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Conducting the Crescent Moon Blade he had in his right arm, Bai Yunfei called over the other one that had been pressed against Chen Huanghua’s neck back to him.

With a clicking sound, the two swords were conjoined together.

Waving his hand, the blade disappeared back into his s.p.a.ce ring along with the Cataclysmic Seal.

From start to finish, not a single person had been able to tell it had been a brick that was attacking Chen Huanghua due to the light around it.

And from start to finish, Bai Yunfei didn’t even take a single step away from where he started!

Nodding his head to the motionless Chen Huanghua, Bai Yunfei said, “Junior Chen, thank you for letting me win.”

The audience was deathly silent. Everyone could only stare as Bai Yunfei walked back over to where Tang Xinyun and the others were with wide-opened mouths.

What….what happened just now?

Chen Huanghua was a well-known figure and Soul Ancestor of the Western Point.

But despite that, he was defeated ever so soundly!!

It was beyond what many of them thought was possible, and many of them could still hardly believe what happened right in front of them.

Back amongst his friends, Bai Yunfei turned to look to Fei Nian on the left, “Senior Fei Nian, do you still wish to fight?”

“Uhm….” Realizing he was being talked to, Fei Nian chuckled in response. “Haha, actually, junior Bai, the a.s.sembly’s about to start, so we should get going….In any case, I just remembered something I needed to talk to a senior about. So junior Bai, I’ll be going first!”

Bai Yunfei hadn’t even had time to reply to him before Fei Nian took off.

Though surprised at Fei Nian’s actions, Bai Yunfei shooked his head. “Well then, let’s go….” He spoke to the others.

It was only after Bai Yunfei left that the other students that had been watching the fight finally started to talk to one another about what they had just watched.

“That was ridiculous! Did senior Bai really become a Soul Ancestor like the rumors said? He felt more like a late-stage Soul Ancestor rather than an early-stage one!”

“Yeah! Senior Chen was an early-stage Soul Ancestor, but he wasn’t even able to hit him once before he was defeated!”

“What kind of soul armament was he controlling? How was it that strong?Aren’t soul armaments that can be controlled independently like that something only Soul Exalts can make?”

“I bet it’s because of the soul armament.”

“The last time they fought, both of them were late-stage Soul Sprites. Senior Bai had a bracer on his right arm and a bright-red spear to defeat senior Chen. This time, he was using two different soul armaments for the same exact results. h.e.l.l, this time he was even faster….”

“No wonder the headmaster made an exception to turn him into a disciple; his strength is beyond normal….”

These students continued to talk to one another as they traveled up the mountains. One by one, they explained to any other students who hadn’t been there about the battles they saw. When they listened, the new students would all gasp and lament in sadness that they didn’t come earlier to come witness this ‘spectacular’ fight.

With everyone leaving one by one, only Chen Huanghua was left standing there. Shock, confusion, anger, reluctance….all sorts of emotions ran through his head, and it felt as if he was dreaming.

But the wind that blew past him was more than enough to tell him he was in no dream. Sighing, he stored away his Rock Slicer and slowly stalked up the mountain with a bowed head.

“Brother Bai….you’re amazing! Senior Chen was a Soul Ancestor, but you managed to beat him so easily, how’d you do it? What kind of soul armament was that–it was amazing!”

Throughout the way up, Mo Xiaoxuan talked constantly with Si Kongxian and the others about what they saw and kept addressing Bai Yunfei with a wors.h.i.+pful gaze.

Though the rest of the group was the same in that regard.

Smiling, Bai Yunfei said, “Which one are you saying, my soul armament is amazing or me?”

“Hehe, both of course…”

“What is there to be amazing about? As long as you train hard, there’ll come a day where you’ll be able to do the same thing.” Bai Yunfei shook his head. Turning to Tang Xinyun at his side, he asked after a moment, “Ah, Xinyun, are you and Chen Huanghua…”

Knowing what Bai Yunfei was about to ask, Tang Xinyun shook her head to reply, “He and I don’t know each other that well. When I first joined the Crafting School, he was in charge at the time. He was nice to me before, but when I said I came for an apprentices.h.i.+p, he said that he’d help me. But I met the master shortly afterward and was led away up to the mountains. We met several times later, but I didn’t think that he’d try and ask me out here….”

