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Chapter 823: Quietly Approaching Danger

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Grandpa Sun’s expression changed, and he exclaimed in shock, “You actually said it exactly the same as Master! Master made him come out to temper his staff technique because he knew that Young Master Lu Tong’s staff technique has yet to obtain the true intent! So this trip is to seek a breakthrough point!”

Luo Tong was astonished when he heard that and said, “What did you say? Master made me come out to challenge young geniuses because of this reason?”

Grandpa Sun nodded his head and said, “That’s right! This was Master’s appraisal of you in private. It’s just that he says he wants to let you comprehend yourself, that’s why he didn’t tell you. This youngster is very strange!”

Luo Tong looked at Ye Yuan, his gaze revealing a complicated look.

This youth was clearly around the same age as him, but that elder-like behavior was really sufficiently intimidating.

But at this point, Luo Tong no longer doubted Ye Yuan’s extraordinariness.

To be able to speak exactly the same words as his Master, this was not what ordinary people could accomplish.

“Okay, I’ll go back and ask Master right away. If I discover that you’re lying to me, your entire Holy Land will have to prepare for destruction!” Luo Tong gave a cold snort, put away the staff, and left.

Grandpa Sun followed closely behind too. The two people’s figures gradually vanished from everyone’s sight.

Seeing that unfathomable old man leave, everyone heaved a long sigh in relief too.

The pressure Grandpa Sun gave them was seriously too great. Their nerves were tensed up very tightly, not daring to loosen up at all.

However, the gazes the elders looked at Ye Yuan with became somewhat complicated.

Grandpa Sun’s strength was at least Second Level Dao Profound, maybe even Third Level Dao Profound, but he called Luo Tong’s Master as Master time and again. This indicated that Luo Tong’s Master’s strength was definitely unfathomable!

But hearing the meaning in Ye Yuan’s words, he was actually old acquaintances with that Dong Feiyang. This was also too bizarre.

But to them, this did not seem important. Without a doubt, Ye Yuan was protecting the Crimson Afterglow Holy Land. This was sufficient.

The more formidable Ye Yuan’s strength, the brighter Crimson Afterglow Holy Land’s future in the days to come as well. And they, these families, would clearly also receive benefits along with it.

Luo Tong and Grandpa Sun’s appearance brought an enormous upheaval to the White Valiant Region.

Virtually all of the Holy Lands were swept once by them.

Some Holy Lands that had no eyes were even taught a fine lesson by Grandpa Sun, crippling Phaseless Realm elders!

Those young geniuses were also beaten badly enough by Luo Tong. Some were even crippled.

The only one that remained completely intact was the Crimson Afterglow Holy Land.

After this incident, Ye Yuan’s prestige in the Crimson Afterglow Holy Land rose unprecedentedly.

And the medicinal pills Ye Yuan refined helped the Holy Land’s young geniuses break through bottlenecks successfully.

The one who received the greatest benefits among them was actually Wu Jiantong.

Ye Yuan helped him to refine a transcendent-grade Spirit Enlightening Pill. After he consumed it, he broke through the fetters very quickly and reached the Heaven Enlightenment Realm.

Wu Jiantong knew that he would not catch up to Ye Yuan’s footsteps in this lifetime, even if he broke through to Heaven Enlightenment Realm.

After this, the Crimson Afterglow Holy Land entered a relatively quiet period.

And Ye Yuan himself also was not aware that a huge danger was currently in the midst of brewing.

Currently, in the faraway Great Xiang Region’s Vastsun City, Zhou Yan finally got Ye Yuan’s news he waited for!

“You’re saying that Ye Yuan that aboriginal actually become the Young Lord of a Rank Nine Holy Land in around a year’s time? Furthermore, his strength is already comparable to Heaven Enlightenment Realm martial artists? You’re certain that you’re not joking?” Hearing this news, Zhou Yan’s mood was clearly not that good.

