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Chapter 534: Announcing to the Entire City

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Hearing Ye Hang said so, Ren Hongling had nothing much to say as well.

Although Ren Hongling was resentful towards Ren Xingchun in her heart, she was Ren Xingchun’s daughter after all.

With this matter being able to be resolved perfectly, Ren Hongling was naturally very happy in her heart too.

“Actually, Ye Yuan’s words that day shook Father up greatly. These two days, his att.i.tude when speaking to me was much better than before. Intentionally in his words and in a roundabout manner, he had remorse towards the two of you. It’s just that due to pride, he couldn’t come over to find you guys,” Ren Yujie said.

Ye Hang waved his hand and said, “Past matters are already over. City Lord is a senior after all. How can we let him come and apologize?”

Ren Yujie nodded his head and said, “I wonder what plans Brother-in-Law have from here on?”

Ye Hang said, “I’ve already discussed with Hongling. After some time, we’ll return with Grand Elder Skymaple back to the Tranquil Cloud Sect. That is Yuan-er’s home. It’s naturally our home too.”

Ren Yujie smiled bitterly and said, “Are you guys still harboring resentment towards Father in your hearts?”

Ye Hang shook his head and said, “What’s Elder Brother talking about? Now that my wish is fulfilled, there isn’t any resentment. It’s just that we understand Yuan-er. He definitely won’t be some young patriarch in this Wu Fang City. He will return to the Tranquil Cloud Sect. Hongling’s and my greatest worry is Yuan-er. We’re naturally unwilling to leave him.”

Ren Yujie came to a realization. He said, “Actually, me coming to find you guys today was Father’s intentions. He has an idea and wants to seek your opinions.”

Ye Hang and Ren Hongling exchanged glances and were slightly a bit surprised.

Ren Yujie would actually seek the two of their opinions when doing things. It made them very surprised.

“Elder Brother, please say,” Ye Hang said.

“Actually, Father felt that he owes you guys too much these few years and wants to hold a make-up wedding for you. At the appointed time, he will announce to the entire Wu Fang City and apologize to you guys for the incident back then! It’s just that he was embarra.s.sed to ask you. So he sent me to consult your opinions,” Ren Yujie said.

Ye Hang could not help being stunned when he heard that. He did not quite dare to believe that Ren Xingchun would actually do something like this.

Back then, he had experienced Ren Xingchun’s high-handed personality many times. Coming to Wu Fang City this time, Ren Xingchun’s behavior went from bad to worse.

To think that after experiencing the incident two days back, Ren Xingchun would actually undergo such a huge transformation!

Ye Hang knew that this was all changes which Ye Yuan brought to him.

One had to admit that this suggestion of Ren Xingchun still made his heart palpitate with excitement.

He brought Ren Hongling and traveled far away to the Southern Domain back then. But Ren Hongling conceived Ye Yuan along the way. Then, later on, they settled down in the State of Qin. He and Ren Hongling actually never held a presentable ceremony between them before.

Although Ren Hongling followed him out of her own free will, he still felt like he owed her in his heart throughout.

With a time interval of many years, if he could hold a grand and spectacular ceremony, it could also be considered a compensation to Ren Hongling, right?

Especially this time. It was going to be held with Ren Xingchun’s blessings. The significance was naturally extraordinary.

Except, making Ren Xingchun inform the entire city, this sort of thing was a bit too damaging to one’s face. This point made Ye Hang hesitate.

Ye Hang looked dearly at Ren Hongling. Ren Hongling smiled gently and said, “All up to Husband to make the decision.”

The two of them had helped each other in humble circ.u.mstances and had long known what the other was thinking. Just one look and Ren Hongling knew what Ye Hang was worried about.

Ye Hang felt grateful inwardly and said, “Hongling, after we return to the Tranquil Cloud Sect, I’ll invite Grand Elder Skymaple to take charge and hold a make-up ceremony.

But Ren Yujie’s expression changed and he said, “You’d rather go back to the Tranquil Cloud Sect than be willing to accept Father’s apology? Isn’t doing this too overboard!”

Ye Hang shook his head and said, “Elder Brother, you’re mistaken! City Lord is the ruler of a city. His status is comparable to the Three Sects’ old ancestors. How can we let him do such a thing?”

“Uncle, you go and tell that old man. About this matter, I’ll agree on Father’s behalf.” Right then, Ye Yuan’s voice came over from outside the door.

Ye Yuan slowly walked into the room and came before Ye Hang and said, “This is what that old man owes you, and it is also what you deserve! Heh heh, looks like that old man isn’t stupid. He knows to use you guys to tie me down! But I have to admit that him doing this thing is quite in line with what I want.”

Ye Hang was stupefied by what Ye Yuan said. This boy was too impolite to his elders when talking.

But Ye Yuan was no longer the former Ye Yuan. He was already a great figure who could command a region!

Although that face was still somewhat childish and tender, he had already grown into a towering tree.

Towards Ye Yuan, Ye Hang had long not used the mentality of treating little children to treat him.

Although he felt that Ye Yuan’s att.i.tude was rather inappropriate, he did not say anything either.

“Yuan-er, this isn’t very good, right? After all, he’s your grandfather,” Ye Hang used a consulting tone and said.

Ye Yuan said with a smile, “Heh heh, I didn’t acknowledge that he’s my grandfather. The Ren Family doesn’t have anything to do with me at all! To me, you and mother are the most important people! That old man harmed you guys and even almost killed you. Although I didn’t haggle over it, it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t need to pay a bit of a price! Furthermore, do you think that informing the entire city is very detrimental to him?”

Ye Hang was dazed as he said, “Isn’t that so?”

Ye Yuan shook his head and said with a smile, “The martial artist world has always been talking using strength. Although alchemists are slightly different from martial artists, they similarly use strength to talk! That old man’s strength is formidable enough. Even if there are nastier scandals, what loss is there to him? But for him announcing to the entire city and acknowledging you as his son-in-law, is equivalent to acknowledging me as his maternal grandson. This will only make his position, the City Lord, be even more secure!”

This was not Ye Yuan blowing his own trumpet, but it was a fact.

Ye Yuan’s alchemy strength was a sea-stabilizing divine needle to the future Ren Family!

So what if the second generation had a declining trend? So what if the Cao Family’s foundation was deep?

These things were all too weak to take a single blow in front of Ye Yuan!

Ye Hang was not a foolish person. Hearing Ye Yuan say this, he immediately understood what was happening.

But he did not have any resentment towards Ren Xingchun. For Ren Xingchun to do so, the price paid was also big enough.

A character who stood at the pinnacle of a world’s Alchemy Path like Ren Xingchun, making him come forward to openly admit his fault seriously needed immense courage.

Let alone a person with Ren Xingchun’s character. Wanting to do such a thing required even greater courage.

For Ren Xingchun to be able to do it to such an extent, it could be said that he was sincerely repentant. It could also be said that he was genuinely considering for the Ren Family’s future.

Once Ye Hang figured it out, he was no longer conflicted. He nodded and said, “Alright then. You make the call for this matter. Oh, right, weren’t you in closed-seclusion? Why did you exit seclusion so quickly?”

Ye Yuan said smilingly, “You’re going to host a grand wedding ceremony here. How can I, as your son, not present a lavish gift?”

As he said, Ye Yuan took out two small medicinal bottles and placed them in Ye Hang’s hand.


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