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Chapter 2581: Let Me Try Too

In an instant, the mysterious image that Ye Yuan had built in a year, collapsed with a boom.

Even Lin Lan had a shocked expression on his face too.

He thought that Ye Yuan this kind of heaven-defying figure, his apt.i.tude should be the very best!

He did not expect that it was actually terrible until like this!

But he was different from the rest.

He did not think that Ye Yuan was ridiculous, but was unbelievably shocked in his heart instead.

Someone who such a poor apt.i.tude could actually ascend to the 33 Heavens. Furthermore, after ascending, he could still be so heaven-defying!

Just what did he rely on?

Lin Lan was very certain that Ye Yuan definitely would not stop at his present cultivation realm strength.

His future was very bright!

Facing this tsunami-like ridiculing, Ye Yuan was very calm.

He had never cared about other people’s gazes and also never felt that apt.i.tude could mean anything.

The apt.i.tude that this array formation tested was a test of the body’s conditions.

This kind of apt.i.tude was external; it was natural.

Even if Ye Yuan cultivated to grand completion rank nine, it could not change too.

But the array formation was unable to pry into some intrinsic things.

Such as comprehension ability, such as willpower!

In Ye Yuan’s view, this was more important than apt.i.tude.

Moreover, Ye Yuan discovered that apt.i.tude was not unchangeable.

Didn’t his affinity grow?

As long as his alchemy path strength improved, his affinity might be able to grow to 50 or 60 in the future!

“Alright, finished laughing too! But it’s also time to settle our scores! Senior Apprentice Brother Han, I’ll have to trouble you to do it!” After laughing, Lu Zhanyuan’s gaze turned cold as he said.

Han Qianyun smiled and said, “Junior Apprentice Brother Lu, making me kill such a person, I’m afraid that after today, I’ll become the laughingstock of the entire heavenly sect too.”

He, Han Qianyun, was a Limitless Sublime Heavenly Stratum powerhouse, a dignified red-wing protector. He was actually killing the guy with the worst apt.i.tude in history.

No matter how one looked, it was somewhat degrading himself.

Skydew Jade PithLu Zhanyuan’s face turned red again and he said, “Senior Apprentice Brother Han, although this boy’s apt.i.tude is extremely poor, his ability in poisoning isn’t weak! I reckon that he should have obtained some poison path inheritance after ascending! Senior Apprentice Brother, kill him and I’ll give you that bottle of Skydew Jade Pith.”

Han Qianyun’s eyes flashed and he said with a smile, “This is what you said!”

Skydew Jade Pith was a pre-natal item, being extremely precious.

It had a great effect on Limitless Sublime Heavenly Stratum powerhouses too.

It could be said that Lu Zhanyuan put forth a huge blood capital in order to kill Ye Yuan.

“I said it!” Lu Zhanyuan gritted his teeth and said.

Han Qianyun looked at Ye Yuan and said with a smile, “Boy, a trash like you, I was originally disdainful to take action! But, for the sake of the Skydew Jade Pith, I can only take action.”

Ye Yuan ignored him, but looked at Protector Mo and said coolly, “You let that burly man test his skills, can you let me test it too?”

Protector Mo could not help laughing as he said, “Boy, stop struggling! He can’t do it, less of all, you! Just now, Yun Qing merely used 50% strength.”

“What? O-Only used 50%?” When the ascenders heard this, each and every one of them was shocked until they stared with their mouths agape.

An outer sect disciple cultivated for ten years, only used 50% strength, and jumped realms to defeat the burly man!

This disparity was too great!

“I wasn’t talking about him, but him!” But Ye Yuan was indifferent and pointed at Lu Zhanyuan and said smilingly.

“What?! He … He wants to challenge Lu Zhanyuan?”

“This guy is mad, right?”

“Who does he think he is? A guy whose apt.i.tude is terrible until not even his parents love him, actually wants to challenge the inner sect’s number three?”

… …

The moment Ye Yuan spoke, everyone directly exploded!

The current Ye Yuan was an ant on the ground in their eyes.

While Lu Zhanyuan was a flood dragon in the sky!

