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Chapter 1645 Pauper

When Ning Tianping heard that martial artist’s words, his gaze could not help turning intent, his heart palpitating with eagerness.

The True G.o.d Realm, that was a realm that he dreamed of!

Except, even if his talent was outstanding, wanting to reach the Celestial Deity Realm was extremely, extremely difficult, let alone the True G.o.d Realm.

Putting aside his own talent, just talking about Zheng Qi, Gao Yuan, Ling Zikun, those people, which of them were not heaven’s chosen of their generation when young?

But several tens of thousands of years had pa.s.sed, they were still stuck at the peak Divine Lord Realm.

Ning Tianping understood that if not for the void spirit divine-grade Vastsun Universe Pill, it was also impossible for him to cultivate so quickly.

He could forget about attaining his present realm without a thousand years.

Furthermore, the further up, even if it was one level, breaking through was extremely arduous.

Hence, in Ning Tianping’s heart, he had always been extremely respectful toward Ye Yuan.

After him, Ye Yuan never refined void spirit divine-grade Vastsun Universe Pills again!

To the outside, Ye Yuan just said that that time was an exceptional performance, the others were also deeply convinced.

After all, void spirit divine-grade Vastsun Universe Pill was not some commonplace medicinal pill, able to refine when one wanted to refine.

But Ning Tianping was his follower for so long, he was naturally aware just how terrifying Ye Yuan’s Alchemy Dao strength was.

“So that’s how it is. Then in this Riverluck Capital City, is there a venue to trade treasures?” Ning Tianping asked.

That martial artist said, “The places to trade in Riverluck Capital City are a lot. But to say the largest trading place, it belongs to the west-side city’s Heavenly Network Gathering. Heavenly Network Gathering is jointly established by the three great factions. There are all kinds of precious treasures inside. If Your Excellency wishes to trade, you can bring your follower over there to take a look.”

Ning Tianping smiled and said, “Many thanks, Brother. But … you got it wrong. This one is the lord, I’m just a small follower.”

That martial artist looked at the two people leaving with a sluggish look when he heard that. What situation was this?

No matter how one looked at it, Ning Tianping was also some major faction’s direct lineage disciple, ridiculously young.

Such a genius disciple was a follower for an Origin Deity Realm?

On the way, Ye Yuan smiled and said, “You don’t have to explain to him. Moreover, I also don’t have the intention of treating you as a follower.”

Ning Tianping smiled and said, “Your Excellency, you’ll surely still can get the position of elder. My bit of strength is also just enough to be a follower for you. Posturing in front of you right now, when I get my face slapped, it would not be good.”

Ye Yuan could not help smiling when he heard that.

Heavenly Network Gathering was a trading area that occupied a vast area. It was divided into three major regions, which were respectively under the jurisdiction of the three major forces.

Each martial artist who entered here, regardless of whether setting up stalls or trading, had to pay a certain amount of divine essence stones.

After Ye Yuan paid the divine essence stones for two, he brought Ning Tianping into the trading area.

Ning Tianping grumbled and said, “How shady! We entered and haven’t done anything yet, and we paid 100 thousand divine essence stones! There are so many people here, so how many divine essence stones will be collected in a day?”

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “Many martial artists are keen to establish their own factions or join one. Because only with a powerful faction can one earn even more divine essence stones. Cultivation will also be more a.s.sured. Just like Heavenly Eagle Imperial City, entering inside similarly needs to pay a certain amount of divine essence stones. Back then, when I entered the city, I paid one million divine essence stones.”

Ning Tianping had always been living in the inner-city. With the protection of the family, he was unable to understand the sorrow of bottom-level martial artists.

Hearing Ye Yuan say so, it was really the case.

No matter how powerful a person’s martial strength was, the divine essence stones that they could earn were also limited.

But if one established a powerful faction, that was completely different.

One could say that that was lying at home and collecting money.

The two people toured one round. Ning Tianping looked around until he was extremely shocked.

