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Chapter 2655: Can We Talk Nicely Now?

On the city wall, Cui Tong, Su Yi, and the rest all turned pale.

In the distance, it was full of seafolk in a dense swarm, a vast expanse stretching to infinity.

The Thistle South Sea Region’s area was extremely vast. The area was more than ten times that of the land area of Heavenly South.

The Thistle South Royal Clan commanded dozens of large and small tribes, numbering in the hundreds of millions.

“This … This is also too terrifying! The Thistle South Royal Clan moved the entire Thistle South Sea Region over!” Su Yi said in a trembling voice.

At this time, Calm South City was surrounded tightly in all directions by the sea race like an iron bucket, with no way out at all.

Even if a Jade Sovereign Heaven came out, no need for the sea race’s Jade Sovereign Heavens to make a move, they would probably be piled to death by people too.

Cui Tong said in a solemn voice, “Huang Haoyan this boy really deserves a thousand times over!”

Many people nodded their heads, clearly agreeing a lot with this statement.

Right, you might not have intended it, but so many people had to be buried in death with you!

“Sigh, a shame about Ye Yuan! Really don’t know how that boy thinks, to actually want to accompany Huang Haoyan to go and die! Could it be that he thinks that he’s a Saint Sovereign Heaven powerhouse?” Sun Yunjing shook his head and said.

In the end, Cui Tong still did not choose to make a move.

No matter how one looked at it, Ye Yuan had an incomparably powerful faction behind him.

This kind of genius disciple, how could he possibly not have any treasures on him to defend himself?

If he was captured, it was still fine. But if he could not capture him, not only would the true grade heavenly pill go up in smoke, it might even bring down a powerful force against them.

Right now, the Thistle South sea race this hurdle was already a pain. If new problems cropped up again unexpectedly, he could not shoulder the responsibility.

Therefore, he could only allow Ye Yuan to mess around.

“Alright, let us go out!” At this time, Ye Yuan’s indifferent voice came from the bottom of the city wall.

The city gates opened. A small boat followed the current and steered in the direction of the seafolk army.

On the boat, Huang Haoyan was trembling.

Before coming out, he could say it very confidently.

But when it really came down to it, he still could not help becoming scared.

Especially that there was a dense crowd of seafolk in front, how could he not be afraid?

“M-Master Ye, a-aren’t you afraid?” Huang Haoyan’s tongue was somewhat knotted.

He saw that Ye Yuan was very calm and did not know where Ye Yuan’s confidence came from.

Even Heavenly South City Lord also could not possibly be as calm as Ye Yuan when facing such a large army.

Ye Yuan patted his shoulder and said with a smile, “If you have the strength, you’ll naturally have the confidence! Just relax. There’s nothing to be scared of. Actually, the ones who are not to be trifled with the most in this world are heavenly alchemists.”

Huang Haoyan rolled his eyes. The heavenly alchemists on top of city walls, even if there were not more than 50 of them, at least there were 30 of them.

But no one talked like Ye Yuan!

However, seeing that Ye Yuan was so calm, Huang Haoyan’s mood really eased up a little and was no longer as scared as he was before.

Very soon, the small boat floated in front of the seafolk army.

In virtually an instant, the two were surrounded tightly by countless shrimp soldiers and crab generals.

Huang Haoyan’s complexion turned ashen pale once again.

The powerful pressure made him virtually unable to breathe, unable to even speak.

“Two Greater Sublime Heavenly Stratum little fellows actually dare to come and seek death! Flay the two of their skins and hold it up to make flag posts!” A black-robed general with a fish head and human body shouted loudly.

This black shark seafolk had the cultivation of peak Jade Sovereign Heaven, his strength astonis.h.i.+ng.

Clearly, he was the commander-in-chief for this army.

He did not give Ye Yuan two people a chance to explain either, directly killing them!

Ye Yuan’s face fell, and he said in a cold voice, “I have the thing that you all want!”

As he said, he raised the Emerald Sea Divine Conch high up.

