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Chapter 2669: Executing Things in a Sweeping Manner!

“Many thanks, Master Ye!”

Huang Haoyan two people gave a deep bow to Ye Yuan respectfully.

Ye Yuan had indeed given them a huge lucky chance, making them benefit endlessly.

They both could feel that the effects of this Greater Sublime Creation Pill still had some remnants in their bodies.

In the future, it will be excavated little by little.

The two could not help somewhat feeling vicissitudes of emotion. Becoming acquainted with Ye Yuan was a ma.s.sive good fortune in itself.

Otherwise, they would probably already be dead currently, let alone talk about breaking through to Limitless Sublime Heavenly Stratum.

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “I, Ye Yuan, am never stingy to my own people. But this Ye will also never show leniency to enemies.”

The words made everyone’s expression change.

This was clearly not only said for the two of them but said for everyone present to hear!

As long as you followed me, Ye Yuan, there would be plenty of benefits in the future.

But if you wanted to oppose me.

Sorry, your outcome might be very miserable.

“Brat, do you want to use true grade heavenly pills to beguile people’s hearts? What a joke! To others, this true grade heavenly pill is merely a castle in the sky, that’s all! You want to use this to whet everyone’s appet.i.tes and support you to become Third Hall Master with this? Huhu, may I ask you what benefits we can get after you become Third Hall Master?” Ironcore said with a cold smile.

Witnessing the power of a true grade heavenly pill, Ironcore was extremely shocked too.

But the more it was so, the more it could prove the expression of his views.

Ye Yuan did not pay attention to him, but swept his gaze over everyone’s faces and said coolly, “Don’t say that this Ye doesn’t give you the chance! Right now, who else wants to withdraw from Heavenly South Pill Hall, step forward!”

“This … This is making people pick sides!”

“If one withdrew from Heavenly South Pill Hall, they will definitely be unfated with true grade heavenly pills in the future!”

“Huhu, are you thinking too much? You think that by not withdrawing, you’ll be fated with true grade heavenly pills?”

… …

Many people’s faces revealed a look of hesitation.

Even the three great families’ subordinate factions were also hesitating at this time.

After all, true grade heavenly pill was too effective!

“Huhu, looks like two hall masters are h.e.l.lbent on breaking away from our three great families! Fine, my Min Family will be the first to withdraw from Heavenly South Pill Hall!” Min Nanshan said with a cold smile.

“I’ll withdraw!”

“I’m withdrawing too!”

… …

The moment Min Nanshan came forward, immediately there were families who were subordinate to the Min Family that stepped forward.

However, the numbers suddenly dropped by more than half compared to before!

Clearly, some families were still hesitating!

Min Nanshan’s heart thumped and he could not help palpitating with anxiety and fear.

The impact of this big move that Ye Yuan just released was seriously too strong.

Some families’ willpower was already disintegrating.

“Humph! Do you guys think that by staying in Heavenly South Pill Hall, you can obtain true grade heavenly pills? Too naive!” Min Nanshan said with a cold snort.

He wanted to spur these people on!

But the effect was negligible!

Those hesitating clearly already had an idea in mind, how could it be changed easily?

However, what made Min Nanshan feel uneasy was Song Tianyang and Yun Baiyu!

He had already expressed his att.i.tude clearly. Yet, these two people actually did not concur immediately!

Min Nanshan’s eyes looked over and discovered that these two people were clearly both hesitating!

Seeing that the family heads did not move, these two families’ va.s.sal families naturally did not dare to easily express their stand too.

“Song Tianyan, Yun Baiyu, what are you guys still waiting for?” Min Nanshan said in a solemn voice.

Right at this time, Yun Baiyu let out a deep sigh, like he had made up his mind about something.

The moment Min Nanshan saw this, he could not help being overjoyed.

Yun Baiyu suddenly gave a bow towards Ye Yuan and said, “This Yun was blinded by greed previously, resulting in affronting Third Hall Master! My Yun Family is willing to receive punishment!”