“Spiral Star Absolute Feather, Duize Mystic Lotus … these are all extremely rare treasures. This place actually has them!”

Ning Tianping was like someone who had never seen the world entering the dazzling human world with its myriad temptations, being dumbfounded by the rare and exotic treasures here.

These were very seldom-seen treasures. This place actually had everything one could wish for.

Ye Yuan did not shout excitedly like Ning Tianping, but he was also extremely surprised in his heart.

It was no wonder Dustless made him come here. This place was truly the paradise for martial artists and alchemists.

There were quite a few things that even he was somewhat moved too.

“Boss, how much are you selling this Seven Treasure Profound Fruit for?” Ning Tianping could not resist coming before a small stall and asking about it.

A person should not look at how this small stall was inconspicuous. There were quite a few good items.

Ning Tianping cultivated water-attribute laws. This Seven Treasure Profound Fruit was a water-attribute spirit medicine. Even swallowing raw was very helpful to him too.

The boss was a third-layered heaven Divine Lord too. Seeing Ning Tianping ask, his eyelids raised slightly and he said, “1.2 billion!”

The corners of Ning Tianping’s mouth twitched fiercely and he said, “Boss, this is also too expensive. Can it be cheaper?”

A rank four divine pill was also merely the price of two or three billion. This one spirit medicine was already 700 million. If refined into a medicinal pill, mixed with other spirit medicines, it would start at least 2 billion.

Then how much was the medicinal pill refined worth?

But this Seven Treasure Profound Fruit was indeed a rare item. If refined into a medicinal pill, it would at least start at 3 billion too.

Looking at it this way, the price of 1.2 billion was also not considered too outrageous.

It was just that, this way, Ye Yuan’s net worth of tens of billions did not seem to be a big deal looking at it now.

Moreover, the majority of the time in these dozen over years was spent flying. He already depleted close to half of the divine essence stones.

Counting this way, the few billions remaining were not enough to look at at all.

That boos shot Ning Tianping a glance indifferently and said coolly, “Want to buy, buy. Not buying, get lost. Don’t disturb this old man from doing business!”

Ning Tianping was young and spirit in the end. He was about to erupt on the spot. He said furiously, “What’s with your att.i.tude?!”

The boss said with a cold smile, “The things that this old man sells is naturally worth this price! In this Heavenly Network Gathering, don’t pretend to be capable if you don’t have money! Pauper, this place is beyond your ability!”

Ning Tianping was enraged and roared, “Who are you saying doesn’t have money? Your father has plenty of money!”

In his rage, he fished out a storage ring. But when his consciousness probed into the storage ring, he suddenly had an embarra.s.sed look.

He came out too hastily this time. He really could not take out so much divine essence stones on him.

Ning Tianping’s current net worth was only 700 or 800 million.

What kind of eyes did the boss have? Looking at Ning Tianping’s appearance, he knew that he had no money and said with a sneer, “Can’t take it out? Get lost to one side if you have no money, don’t interfere with this old man doing business!”

Ning Tianping was livid, this boss was really too arrogant, to actually look down on him!

Considering how he was the dignified Ning Family’s number one genius, when had he worried about money before?

It was truly a tiger landing in a plain being bullied by a dog!

Right at this time, Ye Yuan slowly took out a storage ring, placed it on the stall, and said coolly, “Boss, 1.2 billion, you check.”

The boss’ gaze sharpened slightly, only then, sized Ye Yuan up seriously.

He even thought that Ye Yuan was the follower that Ning Tianping brought. Looking at it now, something seemed to be off.

An Origin Deity Realm could actually take out 1.2 billion without batting an eyelid!

Something was fishy!

But Ning Tianping’s expression changed, and he said, “Brother Ye, how can this do?”

He knew that Ye Yuan’s divine essence stones here were also not considered a lot. There was still great use.

Taking out 1.2 billion all of a sudden was also a considerable burden to him, immediately feeling conflicted in his heart.


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