When the black shark commander saw the Emerald Sea Divine Conch, his gaze suddenly turned sharp and he cried out in surprise, “Emerald Sea Divine Conch! It’s indeed the Emerald Sea Divine Conch! What are you all still in a dash for? Kill the two of them for me and seize the Emerald Sea Divine Conch!”

Under his word of command, countless seafolk rushed forward in swarms.

Ye Yuan’s face fell. He did not expect that the other party was actually so unreasonable!

The rule where delegates must not be killed when two countries were at war, completely did not exist in the other party’s eyes.


Ye Yuan gave a cold snort, sword energy suddenly rippling out.

Swoosh, swoosh, swoos.h.!.+

It was only to see sword light flas.h.i.+ng. Within a few breaths of time, he already reaped the lives of hundreds of seafolk!

Huang Haoyan was dumbfounded with shock from watching and exclaimed in surprise, “This is the second form of Great Dao Transformation! No wonder Master Ye could repel the merfolk tribe with his power alone!”

On top of the city walls, when Cui Tong and the rest saw this scene too, each and every one of them was incredibly shocked.

“This boy is also too monstrous! I thought that his alchemy path strength was so impressive, so his martial arts was probably not that good. Unexpectedly, he actually comprehended Great Dao Transformation. Furthermore, he already broke through to the second form! He’s virtually invincible in Greater Sublime Heavenly Stratum already!” Cui Tong said in shock.

Su Yi also said in shock, “How on earth did he cultivate? Being proficient in both alchemy and martial arts, each one is immensely formidable!”

But Wu Dao shook his head and said with a sigh, “It’s no use! He’s just a Greater Sublime Heavenly Stratum. No matter how strong his martial arts is, it’s impossible to kill his way out too!”

Everyone’s expressions changed, becoming heavy.

Sending such a genius to go and die, it was too much of a shame.

The black shark commander’s eyes also turned intent and he said in a solemn voice, “Limitless Sublime Heavenly Stratum generals, kill this boy for me!”

This sound naturally landed in Ye Yuan’s ears too.

He gave a cold snort and said, “Looks like when dealing with you barbarians, it’s superfluous to pay courtesy first! Then, let’s draw arms before greeting!”

Ye Yuan stomped his feet, a light halo quickly spread out with him as the center.

Around him, the eyes of the seafolk all rolled back and they collapsed.

Even Limitless Sublime Heavenly Stratums were not immune too!

Those Limitless Sublime Heavenly Stratums that came to kill Ye Yuan all seemed to have been hit by a paralyzing hex, then fell into the water, convulsing endlessly!

With Ye Yuan as the center, all those seafolk were all paralyzed.

300 feet!

1000 feet!

One mile!

Ten miles!

In several breaths of time, all of the seafolk within a radius of ten miles were all paralyzed.

On the surface of the water, those seafolk already had their fish bellies facing the sky, unable to fight anymore.

“What! This … How is this possible?”

When the black shark commander saw this scene, his eyes became wide-saucers!

Not just him, those people on top of the city wall likewise had astonished faces.

“This … What’s going on?”

“My G.o.d, this speed of killing is also too quick, right?”

“The number of seafolk in a ten-mile radius, there are probably several hundred thousand, right? They all died in a few breaths of time?”

… …

The muscles on the faces of Cui Tong and the rest were almost spasming out.

No one thought that Ye Yuan actually still had this kind of terrifying means.

Forget about the Lesser Sublime Heavenly Stratums and Greater Sublime Heavenly Stratums, even for Limitless Sublime Heavenly Stratum powerhouses, they were all eliminated.

This kind of means was simply inconceivable!

This was the Windward Topple after Ye Yuan improved it!

The poison usage of Windward Topple was spread through the wind.

After Ye Yuan improved it, the poison could be quickly applied through water currents!

Furthermore, under this kind of torrential storm, the spreading speed of Windward Topple was even faster through the poison formation!

“This … This … My eyes aren’t failing me, right?” Huang Haoyan already closed his eyes to await death just now. Who knew that in a blink of an eye, the surrounding area became flat.

Ye Yuan looked at the black shark commander from afar and said in a solemn voice, “Moron, can we talk nicely now?”


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