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Chapter 720: Regaining Face

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

“Oh, Gu Hong, I heard that an extremely formidable alchemist appeared in the city recently and already treated quite a few illnesses that n.o.body was able to treat, yes or no?” the Gu Family’s Family Head, Gu Changshun said.

It had already been five day’s time since Ye Yuan ascended. In these five days, Ye Yuan already completed all of the missions he took on without failing a single one!

These few missions were all famous difficult and peculiar diseases in the city, virtually missions determined impossible to complete.

Ye Yuan, this alchemist who emerged explosively actually resolved all of the missions one by one. It could be imagined how great a stir it caused in Ancient Opulence City.

Gu Changshun also heard this news today, then called Steward Gu Hong over immediately to ask about the situation.

The moment Gu Hong heard, his heart involuntarily thumped, thinking to himself, it indeed still came.

“Ah? There . . . . There . . . was such a thing? This lowly one didn’t go out these two days and really haven’t a clue that such a major thing happened in the city! But I reckon that these are all rumors, right? It’s fine if it’s treating one, but treating a whole bunch is a little too exaggerated, right? I reckon it’s that alchemist bragging himself in order to draw attention.” Gu Hong exercised his wits.

At this time, Gu Hong could only drag it out as long as he could.

But Gu Changshun shook his head and said, “It really isn’t like that! Today, when I went to City Lord Manor to meet City Lord, His Excellency, I just happened to b.u.mp into Luo Fang. He told me personally that the chronic illness he was plagued with for over a decade was treated by that alchemist. With Luo Fang’s character, if the other party didn’t have genuine skill, he would not praise unceasingly like so!”

Gu Hong was bitter in his heart. But since Gu Changshun already said until like this, he could only follow up, “Like that huh. Since even Commander Luo said so, then it probably won’t be wrong! I wonder who is it, to actually have such capability?”

Gu Changshun said, “Heard that it’s even a young man who just ascended a couple of days, called, er, Ye Yuan. Gu Hong, you go and find that Ye Yuan. Regardless of what kind of price you have to pay, you must invite him over! Perhaps, he can really treat Xuan-er’s illness!”

Gu Hong was naturally a hundred times unwilling in his heart. It was just that Gu Changshun’s words, how could he dare to defy?

He could only acknowledge at once, “Yes, Family Head!”

Coming out from Gu Changshun there, Gu Hong was anxious like an ant on a hot pan.

He never would have thought that in the end, he actually really had to go and beg Ye Yuan!

The conversation that day was still vivid in his mind. At that time, he was very scornful of Ye Yuan.

But a few days pa.s.sed, Ye Yuan actually directly became an esteemed guest among the city’s upper echelons!

Now, even Family Head actually heard of his reputation before.

Forced to go, he, Gu Hong, could not swallow this insult!

If he did not go, he could not give an account over on Family Head’s side here too!

For a moment, Gu Hong fell into a dilemma.

The most crucial thing was that even if he threw out this old face, would Ye Yuan give him this face?

He did not leave any leeway at all on that day and already thoroughly offended Ye Yuan badly. Now, going to beg him once more, wasn’t it reaching his face out for people to hit?

Gu Hong felt that he had been wronged. Who could have thought that a Divine Traversing Realm boy actually had such enigmatic strength?

If it were others, they wouldn’t give Ye Yuan any good att.i.tude on that day too, right?

Thinking it over, Gu Hong finally stomped his feet and went out of the Gu Family’s gates.

No matter what method he used, Gu Hong must invite Ye Yuan over today.

Otherwise, if this matter were made known to Family Head, he would be dead for sure!

. . . . . .

Five day’s time, Ye Yuan did the missions and obtained a total of 3000 merit points.

These 3000 merit points had 20% deducted by City Lord Manor, leaving 2400 merit points.

Ye Yuan gave over half of the merit points to White Light and spend another 500 merit points to buy a residence in the city, but was only left with 700 merit points.

“This merit points is really hard to earn. Took a lot of trouble and ran around for five days and actually only earned 700 merit points. Wanting to obtain freedom is really not an easy thing!” Ye Yuan said with vicissitude of emotions.

By the side, Jun Tianyu could not suppress laughter as he said, “Younger Brother Ye, if these words of yours were heard by the other ascenders, they would probably vomit blood from anger! These 700 merit points, they have to use one to two year’s time before they are able to pool it together. And you, only used five days!”

“Brother Ye must be joking. Your Big Brother Jun lurked in Ancient Opulence City for close to a hundred year’s time, and his entire a.s.sets are merely just several hundred thousand of merit points too. At this rate you earn merit points, in a few years, you’ll be able to surpa.s.s him!” Liu Yiru covered her mouth and laughed.

“That’s right. Brother Ye, stop boasting in front of me! Lord Jun’s a.s.sets are plentiful, but I, this sort of impoverished person, only have a few thousand merit points!” Yu Ming wanted to cry but had no tears as he said.

Yu Ming had a wide circle of acquaintances in Ancient Opulence City. That needed to spend large amounts of merit points. So over the years, he did not have much merit points on him at all.

Ye Yuan only used five day’s time and the merit points earned was already about the same as him. This was indeed quite a blow.

Liu Yiru already recovered fully in these two days. Jun Tianyu brought her along to express thanks to Ye Yuan.

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “100 thousand merit points before one can exchange for freedom. This requirement is also truly a little sick. Those ascended martial artists basically have to waste 60 to 70 years of time here!”

Jun Tianyu said, “It has to look at strength and potential still! Some ascenders, once they adapt to the Divine Realm, their improvement will be very fast, only using a few year’s time and they will have the ability to go take on missions. Roughly around ten year’s time, they will be able to exchange for their freedom. As for those people without potential, give them a hundred years, and they might not be able to pool together 10 thousand points either.”

Ye Yuan nodded his head. It was indeed this reasoning.

“May I ask . . . Is this place Master Ye’s residence?”

The few people were currently chatting happily when a voice suddenly sounded out outside the door.

When Ye Yuan heard this voice, he could not help laughing and said to Yu Ming, “Big Brother Yu, this insult, I’ll let you vent it then! Whenever you’re satisfied, we’ll talk terms with him again.”

Yu Ming could not help freezing slightly when he heard that and looked at Ye Yuan gratefully.

He knew that this was Ye Yuan giving him the chance to regain face personally!

Gu Hong’s words on that day deeply wounded Yu Ming’s pride, and also thoroughly sobered him up.

These few years, Yu Ming had always been operating carefully in Ancient Opulence City, and also gradually build up a bit of fame.

But all the way until that day, then only Yu Ming deeply understood that turns out, he was still just a minor character! No one thought highly of him at all!

No matter how many things you knew, without strength, you would never get other people’s respect!

These few days, he followed by Ye Yuan’s side and saw Ye Yuan being treated as a distinguished guest by the bigwigs who he did not even dare to think about. He even saw Jun Tianyu kill Song Pan in a blink.

Only when one’s strength was genuinely powerful could one get genuine respect!

Even if he was just a penniless n.o.body, following by Ye Yuan’s side, he also obtained ample respect!

“Brother Ye, thank you very much!” Yu Ming said gratefully.


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