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Chapter 2094: Spatial Node Technique!

In Jiu Luo Ji, there was utter dilapidation.

Even when separated by such a great distance, Jiu Luo Ji was still affected.

This heaven-shocking strike let everyone feel clearly how powerful a Heavenly Emperor powerhouse was!

Originally, everyone did not have a clear understanding of Heavenly Emperors, this kind of legendary existence.

But now, everyone had an understanding!

The group of Empyreans strained their eyes and looked into the distance, all palpitating with anxiety and fear.

“Is … Is this the strike of a Heavenly Emperor? No wonder everyone says that Heavenly Emperor is a life-form on another level. This kind of power is simply unimaginable!” Empyrean Redfeather’s face turned pale as he said.

Only a short while ago, he felt that he was already standing at the summit of the world, thinking that Empyrean was already extremely powerful.

But now, he knew that in front of Heavenly Emperors, he was weak like an ant.

This kind of destructive power was simply unable to use shocking to describe.

“It’s us being weak that restricted our imaginations!” Empyrean Xiao Yu lamented.

All the way until now, that light that covered the sky still did not dissipate.

It seemed to have become eternal in this world.

There was already no one who cared about whether Empyrean Ice Cloud was dead or alive. Under this kind of heaven-shocking strike, forget about a Fifth Firmament Empyrean, even a Ninth Firmament Empyrean or half-step Heavenly Emperor, so what?

There was only death!

Suddenly, the void trembled. Several dozen figures stepped out of the air. The entire Jiu Luo Ji immediately exclaimed in alarm.

Several dozen Empyreans, what kind of powerful line-up was this? To actually descend upon Jiu Luo Ji at the same time.

The extreme north was shocked!

Use their b.u.t.tocks to think that everyone also knew who came.

It was just that Empyrean Vast Wind did not come in a threatening manner, but looked at the light in the horizon, his expression flickering incessantly.

Earlier, in the void, he felt a power that he was unable to contend with affecting the entire world.

It almost sent them, these Empyrean powerhouses, into the spatial turbulent flow.

This kind of horrifying power made his heart palpitate.

This was a power that he was unable to rival!

There was still such a terrifying power existing in this Northernmost Steppe?

An Empyrean who just came out said with lingering fear in his heart, “This … What in the world happened here? Even a Ninth Firmament Empyrean also doesn’t have such horrifying destructive power, right?”

“This power, could it be a Heavenly Emperor powerhouse? Could it be that … Feng Tianyang offended a Heavenly Emperor powerhouse, that’s why he was killed?” Empyrean Mie Yu’s face also turned white, speculating.

These powerhouses were normally all high and mighty, having an appearance of impa.s.siveness.

But having witnessed such a horrifying energy undulation, they were all not composed anymore.

Empyrean Vast Wind’s two eyes narrowed, his gaze finally landing on Empyrean Windlike.

“Windlike, what’s going on here? Who killed Tianyang?” Empyrean Vast Wind said in a solemn voice.

It was just that when asking this, the extreme north’s sovereign, Empyrean Vast Wind, appeared lacking in confidence.

After all, this scene before their eyes was too shocking. It already far exceeded the scope of power that he controlled.

How could Empyrean Windlike not understand what Vast Wind was thinking?

In reality, the Empyrean Windlike who witnessed everything was currently even more shocked than Empyrean Vast Wind and the others.

But Empyrean Vast Wind was asking him. So Empyrean Windlike forcefully collected his thoughts, then briefly recounted the events from start to end.

When mentioning the Heaven Shocking Lightning, everyone including Empyrean Vast wind all let out a long sigh in relief.

If this thing was released against them, probably none of the Empyreans present would be able to survive.

That was several dozen Empyreans!

More than half of this extreme north’s Empyreans still did not have any strength to retaliate in front of this power.

But beyond the shock, the group of Empyreans was secretly laughing at Ye Yuan’s foolishness.