The retainer, Zhou Yu, who was sent out by him said cautiously, “Absolutely true! The person this subordinate sent out laid low in the Crimson Afterglow Holy Land for a month’s time. Their new Young Lord should be the Ye Yuan that Young Master said. He was still planning on capturing this Ye Yuan back alive at that time, but that Ye Yuan used no idea what method and actually subdued a black flood dragon at the great circle of Tier 8 who is on the verge of transforming into a dragon. He’s not a match at all. Hence, that’s why he dare not act rashly without careful thought!”

“Black flood dragon at the great circle of Tier 8? You’re sure that this information isn’t wrong?! On what basis does he, a Boundless Realm, have to bring a black flood dragon at the great circle of Tier 8 under his control?” Zhou Yan said in disbelief.

Zhou Yu said, “When this subordinate heard this news, my reaction was exactly the same as Young Master’s. But this matter is indeed true. On the day Ye Yuan succeeded the position, he defeated the strongest one of the Seven Holy Sons in one move, then let out the black flood dragon. All of the people in the Crimson Afterglow Holy Land saw this scene. It can’t be faked.”

Zhou Yan’s face was as dark as water and was suddenly incomparably vexed in his heart.

No idea why, his inner-heart actually produced that tiny hint of threat!

When he saw Ye Yuan in the Lower Realms, Ye Yuan was still just a Soul Sea Realm martial artist. Just how much time had pa.s.sed here, Ye Yuan actually cultivated to Boundless Realm with lightning speed. Furthermore, he even had strength comparable to Heaven Enlightenment Realm!

At this rate, Ye Yuan catching up to him was also not something impossible!

Being surpa.s.sed by a b.u.mpkin like Ye Yuan, Zhou Yan absolutely did not allow it! Moreover, Ye Yuan was even his greatest love rival!

These two years time, Zhou Yan often saw that sort of longing and affectionate expression on Yue Mengli’s face. This deeply wounded his pride as a man.

Any person in this world could surpa.s.s him, Zhou Yan. Only Ye Yuan could not!

Originally, Zhou Yan did not attach any importance to Ye Yuan at all. But hearing this news, he had no choice but to face this aboriginal squarely.

Ye Yuan’s improvement speed was too alarming!

“Zhou Yu, take a trip with me to the Crimson Afterglow Holy Land!” Zhou Yan was silent for a long time and suddenly said.

“Yes, Young Master!”

Zhou Yu was very familiar with Zhou Yan. When he heard this news, he knew that Ye Yuan would definitely be unlikely to survive.

Hence, hearing this order of Zhou Yan’s, he was not surprised at all either.

On a small island somewhere in the Divine Realm, the scenery was delightfully beautiful, giving people a feeling of an otherworldly paradise.

On the island was a small peak. On the small peak was a pavilion. A stone table was placed in the pavilion.

The two ends of the stone table sat a middle-aged man and an old man, currently playing Go.

The old man played black, put down a piece, and said with a loud laugh, “Zhong Zizhen, you lost again! In these 10 days, you didn’t win a single match! How did the exalted Soul Martial Divine King become someone weak and then obsessed with Go? This isn’t like you!”

That middle-aged man was actually the legendary Soul Martial Divine King, Zhong Zizhen!

Zhong Zizhen said with a smile, “No idea why, I keep feeling uneasy recently, as if something is going to happen.”

The old man’s expression changed, and he said, “Cultivation reaching yours and my boundary can pry into the Heavenly Dao. You being hit with a sudden inspiration like this, there might really be some major event that’s coming!”

Zhong Zizhen nodded his head slightly and said, “These few years, the undercurrents of the Divine Realm are flowing. I fear that before long, something major will really happen. At that time, it will likely be hard for you and me to escape this maelstrom too!”

The old man sighed slightly and said, “At our level, our hearts are no longer filled with distracting thoughts towards these secular matters. Apart from Deity Realm, what else can still move yours and my heart?”


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