps could raise someone like Amelia, who was like a Snow Lavender, full of love for the world, just as it could also raise a murderer like Edith, who was unrepentant even when she was covered in fresh blood. Even when they found out who the culprit was, no one was relieved to learn the truth. Their breaths felt sour from heaviness and sorrow.

“Then why did you place Herr Casa under a Curse? He had nothing to do with you!” Mu Bai spoke up in confusion.

“He deserved it. He told everyone he was feeling unwell, yet he asked me to go to his room to accompany him!” Edith spat coldly.

“We’ll hand her to the Casas; I believe they won’t have any excuse to trouble us again.” Jessie was standing behind Edith, prepared to take her down.

Edith did not resist. She knew it was meaningless to put up a fight. Brianca, Perry, and Ceylan’s cultivation levels were something she would never reach in this life.

Headmistress Perry was speechless. She headed to Faerun Castle alone, her hands behind her. She did not want any help from the students. Her stooped back gradually faded into the distance.

Jessie took Edith away and allocated several Maga to keep an eye on her, preventing her from running away.


“Mo Fan, why do you look so down, even though you’ve already found the culprit?” Li Ximei came over. Her beautiful eyes flickered in admiration.

Li Ximei did not think Mo Fan was very observant or smart, after putting aside his extraordinary strength. She was utterly clueless about the whole incident, yet Mo Fan was able to figure out the truth from such tiny details!

“I already checked. Edith poisoned the venison that the kitchen had prepared for Herr Casa,” Mo Fan said.

“So does that mean Herr Casa was poisoned first?” Brianca said.

“Not necessarily, we only knew where the poison came from. Who knew if Herr Casa was Cursed when he was trying to do something to Edith. I wonder where Edith learned these things. They are clearly not her Elements,” Mo Fan replied.

“Indeed, that’s the confusing part, but I guess if a person is harboring malicious thoughts, they will find a way to do evil,” Brianca said.

“There are a few things that I still don’t understand,” Mo Fan said.

“She already admitted it, what else don’t you understand? Do you really want to see the people of the Alps Inst.i.tute being tortured by the Casas? Either way, after what she did, it’s reasonable for her to pay for her crime, even if she didn’t poison Herr Casa,” Zhao Manyan sighed.

“She did poison Herr Casa…,” Mo Fan sighed. “Forget it, I feel like my brain is about to explode after the past few days.” Mo Fan shook his head and glanced at the stars in the sky.

“Mo Fan, you really impressed us. As expected of someone from the Clearsky Hunter Agency, we admire you from the bottom of our hearts!” Professor Li smiled.

“You have done the Alps Inst.i.tute a great favor. I believe the dean will give you her full support during the trial. The Alps Inst.i.tute will forever be in your debt, too. The entrance will always remain open for you!” Professor Zheng declared.

“I almost forgot that I’m going to be put on trial in a few days; if you hadn’t reminded me…” Mo Fan smiled wryly.

The next morning, a huge blast woke Mo Fan from a deep sleep. The vase in his room fell to the floor and broke into pieces from the shockwave.

Mo Fan rose to his feet, sulking over the noise that had woken him up. Shouldn’t everything have come to an end now? It was meant to be a quiet, peaceful morning, with the pleasant chirping of birds. Where did the noise even come from?

Mo Fan quickly changed and followed the noise. He saw two powerful auras clas.h.i.+ng with one another. The loud blasts were produced when the force of their auras collided with the nearby buildings.

“Headmistress Perry, are you sure about this?” Elder Ling asked Headmistress Perry, his face angry.

Headmistress Perry stood there in plain clothes. She seemed more haggard than yesterday, but she had a vivid light in her eyes as she faced off against Elder Ling from the Casas. Their formidable auras prevented anyone from coming within a few hundred meters of them.

“I’ve made up my mind! If Elder Ling really wants to cause a scene in the Alps Inst.i.tute or hurt any of my innocent students, I will not let you leave in one piece, even if it means sacrificing my life! Elder Ling, Edith is my student. Even though she has committed such an unforgivable crime, she is still a student of the Alps Inst.i.tute. She will be punished by the Magic Courts accordingly, but I will not hand her to the Casas so you can torture her soul forever!” Headmistress Perry declared firmly.

Headmistress Perry did not compromise in the slightest. She went from being utterly respectful to the Casas to resisting them completely. It felt like the woman had changed into a different person. It gave Mo Fan a new impression of the old hag!

Edith was watching, too. Her face was cold, yet her eyes shuddered with a slight hint of emotion after hearing Headmistress Perry’s words.

“Headmistress Perry, we aren’t afraid of the Casas. If they truly want to take us on, so be it. We must teach them that the Alps Inst.i.tute is not afraid of anyone!”

“Headmistress, it’s time to teach this arrogant clan what we are capable of!”

The voices supporting Headmistress Perry grew louder. Headmistress Perry could have easily handed Edith over to the Casas. She might still have had a chance to redeem the relations.h.i.+p between the Alps Inst.i.tute and the Casas, but she had decided otherwise.

The Alps Inst.i.tute had its own dignity. Even if a student had committed a serious crime, she would receive the fairest judgment as long as she still had the seal of their school. The school would not hand her over to the Casas under pressure!

It was the real Alps Inst.i.tute, smooth and fair, with flesh of ice and bones of jade, firm as a mountain glacier!

“Perhaps this is the power that Amelia’s gift has given them!” Mo Fan exclaimed when he saw this side of the Alps Inst.i.tute.


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