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Chapter 76: The Strong Breaks the Rules!

Translator: celefoata_ Editor: RegiusProfessor

“Right now, I really want to kill someone! Anyone who stops me will be my enemy! I will not give up until you die!”

Ye Yuan’s words were directed toward Feng Ruoqing. He knew that Feng Ruoqing also came.

If Feng Ruoqing makes a move, it would be impossible for him to kill Zhang Heng.

This was a warning!

n.o.body responded, but this was already a sort of tacit consent.

Zhang Heng burst out laughing like he had just heard a hilarious joke. “Hahaha . . . . . . Kill me? You’re that Ye Yuan, right? Just you, a Sixth Level Essence Qi Realm, wants to jump ranks to kill me? You two, master and servant, are equally unable to gauge your strength!”

Ye Yuan did not show any reaction and said coolly, “Are you acting on your own? Or is there somebody instigating you? Speak, and I will spare your life!”

Ye Yuan had no connections with this Zhang Heng. It was even more unlikely for Lu-er to provoke anyone, so he did not believe that Zhang Heng would force Lu-er to such a desperate situation for no reason whatsoever.

Just now, Zhang Heng recognized Ye Yuan immediately with a glance. This further confirmed his conjecture.

“What a joke! You, a Sixth Level Essence Qi Realm, are so f*cking arrogant! You think that after pa.s.sing the Black Rank Advancement test and increasing your cultivation realm, you have the capital to challenge veteran Earth Rank students? Spare my life? Why don’t you try for me to see?!”

Although Zhang Heng was astonished by Ye Yuan’s advancement speed, he did not feel that he could threaten him.

He was three minor cultivation realms above Ye Yuan, and they were separated by a minor stage. This sort of difference in power was not so easily bridged.

Zhang Heng admitted that Ye Yuan was a genius. But who among those who could enter the Dan Wu Academy and become an Earth Rank student was not a genius among geniuses?

Ye Yuan sighed, and he said calmly, “One really can’t communicate with an imbecile. Since you don’t want to talk, then I will beat you until you do.”

Ye Yuan did not waste his breath. He raised his hand and executed Stacking Waves Layered Palm.

Eight Layer Wave!

“Humph! Reckless punk. You dare to look down on me and only use one hand?!”

Zhang Heng naturally would not fold his hands and await death. He threw his weapon aside and also used his bare hands.

“Prajna Palm!”

Zhang Heng raised his hands to unleash a high-rank martial technique.

Zhang Heng had spent a great deal of time and effort on this Prajna Palm and trained it to the Great Success stage. Furthermore, he struck out with both palms together, so the amount of essence energy used was much greater.

Zhang Heng curled the corner of his mouth as if seeing the image of Ye Yuan being heavily injured.

Three palms collided, but the events did not play out as Zhang Heng imagined. He felt a colossal force coming from the Ye Yuan’s palm, which immediately pa.s.sed through his two hands and spread throughout his entire body.

“Puu!” Zhang Heng gave a m.u.f.fled groan, and blood sprayed out wildly from his mouth. His entire body flew out like he was heavily struck.

“Now, will you talk?” Ye Yuan continued speaking calmly without any trace of emotion.

The palm that Ye Yuan unleashed in anger was the Eight Layer Wave!

Stacking Waves Layered Palm, Eight Layer Wave. This was a palm technique that could even finish off a First Level Spirit Condensation Realm, and Zhang Heng chose to receive it head-on foolishly. There would be no justice if he did not die.

But Ye Yuan deliberately held back on this move and only heavily injured Zhang Heng. The intention was to find out who was the mastermind.

Ye Yuan took two steps forward and walked to Zhang Heng’s side. Looking down on him, he asked icily, “Now, will you talk?”

“Puu!” Zhang Heng coughed up another mouthful of blood.

Right now, his arms were broken, and his internal organs also suffered extremely serious injuries. He looked incredibly wretched. If he did not receive medical treatment, he would soon die without Ye Yuan needing to move.

