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Chapter 1846 Contesting for Young Patriarch

“Come, I’ll toast you a gla.s.s. Thank you for your life-saving grace!” Leng Xu raised his head up and downed it in one go.Putting down the wine bowl, Leng Xu said with vicissitudes of emotion, “Drank until I was senseless that day. If not for you, I’d probably have croaked already. These few months, I was still muddling along without any aim, thinking of coming to find you to compete in drinking every day. But sadly, you never came again. If I didn’t happen to pa.s.s by today, I wouldn’t even know that I actually already went to the gates of h.e.l.l and back!”

After Leng Xu woke up that day, he did not remember what happened in the alley at all.

But competing in drinking with Ye Yuan that day, it was still fresh in his memory.

For so long, it was still his first time encountering a guy who could bring him down.

Hence, he kept thinking about it and was going to find Ye Yuan again to compete in drinking.

Today, Leng Xu just happened to pa.s.s by, that was how he heard Iron Eagle’s words.

It was also precisely because of this that Leng Xu was even more moved in his heart.

Showing kindness without expecting repayment, Ye Yuan this friend, he was bent on making it!

If it were others, saving the Leng Family’s young patriarch, they would definitely think of ways to suck up to him. At the very least, they had to fish some benefits from the Leng Family too, but Ye Yuan did not.

From this, one could see Ye Yuan’s n.o.ble moral character.

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “That day I sent you back to the Leng Manor, Leng Hao wanted to take me down indiscriminately. I wasn’t willing to intervene in your Leng Manor’s disputes and also just happened to reach the point of breakthrough. So I simply chose to enter closed-seclusion. It’s just that I didn’t expect that Leng Hao still wasn’t willing to let me off.”

Leng Xu smiled bitterly and said, “Leng Hao definitely thought that you were a helper that I invited. That’s why he would deal a fatal blow to you. In fact, it was all me who implicated you.”

Ye Yuan raised his gla.s.s and downed a bowl, saying with a smile, “I don’t like trouble, but I am not afraid of trouble too. However, what on earth is going on with your Leng Family?”

Leng Xu immediately downed a bowl himself when he heard that and said with a sigh, “Sigh, brothers fighting among ourselves, it already caused a huge scandal in the whole city. Truly disgraceful! Actually, I’m not inclined toward the position of the young patriarch at all. But to no avail, this big brother of mine is very persistent!”

It turned out that that day Leng Xu competing in drinking with Ye Yuan, he had a big quarrel with Leng Hao and was in a bad mood. That was why he came to the tavern to get drunk.

Leng Xu and Leng Hao, the two brothers were very close since young. Since young, Leng Hao also took extra care of Leng Xu.

These two people’s talents were both very strong, both leaders of the Leng Family’s young generation.

Except, there was one thing, Leng Hao was an adopted child. His status in the Leng Family was far from Leng Xu’s.

Leng Xu was the son of the family head, furthermore, his talent was outstanding. His status in the Leng Family was extremely high.

Brothers being kind and loving to each other was originally something that everyone envied.

But sadly, a few years ago, the Leng Family’s family head, Leng Hongtian, was suddenly killed. The elders elected Leng Hongtian’s young brother, Leng Hongxiu, as the family head.

Leng Hongxiu had no sons, just a daughter.

This way, Leng Xu’s ident.i.ty became awkward.

Leng Xu’s disposition was indifferent, his character unrestrained and carefree. He did not care about the ident.i.ty of young patriarch at all.

But Leng Hao this person gradually changed.

Leng Hao became very calculating, roping in elders in the family clan, marginalizing Leng Xu.

But on the surface, the two people did not lose all decorum and were still a pair of close brothers.

Except, even though Leng Xu’s character was free and easy, he was not stupid.

Three months ago, Leng Hao found an excuse and exiled a very close uncle of Leng Xu out of the main family.

Leng Xu finally could not hold back. He got into a big fight with Leng Hao.

He also did not expect that Leng Hao would actually send people to a.s.sa.s.sinate him.

Although the Black Smoke Twin Fiends’ strengths were not strong, they were very clear about the ways of the Jianghu.