These two people were not in the same world at all!

But now, the ant wanted to challenge the flood dragon?

Was this guy being funny?

Lu Zhanyuan was also stunned for a long time before he could not help laughing as he said, “Boy, your apt.i.tude is bad, is your brain spoiled too? Or is it that you want to use Windward Topple to paralyze me?”

Ye Yuan shook his head very seriously and said, “I won’t use poison. You just need to suppress your cultivation realm to the same level as mine.”

Lu Zhanyuan could not help laughing as he said, “Boy, do you know who you’re challenging? Forget about suppressing to the same as yours, even if I suppress to lower Lesser Sublime Heaven, I can wreck you too! Of course, you’re not allowed to use poison!”

Who was Lu Zhanyuan?

He was a Jade Sovereign Heaven powerhouse’s personal disciple, the inner sect’s top three super powerhouse.

Now, he was actually being challenged by an ant!

He felt that his dignity was challenged.

Ye Yuan shrugged and said, “In that case, you agree? Didn’t you want to kill me? I’ll give you this opportunity! Let’s have a life-and-death match! How about it?”

When Protector Mo and Han Qianyun heard that, they both smiled.

Even on the ascenders this side, there were roaring peals of laughter too.

Ye Yuan’s words at this time sounded like a deathbed struggle.

Lu Zhanyuan also smiled, smiled very brightly.

“Okay! As long as you don’t use poison, so what if I agree with you? Just based on your lower-inferior apt.i.tude, can you still stir any waves?” Lu Zhanyuan jumped right down and arrived in front of Ye Yuan.

A ‘great battle’ was about to start.

Ye Yuan’s action was a death-seeking behavior in everyone’s eyes.

Even if he suppressed his cultivation realm, the inner sect’s top three could absolutely sweep away Lesser Sublime Heavenly Stratums too!

Protector Mo looked at Han Qianyun and said with a smile, “The Skydew Jade Pith that reached your hands flew away!”

Han Qianyun also smiled and said, “Junior Apprentice Brother Lu is a rarely seen pre-natal grade five Sun Dao Physique, his strength can virtually insta-kill same ranks! Only Su Lingfei and Zhengqiufei, those two freakish Dao physiques, can barely manage to suppress him a notch. Master shows favoritism toward him! If he wants to kill with his own hands, how can I stop him?”

Protector Mo smiled and said, “Then you guess how many moves can that boy last?”

Han Qianyun laughed in spite of himself and said, “How many moves? Isn’t it insta-kill? Invincible in the same rank isn’t said for fun! Furthermore, suppressing his realm, Junior Apprentice Brother Lu’s comprehension of rules isn’t what an ant can compare to! This battle is without the slightest suspense.”

Protector Mo smiled and said, “True! Really don’t know where this boy’s courage comes from! Didn’t he see Yun Qing and that burly man’s fight at all? He’s already significantly lacking when compared to that burly man, how can he compare to Junior Apprentice Brother Lu?”

On this side, Ye Yuan said to Yao Qing, “Brother Yao, borrow your sword to use!”

Yao Qing threw the sword over and said with a frown, “Brother Ye, you’re too reckless! Windward Topple is powerful, that’s why he’d be wary of you. Now that you’ve tied your own hands and legs up, what will you use to fight with Senior Apprentice Brother Lu? You … if something were to happen, how do I explain to Lord Luo!”

Ye Yuan caught the sword and said with a smile, “If I die in battle, so many people can prove that I brought about my own destruction, why would Senior Luo blame you? Alright, no need to worry. Who you should be worried about is that fellow! If I kill him, I reckon that the entire sect will be shaken, right?”

Lu Zhanyuan laughed loudly when he heard that and said, “Hahaha … brat, I discovered that you really have the talent for comedy! You? Kill me?”

Ye Yuan nodded and said, “That’s right, kill you!”

Lu Zhanyuan laughed loudly and said, “This is the funniest joke that I’ve heard in my lifetime!”

Finished speaking, the moment his aura released, it crushed over toward Ye Yuan like a blazing sun!


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