“Yun Baiyu, you!” Min Nanshan’s expression changed wildly, that look wished to swallow Yun Baiyu whole.

But Zhao Xun and Wu Jian exchanged a glance, a hint of pleasant surprise flas.h.i.+ng across in their eyes.

Ye Yuan’s big move had indeed proved effective!

The moment Ye Yuan made his move, it was a true grade heavenly imperial pill. The impact on the two great family heads was too strong.

As long as the three great families fell apart, even if the Min Family really became independent, it would be nothing too.

Excellent play!

These two people’s eyes when looking at Ye Yuan became different.

Suddenly, Song Tianyang bowed to Ye Yuan too as he said, “Song Tianyang pays respect to Third Hall Master! My Song Family is also willing to receive punishment!”

All the heavyweights present were incredibly shocked.

Originally, the two great hall masters were already pressed into a corner.

Who would have thought that the moment Ye Yuan made his move, the situation would undergo an astonis.h.i.+ng reversal, two great family heads turned traitor at the same time!

While Min Nanshan and Ironcore two people stared wide-eyed and tongue-tied.

The three families had talked it over, to advance and withdraw together. Who knew that at this juncture, the Song and Yun two families actually turned traitors at the same time!

Now, the one who found it difficult to back down became Min Nanshan instead!

Ironcore was just an outsider. Heavenly South Pill Hall’s change did not have much bearing on him.

But the Min Family was different!

If only his family withdrew, that would make it difficult to do much single-handedly!

Without the support of the other two great families, even if he reached peak grade four heavenly alchemist, how could he be Heavenly South Pill Hall’s match?

A hint of an imperceptible sneer flashed across the corners of Ye Yuan’s mouth.

Actually, it was not that Ironcore’s trick was not perfect. It was just that he severely underestimated his strength.

True grade heavenly imperial pill, how many people could resist this kind of temptation?

Moreover, he still had an ace-in-the-hole!

“Song and Yun two families provoked Heavenly South Pill Hall’s authority, conspiring to rebel! Now, this hall master will strip away the two of your elder positions. Are you guys … convinced?” Ye Yuan said in a solemn voice.

Once these words came out, everyone’s countenance changed visibly.

These two families had just pledged allegiance, directly stripping the family heads of their elder position, wasn’t this pus.h.i.+ng them out?

An elder position represented too many things.

This punishment could be rated as heavy!

The moment Min Nanshan heard, he could not help laughing loudly as he said, “Hahaha, Song Tianyang, Yun Baiyu, you guys are really laughable! He doesn’t buy it at all!”

Song and Yun two people’s expressions also changed abruptly. However, they gritted their teeth and said, “Song Tianyang (Yun Baiyu), is wholeheartedly convinced!”

Everyone was shocked again. No one expected that they admitted defeat so obediently!

Ye Yuan’s gaze swept over everyone, and he said in a solemn voice, “For the Land of Heavenly South, there’s the Myriad Demons Mountain to the north, and Thistle South sea race to the south. It can be said that the people are surviving between the crevices! Therefore, everyone uniting as one is the most important thing! Harming Heavenly South’s interests for one’s own personal gain, they should be kicked out! Today, this hall master will announce that the Min Family will be expelled forever under the authority of Third Hall Master!”

Everyone’s heart could not help sinking. This measure was truly swift and fierce!

Except, it was not over yet.

Ye Yuan continued: “But then again, since it’s uniting as one, this hall master naturally won’t h.o.a.rd either! In half a month, the alchemy path families present each pick out five elite disciples and send them to Heavenly South Pill Hall! This hall master will teach them personally! In addition, this hall master will also discuss with Head Hall Master and Second Hall Master to set a rule! Those who can meet this standard, will all have a chance to obtain a true grade heavenly pill! Of course, this hall master also hopes that in the future, there will be someone among you all who can refine true grade heavenly pills too!”


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