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Chapter 2653: Sea War!

Breaking through to Jade Sovereign Heavenly Stratum, every pore on Jiang Li’s body felt relaxed.

That feeling of invigoration was truly indescribable.

He walked towards Ye Yuan slowly and gave a bow respectfully as he said, “Many thanks, Master Ye! Competing with Master Ye previously was Jiang Li overestimating my own ability, Jiang Li knows my mistake!”

This scene made everyone present incredibly shocked.

They all knew how proud Heavenly South’s number one genius was.

Now, Jiang Li actually put aside his pride and showed Ye Yuan the etiquette of a disciple!

Spent a sky-high price of 68 million to buy a grade two heavenly pill, and even gave a disciple’s bow to the other person.

This was simply unimaginable to a peerless genius.

But Jiang Li did it!

Cui Tong three people exchanged a glance, all seeing the shock in each other’s eyes.

Jiang Li was the same as them, coming from Heavenly South Pill Hall.

Jiang Li’s pride, they were very clear about it in their hearts.

To be able to make the proud Jiang Li do so, it was absolutely not because he broke through, but that after he consumed the true grade heavenly pill, he became deeply aware of the gap between him and Ye Yuan!

This kind of disparity was sufficient to make him give a disciple’s bow!

Of the people present, only Jiang Li took the true grade heavenly pill. Only he understood the prowess of the true grade heavenly pill best as well.

The others could only indirectly understand it from the breakthrough image.

Very clearly, the true grade heavenly pill was even more remarkable than they imagined!

“Mn.” Ye Yuan just grunted indifferently, considered to have answered.

Jiang Li gave another bow and said, “Jiang Li is willing to serve by Master Ye’s side. Master Ye, please kindly allow it.”

Ye Yuan fell silent.

Clearly, he was hesitating.

Everyone’s gazes were glued on Ye Yuan.

Only after a long time did he nod his head and say, “Can!”

Ye Yuan was bearing the enmity of the sect’s destruction. He must return to the Five Great Heavenly Regions.

He must destroy the Pill Alliance!

But he could not destroy the Pill Alliance alone.

The Pill Alliance’s strength was too powerful!

Putting aside that terrifying Alliance Chief, Huangfu Cloudthink could likely break through to Saint Sovereign Realm before long too.

Also, that Xiao Feibai, his strength was also sect master level.

Even Cang Yongning could refine true grade heavenly pills. Ye Yuan did not feel that the Pill Alliance’s Alliance Chief could not refine true grade heavenly pills.

Now that the Pill Alliance had unified the Five Great Heavenly Regions, their strength would advance by leaps and bounds even more.

Ye Yuan needed powerful strength as well as a powerful faction.

Since that was the case, why not set up a force that belonged to him in this Land of Heavenly South?

The Pill Pavilion was gone. He should rebuild the Pill Pavilion in Heavenly South then!

Jiang Li was overjoyed when he heard that and came behind Ye Yuan, standing to one side respectfully.

This scene dumbfounded everyone with astonishment.

Breaking through to Jade Sovereign Heaven, Jiang Li was equivalent to becoming a grade four heavenly alchemist.

But he actually put aside his pride to follow Ye Yuan!

At this time, Ge Ling suddenly said, “Master Ye, this disciple also wants to follow by your side!”

Ye Yuan nodded slightly and said, “Allowed!”

Ge Ling was overjoyed and also came behind Ye Yuan, standing obediently.

Cui Tong three people exchanged glances, all shocked beyond words.

And at this time, Ye Yuan slowly stood up, cupped his fists to everyone, and said, “Apologies, everyone. Miss Su and Huang Haoyan gave me a lift on the sea. It’s also considered to have rendered me considerable help. This Ye had better stay in Calm South City.”

Hearing this, regardless of whether it was Cui Tong or Sun Yunjing, they all had disappointed expressions on their faces.

But Su Yi was wild with ecstasy.

He even despaired just now. He did not expect that there was a glimpse of hope in the dark, Ye Yuan actually stayed.

Such a master staying in Calm South City, the benefits were unimaginable.

