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A discordant voice sounded from the side. Ye Yuan and other three turned around to look and saw a young man currently looking over at them coldly.

This young man had a displeased look. Clearly, he took all of Ye Yuan’s arrogant words earlier into his ears.

Seeing this young man, Xu Zihui and Bao Sangui’s faces both changed. “Young Master Ren Dong!”

“So, it’s you guys. Where did you guys find this country b.u.mpkin who hasn’t seen the world, spouting drivel here?” Ren Dong gave Xu Zihui and Bao Sangui a nonchalant glance. Clearly, he knew the two.

“This is . . .” Xu Zihui was just about to explain but was cut off by Ren Dong waving his hand.

“Forget it. This sort of trash, I’m not interested in knowing too.” Ren Dong took a look at Ye Yuan’s Alchemy Master badge coolly with a scornful look.

“Puny little Alchemy Master. It’s best to be more low-profile in this Wu Fang City. The Alchemist a.s.sociation’s test is not what some random n.o.body can pa.s.s.”

Finished talking, Ren Dong left with large strides. Xu Zihui pair actually did not even get to explain it.

“Hey, why do you, this fellow, talk like this? Just your alchemy skills aren’t even fit to carry shoes for my master. To actually dare lecture my master here!”

Ye Yuan did not say anything regarding Ren Dong’s contempt. But Xiao Ruyan could not put up with it by the side, yelling out to stop Ren Dong.

This period of time, Xiao Ruyan had been cultivating the Thousand Augmenting Soul Incantation and Tri-Origins Samsara Art all along.

Yet, only as her training went deeper and deeper did she realised the extensiveness and profoundness of these two things. She finally knew just how terrifying Ye Yuan’s alchemy skills were!

In the past, she only wanted to be his disciple in order to get close to Ye Yuan. But now, Ye Yuan already became G.o.d-like existence in Xiao Ruyan’s heart.

This Ren Dong’s badge indicated he was at the middle-rank Quasi-Alchemy King standards. Compared to Ye Yuan, they were totally not on the same level.

Now, somebody was actually disrespectful towards Ye Yuan.

Ren Dong just took a few steps. Hearing Xiao Ruyan shout like this, he could not help turning his head back and looked at Xiao Ruyan with an unkind face.

“You’re certain that you weren’t joking earlier? Do you know who am I?” Ren Dong said with narrowed eyes.

In order to avoid unnecessary trouble, Yue Mengli imparted the face-altering skill to Xiao Ruyan. At present, the two of their faces were very ordinary, so as not to let people stare covetously.

“I don’t care who you are! Aren’t you just a middle-rank Quasi-Alchemy King? You might not even beat me, and you still dare to insult my master? Let me tell you, my master just can’t be bothered to go take part in the alchemist test. Or else, you wouldn’t even be fit to carry shoes for him!’ Xiao Ruyan puffed up her chest and said with righteous indignation.

She was all too clear about Ye Yuan’s level. Back at the Central Capital, he beat the Tong Family’s Tong Wenchang until he had not one iota of confidence left.

Now that his strength advanced another step, forget about ordinary middle-rank Quasi-Alchemy Kings, even high-rank Quasi-Alchemy Kings could not possibly be his match either.

Regarding Xiao Ruyan’s fervent supporting actions, Ye Yuan could only smile bitterly in his heart.

He really did not have any intention of haggling over Ren Dong’s insult. But Xiao Ruyan seemed to have received a tremendous stimulation.

This little la.s.s really could not tolerate anything unreasonable.

“Heh heh, such high-sounding sentiments! In this Wu Fang City, other than those veteran Alchemy Kings and Alchemy Sovereign experts, there really aren’t many who dare to speak to me this way! Boy, since you’re this la.s.s’s master, do you dare to compete in a match with me? I want to take a look just who carries shoes for whom!” Ren Dong pressed Ye Yuan.