“Oh, I see now.” Bai Yunfei nodded his head. Everyone had their own idea of beauty, and it seemed that Tang Xinyun was what Chen Huanghua liked. Presumably, this increase in strength was what led to his newly-found courage. Tang Xinyun on the other hand, cared not for his attention, and so Chen Huanghua had pinned the blame onto Bai Yunfei.

“Pftt, senior Chen might be a strong member in the inner school, but he’s not a good match for my cousin.” Mo Xiaoxuan tutted before then adding on one final line, “Brother Bai would be a much better match.”

“Ah….” Bai Yunfei didn’t know what to say in response to that. “Just say your cousin is too good for him, what are you doing saying something that could cause a misunderstanding?”

Sure enough, Si Kongxian and the others all nodded their heads in agreement and smiled knowingly towards Bai Yunfei and Tang Xinyun.

“Xiaoxuan, what are you saying!” Even though it was said in jest, Tang Xinyun was still a woman. Blus.h.i.+ng as she gave Mo Xiaoxuan a small glare, Tang Xinyun tried her best to avoid Bai Yunfei’s eyes.

Bai Yunfei coughed once before going silent….

With time, the entire group managed to make it to the ma.s.sive halls on the main point of the Crafting School.

For as far as the eyes could see, at least six thousand people were gathered there in smaller groups as they talked to one another.

Mo Xiaoxuan and several others moved to talk with several groups they were familiar with while Bai Yunfei and Tang Xinyun went straight into the halls.

As they entered the halls, the two of them managed to come across Ling Yan who was in the middle of walking out from the halls. “Junior Bai, junior Tang, you’re both here I see. Come on in, the master and elders are inside. They’ll be here to make an announcement soon enough.”

“Understood.” Bai Yunfei nodded before walking past Ling Yan to walk further into the halls.

The headmaster Kou Changkong, the elders, and surprisingly enough, even the previous headmaster Zi Jin was there. Casting a quick glance around, Bai Yunfei could see that the other disciples were gathered there. Even Huangfu Rui could be seen with a snowy-white pig bored out of her mind as she stood next to Cang Yu. When she saw Bai Yunfei and Tang Xinyun come in, her face lit up with joy; though she stuck out her tongue to Bai Yunfei.

Standing towards the right was Fei Nian. When his and Bai Yunfei’s eyes met, Fei Nian turned away in embarra.s.sment and deep thought.

“Yunfei pays his respects to the master, previous headmaster, and the elders.” Bai Yunfei bowed to the elders in front of him.

Right by his side, Tang Xinyun did the same thing.

“Ah, Yunfei, come here. I’ve something I’d like to ask.”

The previous headmaster Zi Jin smiled as he beckoned towards Bai Yunfei. In his eyes were the kindly sentiments of an elder looking after his precious students; an expression that Bai Yunfei felt humbled by, so he hurried on over to him.

Tang Xinyun moved to stand next to the third elder along with her other students after Cang Yu beckoned for her.

Soon enough, Huangfu Rui managed to squirm her way out from Cang Yu’s grasp to talk coyishly with Tang Xinyun.

“Yunfei, have you felt unwell since two days ago?” Zi Jin asked as Bai Yunfei approached him.

“Eh?” Surprised by the question, Bai Yunfei replied, “Not at all. Your student has been working on understanding my strength, so I feel much better than before.”

“That’s good then…” Zi Jin nodded, “Have you gotten familiar with your lifebound armament?”

“On a certain level so far. But….I can’t use its entire power with my current level of strength so far….”

“There’s no need to worry. Your training has only just begun. There’s so much more potential you’ve yet to unlock. With your talent, I’m sure that as long as you focus, you’ll be able to stand above the clouds!”

With such high praises from the previous headmaster, Bai Yunfei felt extremely motivated. “Thank you for your concern, senior. I, Yunfei, will work hard so I won’t disappoint you!”

“Haha, good. Very good….” Zi Jin nodded.

The other disciples who saw how Zi Jin was treating Bai Yunfei were all jealous.

At this moment, Ling Yan came back from the outside and stopped in front of Kou Changkong, “Master, all of the students have gathered.”

Nodding to Zi Jin, Kou Changkong said, “Very well, we should head out as well then.”


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