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Jin Huanzhen was the Swift Wind Guards’ high-level commander, a Soul Sea Realm expert. These few days, His Majesty, the Wind Emperor, mobilized the troops. Naturally, it could not do without the Swift Wind Guards.

This team that Jin Huanzhen commanded was about to set off for the frontlines very soon.

When soldiers go out to battle, medicinal pills and weapons naturally could not be dispensed with.

Especially medicinal pills. It was far too important to a team. The quant.i.ty and quality of medicinal pills concerned their survival rate and ability to sustain in battle.

A few days ago, the Swift Wind Guards ordered a batch of medicinal pills from the Alchemist a.s.sociation.

And today, it was precisely the date to collect the medicinal pills.

Jin Huanzhen came to the Alchemist a.s.sociation to find Yang Xiu but was stopped by his disciple outside the door.

“Oh, Lin Yi huh? How have you been recently?”

Jin Huanzhen frequently had dealings with Yang Xiu. He was naturally very familiar with his eldest disciple, Lin Yi.

If it were before, Lin Yi would have bowed and greeted long ago. But today, his nose turned up towards the skies, looking like he could not see anyone.

“Master is currently refining pills. If there’s something, come back another day,” Lin Yi said very coldly.

Jin Huanzhen’s brows furrowed, and he was rather unhappy in his heart.

Putting aside the fact that his relations.h.i.+p with Yang Xiu was not shallow, he was the Alchemist a.s.sociation’s big moneybag. Why was this Lin Yi’s words today so smelly and hard?

“En. Elder Yang and I have made an arrangement long ago to come and collect medicinal pills today. Why would he just happen to be refining pills?” Jin Huanzhen said with a frown.

“How should I know? I only know that Master made me guard here and not let some random s.h.i.+*tty people come and interrupt his pill refinement!”

Jin Huanzhen’s face darkened. He said unhappily, “What are you saying, Lin Yi? Elder Yang and I are old friends. I’m also some random sh*tty person? Like this; you go in and inform him. Just say that I came. It’s impossible that he won’t see me.”

Lin Yi was similarly displeased as he said, “Master is at the crucial moment of pill refinement. How can he be interrupted? If anything goes wrong with his pill refinement, can you shoulder this responsibility?”

“You! Good, very good! Wait until I see Elder Yang. I’m going to ask him if I, Jin Huanzhen, am some random sh*tty person! Isn’t he refining pills? I’ll just wait here today!”

Jin Huanzhen was furious to the extreme and decided to dawdle with this Lin Yi. But to really let him barge inside, he still did not have that gall.

The Alchemist a.s.sociation had the entire Fierce Gale World’s best alchemists. Furthermore, they were independent of the Wind Emperor’s jurisdiction. n.o.body dared to provoke them.

Lin Yi said that Yang Xiu was refining pills. If it really was some important medicinal pill, Jin Huanzhen really could not bear the responsibilities.

Even in the Fierce Gale World where alchemy skills were undeveloped, while Jin Huanzhen and Yang Xiu were both Soul Sea Realms, Yang Xiu’s status was much higher than his.

But Lin Yi said indifferently, “Go ahead!”

Finished talking, Lin Yi ignored Jin Huanzhen and let him be.

. . . . . .

In a twinkle of an eye, eight hours pa.s.sed. There was no activity inside at all.

Jin Huanzhen paced about non-stop. Clearly, he was very restless and angry.

He also did not know what was wrong with this Lin Yi today; the latter was purposely setting himself against him.

He had waited here for many hours, but not only was there no cup of tea at all, Lin Yi even got people to remove all the chairs!

Simple outrageous!

Although to a Soul Sea Realm martial artist, standing for a couple of hours completely did not matter, this sort of contemptuous feel made him feel immense humiliation.

Hard work did not let down the faithful. When the skies turned dark, Yang Xiu finally came out from the pill refinement room.

Jin Huanzhen was overjoyed when he saw the situation and immediately switched to a smiley face as he went up to greet Yang Xiu. He said, “Elder Yang, this Jin has waited for you for a long time. You finally came out!”