At this time, Xu Zihui whispered in Ye Yuan’s ear to warn, “Young Master Ren Dong is the strongest person in the Ren Family’s junior generation. His age is not past 30, and he already has middle-rank Quasi-Alchemy King strength. It’s said that he is already fully qualified to challenge high-rank Quasi-Alchemy Kings. Young Master Ye, it is best not to act without due consideration.”

Xu Zihui had stayed in Wu Fang City for many years and was deeply aware just how difficult it was for a top alchemist to be born.

Based on Ye Yuan’s age, he absolutely had no possibility of winning Ren Dong.

Rather than everybody looking bad, he might as well remind Ye Yuan a bit, to avoid this unnecessary conflict.

Ye Yuan’s current soul force already reached middle-rank Quasi-Alchemy King standards. Within Quasi-Alchemy King this realm, it was not possible for anybody to be his match.

Towards such compet.i.tion, he really could not arouse much interest.

Hearing Xu Zihui’s high praise, Ren Dong could not help being pleased with himself in his heart.

Competing with Ye Yuan, he did not have any psychological burden at all. Could a teenage youth be his match?

As for the master in Xiao Ruyan’s mouth, Ren Dong just took it as a joke to listen to.

It was also unknown what kind of relation was between these two people. Saying these words was merely just raising Ye Yuan’s status.

“Haha. Turns out that this Elder Brother is actually so amazing. Younger Brother admires greatly. As for this match . . . I think it’s better to forget about it,” Ye Yuan said perfunctorily with a smile.

The present circ.u.mstances were different from before. The reason why he took action against Tong Wenchang was that Tong Wenchang’s actions had infuriated him thoroughly.

While this Ren Dong was just a little haughty and did not do anything to him either. Ye Yuan naturally would not strike down the other party’s confidence.

“Hahaha! Boy, looks like you still know your limits pretty well! However . . .” Ren Dong took a look at Yue Mengli and Xiao Ruyan, heaved a sigh, and said, “This taste . . . is really a little poor. Hehe.”

Ren Dong was dripping with sarcasm when speaking. Evidently, he was very contemptuous of Yue Mengli’s and Xiao Ruyan’s looks.

Hearing these words, Xiao Ruyan was enraged until smoke came out of her nostrils.

Women, especially beautiful woman, what they could not stand the most was other people saying that they were not beautiful!

Moreover, Xiao Ruyan was one of the capital’s dual absolutes in the Fierce Gale World. Her beauty could be imagined.

“Master, this punk needs a beating! Why are you avoiding a fight?” Xiao Ruyan stomped her feet angrily.

Ye Yuan was just about to say a few words of consolation when the Yue Mengli who did not say a word the entire time actually opened her mouth to speak too. “Ye Yuan, I know that your alchemy skill attainments are exceedingly high. But I still have yet to see before. How about you let me witness it today, alright?”

Goodness gracious! The good-natured Yue Mengli was enraged too!

Ren Dong this brat’s one sentence really lit the firecracker!

Looks like this alchemist test, he had to take part no matter what.

Women, especially beautiful women, were never to be offended.

When Ye Yuan heard Yue Mengli’s words, he unwittingly sweated profusely too.

In his eyes, Yue Mengli was forever that quiet and elegant.

Although she was very calm when speaking just now, the faint fury in those words already radiated out.

Furthermore, this was still Yue Mengli’s first time opening her mouth to beg Ye Yuan. This made Ye Yuan completely not know how he should reject.

“Fine then, fine then. Isn’t it just refining a medicinal pill? How big of an issue is it?!” Ye Yuan said helplessly.

“Not refining a pill that simple! Master, you mustn’t stint on materials! If you are competing with him, you have to let him know what true alchemy skills are!” Xiao Ruyan pointed at Ren Dong and said.

Ye Yuan could not resist turning back to take a look at Yue Mengli. Yue Mengli did not speak, but the expression in her eyes seemed to be able to talk.

That meaning was like saying, properly teach this naive child how to behave!

Ye Yuan could not help shooting Ren Dong a sympathetic glance and said, “Brother, it’s not that this Younger Brother, I, am not helping you. It’s that you really shouldn’t have provoked them!”


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