“Talk . . . Talk my *ss! Ha . . . haha . . . If you have the ability, then kill me! The Dan Wu Academy’s rules state that students cannot kill one another! Come then! Kill me!” Zhang Heng’s blood stained his teeth as he laughed miserably.

Ye Yuan looked at Zhang Heng pitifully, and he said coldly, “Rules? Rules are only used to restrict mediocre people like you. A true powerhouse will break all the rules and establish his own rules! Someone like you can only live under other people’s rules forever. How pitiful!”

“Hahaha! Who doesn’t know how to brag? If you have the b.a.l.l.s, then try breaking the rules for me to see! A Sixth Level Essence Qi Realm punk talking nonsense about breaking the rules. What a joke!”

Zhang Heng clearly did not believe that Ye Yuan dared to go against the academy’s rules. That was because, in the academy’s history, all those who broke the rules were sentenced to death!

Except for that person!

“Is that so? Then I will break the rules now. Except . . . you won’t be able to see it.”

Ye Yuan raised his hand again, and essence energy hovered faintly within his palm.

At this moment, Zhang Heng could clearly sense the killing intent coming off of Ye Yuan.

To Ye Yuan, Lu-er was one of his closest loved ones, and Zhang Heng dared to force her until she used the Profound Ice Returns to Dust. Even his death was insufficient!

In his precious life, Ye Yuan did not have the ability to protect his loved ones. In this life, he was set on never letting his loved ones come to harm. But he did not expect to encounter something like this.

Ye Yuan’s self-condemnation had already surpa.s.sed his fury!

This palm slapped downwards without any hesitation. Zhang Heng no longer doubted Ye Yuan’s determination.

“I’ll talk! I’ll talk! Don’t kill me! I-I was only under someone’s instigation!” Zhang Heng finally could not withstand the pressure, and hurriedly shouted.

“Talk!” Ye Yuan did not s.h.i.+ft his palm. He was waiting for Zhang Heng’s answer.

“I’ll talk, but you have to promise not to kill me. Otherwise, I’d rather die than say!” Zhang Heng painfully made his decision and threatened him.

“Is that so? Then bring it with you inside your coffin!” Ye Yuan channeled his palm strength and moved a little closer to Zhang Heng.

“Don’t don’t don’t! I’ll talk, I’ll talk! I-its Senior Apprentice Brother Lin Tiancheng who instructed me. I was only obeying him! He’s the head student of the General Affairs Department, so I can’t disobey him! Junior Apprentice Brother Ye, I beg you, let me go. I will definitely help you testify against Lin Tiancheng!”

G.o.d knows where Zhang Heng got the strength from, to manage to crawl up and grab hold of Ye Yuan’s leg as he cried out.

“Good. You can die now!”

Ye Yuan’s palm struck down, and Zhang Heng died without even making any sound.

Regardless of whether he was obeying others or not, he deserved to die ten thousand times over just for forcing Lu-er to such a state!

“Lin Tiancheng?” Ye Yuan thought for a moment and recalled who this Lin Tiancheng was.

He did not think that it was actually such a minor character that made Lu-er end up in such a sorry state. If he knew this beforehand, he would have taken preventive measures.

Right at this moment, Lu-er’s movement alerted Ye Yuan. He quickly rushed over to Lu-er.

Lu-er already had no more strength to stand up. She was currently crawling forward!

“Lu-er, what are you doing?! If there’s anything, just tell me! I will do it for you!” Ye Yuan shouted as he rushed over.

Lu-er continued moving forward bit by bit and finally crawled in front of that blue color badge.

She reached out to grab that Alchemy Master badge and held it against her chest as if that blue badge was her everything.

Ye Yuan hurriedly picked up Lu-er. After Lu-er got the badge, she could finally no longer hold on and fainted. Except, she still had a hint of a smile on her face, looking completely satisfied.

Looking at the object in Lu-er’s hand, he could not help feeling his heart ached.

An insignificant badge to him was cherished so deeply by Lu-er!

“Thank you, Lu-er. Let’s go home!”


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