This kind of precious treasure was actually used to bombard a mosquito, killing the ant-like Empyrean Ice Cloud. It was truly a wanton waste of G.o.d’s good gifts!

As long as Ye Yuan did not use it, he would be able to deter the entire Northernmost Steppe!

Even if Empyrean Vast Wind came to find him, he also would not dare to be impudent in front of him.

But now, Ye Yuan used it up. Wouldn’t it be equivalent to asking Empyrean Vast Wind to exterminate him?

Sure enough, Empyrean Vast Wind gave a cold snort and said, “What a fine Ye Yuan! To dare kill my son, this Empyrean will definitely have you die without a burial ground!”

Although his words were ruthless, everyone heard the sense of relief in his words.

If Ye Yuan did not use up the Heaven Shocking Lightning, him coming in a threatening manner would probably have had his face slapped swollen.

“However, before this, I’ll take care of the two of you first!”

Empyrean Vast Wind’s gaze turned cold but landed on Yang Fei-er and Empyrean Loneswan.

After Ye Yuan left, Empyrean Windlike’s aura had locked onto their bodies from far away the entire time. As long as they made any strange movements, he would deal a lightning blow.

But these two people were also sensible and actually did not run away.

Everyone looked at the two people with pity, feeling that they followed the wrong person.

“Heh, Old Man Loneswan, you’re also someone who has lived to a ripe old age, to actually throw your lot in with such a fool. That kid had such a precious treasure in his hands and he actually used it to kill a measly little Ice Cloud. Are you regretting it to death right now?” Empyrean Tian Jue said mockingly.

Empyrean Loneswan’s face did not have a fl.u.s.tered look, he just said coolly, “Tian Jue, you’re wrong! Not only did I not regret it, but I’m also rejoicing greatly instead!”

Tian Jue laughed loudly when he heard that and said, “Rejoicing? You followed such a fool and are actually still rejoicing? Right now, he threw you here alone to wait for death, but you’re actually still rejoicing? Old Man Loneswan, looks like you’re really muddle-headed with age!”

A hint of a smile surfaced on Empyrean Loneswan’s face and he said coolly, “That strike just now, you all saw it, right? Do you feel that you are very insignificant? Do you feel that you’re very weak? You guys aren’t able to imagine this kind of realm throughout your lives, while I, will witness the birth of a peerless powerhouse! Or maybe one day in the future, this Empyrean will also possess this kind of power!”

“Hahaha, peerless powerhouse? You’re talking about that kid? He’ll become a dead person very soon! No matter how great his talent is, what’s the use?” Tian Jue laughed loudly and said.

The other Empyreans also had mocking looks on their faces, feeling that Empyrean Loneswan had gone utterly insane and already could not figure out the situation.

Empyrean Vast Wind gave a cold snort and said, “Do you want to witness the birth of a peerless powerhouse? Can, go to another world, he’ll go down to accompany you very soon. No, wait, he won’t have the chance, because this Empyrean is going to extract his soul alive and refine it for 100 thousand years, making him never to reincarnate for all of eternity!”

His aura suddenly released, a horrifying pressure filled the group of Empyreans with fear.

Everyone knew that Empyrean Vast Wind genuinely became enraged.

It was only to see him throw a palm over toward Loneswan and Yang Fei-er fiercely.

But these two people were not seized with panic but took out a jade plate very calmly.

“Huhu, Vast Wind, your son’s death only had himself to blame! You can’t kill Master too! As for us, you likewise can’t kill!”

Loneswan crushed the jade plate very calmly, the two people’s figures instantly vanished on the spot.

Empyrean Vast Wind laughed coldly and said in a solemn voice, “Want to escape? How can it be that easy!”

It was only to see him extend a palm into the palm, chasing right after the two people.

It was just that when he probed into the void, where was there still the two people’s shadows?

Empyrean Vast Wind’s expression changed, and he said in alarm and fury, “d.a.m.n it! It’s a spatial node technique!”


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