Even if Calm South City propped him up, there was no problem at all too.

Su Yi already expected that after tomorrow, Calm South City would definitely become the center of the entire Land of Heavenly South.

Countless powerhouses would gather here.

This situation was absolutely greatly beneficial to him, this city lord.


Crack! Crack!

Before Su Yi had time to be happy, he was taken aback by a thunderbolt in clear weather.

“This bright blue sky, how can there be such a thunder-clapping noise? Quick, go out and take a look,” Su Yi said with a frown.

His subordinate received the order and hurriedly went out to inquire.

Momentarily, the subordinate returned and reported, “City Lord Your Excellency, the wind and clouds suddenly changed outside. There are dark clouds gathering overhead, lightning flas.h.i.+ng, and thunder rumbling with rain falling in torrents!”

Cui Tong also frowned and said, “Why did the weather suddenly change? Could it be that something happened? Come! Let’s go out and take a look!”

Everyone went out and their expressions immediately changed drastically.

In broad daylight, the weather turned completely dark.

Dark clouds covered the sky.

The torrential rain became a continuous line, pouring into the city frantically.

When Su Yi saw the situation, his expression changed wildly and he said, “At this rate of pouring, the seawater will inevitably rise! Once the true spirit sea race invades, the consequences will be too ghastly to imagine! Quickly pa.s.s the order, gather the subjects of the surrounding counties and have them retreat to Calm South City!”

Cui Tong’s expression was solemn as he said, “This situation, could it be …”

Wu Dao who was by the side nodded and said, “It should be. It’s the Thistle South Royal Clan’s Creation Heavenly Rain Secret Technique! But this scale of secret technique, the Thistle South Royal Clan probably mobilized no less than ten grade four high priests! Unleas.h.i.+ng this level of secret technique will wear the high priests down immensely. They probably won’t be able to move within 30 years! What manner of lunacy is the Thistle South Royal Clan going through?”

Su Yu’s expression changed wildly when he heard that and said, “It’s actually the Creation Heavenly Rain Secret Technique! Is the Thistle South Royal Clan launching a sea war? This … How is this possible?”

A sea war was an all-out war!

This scale would virtually affect the entire Land of Heavenly South. No one would be spared.

In this kind of war, there would be countless casualties, regardless of whether it was Heavenly South’s various races or the sea race.

But the most deadly casualties would naturally still be Heavenly South’s various races.

For so many years, although the Land of Heavenly South had had a lot of friction with the Thistle South Sea Region, they mostly neither hurt nor itched.

This degree of sea war had happened before too, but those were all special circ.u.mstances.

However, this time, the Thistle South Royal Clan suddenly launched a sea war without the slightest warning in advance.

Creation Heavenly Rain Secret Technique was the sea race’s high priests summoning heavenly rain through the rule of water!

Through large-scale rainfall, forcibly creating a sea and attacking the city from there!

When Su Yi and the rest saw this scene, how could they not be shocked?

Cui Tong had a solemn expression as he said, “This matter is by no means insignificant! We must inform Heavenly South City right away and let City Lord His Excellency send an army over! But it’s probably too late already! This sea war this time is too sudden!”

Su Yi was anxious until he stomped his foot. Gnas.h.i.+ng his teeth, he said, “Why? Why is it like this? Our Land of Heavenly South has long already established a treaty with the Thistle South Royal Clan, to absolutely not launch a sea war within a thousand years! Why are they going against the agreement?”

The Thistle South Royal Clan taking action was no longer what a puny little Calm South City could resist.

They could eradicate Calm South City by casually sending a group of Jade Sovereign Heavens over.

But in the crowd, Ye Yuan’s eyes flickered.

This sudden change made him think of Su Peiyun and the others being hunted down at sea.

According to what Su Peiyun they all said, the merfolk clan should not have pursued frenziedly to that extent.

Yet, they did it.

This bunch of people robbed their treasure vault. Very clearly, there was something that they attached great importance to inside.

Now, even the Thistle South Royal Clan was alarmed.

Then it was very likely that even the royal clan attached great importance to the lost item too!

Could it be that conch?


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