On that day, seeing Ye Yuan and Leng Xu compete in drinking, they knew that their chance had come.

Except, they did not think that Ye Yuan’s strength was actually so strong.

“Sigh, actually, I really don’t care about this position of young patriarch! I told Leng Hao before, I’d rather not be this young patriarch then be willing to have brothers turn against each other, but he doesn’t believe it at all! He doesn’t believe it at all! Hahaha …”

Leng Xu raised his head and drank a large bowl of wine, crystalline tears already welled up in his eyes.

Ye Yuan also sighed unceasingly after he heard it.

Once a person was reduced to a slave to authority, their entire person would undergo earth-shaking changes.

He could feel that Leng Xu really did not care about the position of young patriarch.

But Leng Hao did not believe it at all!

He felt that Leng Xu was deliberately making him lower his guard.

Ye Yuan raised his gla.s.s and said, “Good times today, stupor tomorrow! Forget all these unpleasant things! Come, cheers!”

Leng Xu laughed loudly and said, “Haha, cheers! Today, I won’t lose to you easily!”

Ye Yuan smiled slightly and said, “Competing in drinking with me, you’re not qualified enough yet!”

While talking and laughing, the two drank another hundred over gla.s.ses.

Finally, Leng Xu was overwhelmed by the alcohol and collapsed once more.

Leng Family, the black-clothed man came to Leng Hao’s courtyard hastily.

“Young Master, things are bad! Iron Eagle, he’s … dead!”

Leng Hao’s face suddenly changed and he exclaimed, “This … How is this possible?”

The black-clothed man was still in shock until now as he said in a solemn voice, “It’s absolutely true! After Ye Yuan came out of seclusion, he directly killed Han Xiao at the Essence Gathering PaG.o.da. Then he was about to go to Guiling Tavern when someone saw Ye Yuan kill Iron Eagle with one sword move! Furthermore … Leng Xu was also around!”

“One sword move? Killing Iron Eagle, he only used one sword move?” Leng Hao said with a look of disbelief.

A First Firmament Celestial Deity killed a Fourth Firmament Celestial Deity with one sword move, how was this possible?

The black-clothed man smiled bitterly and said, “Ye Yuan already broke through to become a Second Firmament Celestial Deity. Originally, this subordinate didn’t believe it either, but … this is the fact. Furthermore …”

Leng Hao’s face turned dark and he said, “Spit out what you have to say, beat around the bush for what?”

The black-clothed man’s expression turned somber as he said, “Leng Xu and Ye Yuan drank too much at Guiling Tavern again. Now, Ye Yuan sent Leng Xu back again!”

Leng Hao’s expression was incomparably ugly, not expecting that it would actually be this result.

A Fourth Firmament Celestial Deity powerhouse was already the limit that he could mobilize.

Fifth Firmament Celestial Deity powerhouses had very high statuses in the family, they were not what he could mobilize currently.

Of course, if he could become the young patriarch, it would be another matter.

Leng Hao paced back and forth, seemingly digesting this news.

Suddenly, his footsteps paused and he said, “Just now, you said that he killed Han Xiao?”

The black-clothed man nodded his head and said, “When Ye Yuan just came out, Han Xiao’s sneak attack failed, and he was killed by Ye Yuan with one sword move!”

One sword move!

One sword move again!

Leng Hao’s expression was not too good, this Ye Yuan was too troublesome.

Leng Hao said in a solemn voice, “Don’t need to care about this Ye Yuan anymore! Han Dongjun that old thing treasures this son of his the most. He definitely won’t be willing to drop the matter! Rather, it’s Leng Xu. Looks like our plan have to start getting into gear! The position of young patriarch can’t be delayed anymore! Is there any news from the Qianling Manor that side?”

The black-clothed man said, “Eldest Miss already left seclusion. It’s said that she already broke through to the middle-stage Fifth Firmament Celestial Deity Realm!”

Leng Hao sighed with admiration as he said, “Qiuling is really a genius. Her talent really makes people blush with shame! It’s just a shame that she’s a girl! Alright, this matter, you don’t need to care anymore. I’ll go and find the family head straight away. The struggle for young patriarch should also have a result already!”


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