Yang Xiu smiled and said, “Oh, so, it’s Huanzhen huh? Looking for me for?”

Jin Huanzhen was just about to speak when he suddenly felt that something was not quite right.

Logically speaking, refining pills for such a long time, the alchemist’s soul force consumption would be tremendous. Even if it was not some important medicinal pill, it should also be somewhat exhausting.

But Yang Xiu was full of spirit and energy, completely without the sense of any fatigue. Could this Lin Yi be lying to him?

Right away, Jin Huanzhen probed with a sentence, “Elder Yang, were you . . . refining pills earlier?”

Yang Xiu said puzzledly, “Refining pill? Not at all. I was researching some stuff in the pill refinement room. While researching, I lost track of time. To think that the sky already became dark.”

Jin Huanzhen gnashed his teeth in hatred and said, “Elder Yang, not that this Jin likes to rat on others, but this disciple of yours, Lin Yi, looks down on people way too much! When I came to find you, he actually said that you were refining pills, causing this Jin to wait bitterly outside for eight hours . . .”

Jin Huanzhen poured out all the bitter water in his stomach and totally thought that Yang Xiu would reprimand Lin Yi fiercely. But, the development of the matter exceeded his expectations!

Yang Xiu looked at Lin Yi and asked, “You told him that I was refining pills?”

Lin Yi nodded and said, “Yes.”

The conversation progressed until here. Jin Huanzhen was already prepared to watch the show by the side when Yang Xiu’s following words nearly made him vomit a mouthful of old blood.

Only to see Yang Xiu slowly turned his head to Jin Huanzhen and said, “Oh, like that huh? It’s this old man who remembered wrongly just now. I was indeed refining medicinal pills the entire day! Sigh, getting old, becoming useless. If there’s anything, find me tomorrow. I have to head back to rest.”

Jin Huanzhen’s eyes became wide as saucers as he looked at Yang Xiu and did not recover for a long time. All the way until Yang Xiu left did he suddenly awaken and hastily chased after.

“Wait a minute, Elder Yang! Wait a minute, Elder Yang!” Jin Huanzhen yelled out.

Yang Xiu said impatiently, “Oh Huanzhen, today’s already very late. If there’s anything, talk again tomorrow!”

Jin Huanzhen panicked as he said, “Don’t be like this, Elder Yang. The army is about to set out right away. I really can’t afford to delay! Elder Yang, that batch of medicinal pills of mine, is it . .”

“Medicinal pills? What medicinal pills?” Yang Xiu said with a blank face.

Seeing Yang Xiu’s expression, Jin Huanzhen’s heart palpitated. He hastily reminded, “Ten days ago, didn’t we agree to order a batch of medicinal pill from you?”

“Is there such a thing? Why am I unaware? Old Brother, recently, our a.s.sociation’s orders are seriously too many. I can’t even manage it on my side. How about . . . you wait a while longer?” Yang Xiu reminded with good intentions.

Jin Huanzhen was perfectly clear that Yang Xiu was deliberately troubling him here. But he was also utterly confused. He did not know how in the world he offended this mighty G.o.d.

Yang Xiu’s status in the Alchemist a.s.sociation was exceedingly high. Jin Huanzhen could not afford to offend. He could only urge, “Elder Yang, you’re clearly aware that our army is about to set off in a few days now. We . . . We can’t afford to wait!”

Yang Xie spread his two hands out and said, “Then there’s no way about it. I’m really swamped over on this side. How about . . . Old Brother, you seek someone more qualified?”

Jin Huanzhen cursed in his heart but had no choice but to ask cautiously. He said, “Elder Yang, I don’t know how Little Brother offended your elderly self. How about you express it a little?”

Yang Xiu chuckled and said, “Not at all, not at all! Old Brother, you’re really thinking too much. I’m really busy over here! Alright, not talking anymore. My head is dizzy from refining pills. Heading back first to rest.”

The same scene played out everywhere in the alchemist capital . . .


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