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Chapter 1578 Resounding Slap

Obtaining the recognition of Heavenly Dao and becoming the Heavenly Dao controller of a world, the martial artist would produce a trace of inexplicable connection with this small world.

The martial artist could mobilize the power of Heavenly Dao for his own use through this hint of connection.

This was the so-called controller of an owner-less world!

But Ye Yuan actually severed this trace of connection just now.

This meant that he was not the controller now.

Everyone present were not fools, how could they still not understand what was going on?

Each and every one of their faces revealed incomparably shocked expressions, feeling very perplexed by Ye Yuan’s action.

“Now, you can rest a.s.sured, right? I’m giving you this chance, a fair battle!” Ye Yuan said coolly as if he did something ordinary.

Heavenly Sin was stunned for a full ten breaths of time before slowly coming back to his senses.

“Hahaha … you actually severed the Heavenly Dao! Actually really sundered the Heavenly Dao!” After coming back to his senses, Heavenly Sin was wildly elated in his heart and laughed wildly without ceasing.

At this moment, he was incomparably certain that this Ye Yuan was a fool!

A complete fool!

He, Heavenly Sin Heretic G.o.d, used 300 thousand years before achieving the realm of controller.

But this kid actually cut off Heavenly Dao without even batting an eyelid!

The confidence that was just trampled into pieces by Ye Yuan instantly returned to him.

That feeling of showing disdain on everything returned again!

With Ye Yuan no longer being a controller, he was the Immortal Grove Region’s strongest!

A fair battle!

Screw his fair battle!

Only a fool would have a fair fight with you!

“Kid, this venerated self admires your courage and boldness. As a Heavenly Dao’s controller, you actually severed it at the drop of a hat!” Heavenly Sin said proudly.

Ye Yuan looked at Heavenly Sin calmly and said coolly, “Just a small world’s controller, only a frog at the bottom of a well like you will take it seriously.”

Heavenly Sin laughed loudly and said, “Yes, you’ve gone to experience the world outside, a small world’s controller is indeed nothing. But in the Immortal Grove Region, I’m the strongest!”

Everyone was unable to understand why Ye Yuan would do such an action.

“What on earth is Ye Yuan trying to do? He sundered Heavenly Sin Heretic G.o.d, who else is Heavenly Sin Heretic G.o.d’s match in this Immortal Grove Region?”

“Ye Yuan is too reckless! He wouldn’t naively think that the Heavenly Sin Heretic G.o.d would have a fair fight with him, right?”

“Ye Yuan might have lost his head being angered by Heavenly Sin, wanting to use his real strength to crush the other party. He sundered Heavenly Dao, but Heavenly Sin Heretic G.o.d would not cut it off!”

“Could it be that ye yuan still has some backup plan?”

“Under this sort of situation, what backup plan can there still be? I can’t imagine it at all!”

Earlier, Ye Yuan ravaged Heavenly Sin like smacking a fly, they still felt very liberated.

Who knew that in a twinkle, the situation actually had such a startling great reversal.

Ye Yuan’s action made the situation become one-sided again.

Ning Siyu looked at the Ye Yuan high up in the sky thoughtfully. She knew that Ye Yuan’s combat strength was extremely formidable, in a fair fight, Heavenly Sin could never be Ye Yuan’s match.

But the problem was, how on earth was Ye Yuan going to resist the power of Heavenly Dao?

Unless a Divine Lord Realm powerhouse came, otherwise, she really could not figure out what means Ye Yuan had that could resolve the might of Heavenly Dao.

Suddenly, Heavenly Sin’s eyes turned cold and he said in a solemn voice, “Kid, it’s you who’s seeking death! The humiliation that you gave this venerated self earlier, I’m going to get it back a thousand folds now!”

Heretic G.o.d Palm!

Heavenly Sin shouted and smacked towards Ye Yuan.

In the next instant, his expression became incomparably fascinating.

F*cking failed again!

He was actually still unable to mobilize the power of Heavenly Dao!

Everyone had stunned faces.

“What’s going on here? Ye Yuan already cut off Heavenly Dao, Heavenly Sin is the Immortal Grove Region’s only controller now, why is he still unable to control Heavenly Dao?”

“Hahaha … I understand, Ye Yuan is deliberately messing with him!”

“This guy even thought that he got a huge bargain, didn’t expect that Ye Yuan was totally playing with him. Heretic G.o.d Palm, hahaha, really killing me!”

Heavenly Sin’s expression was as ugly as it could get. He felt like his world view already collapsed.

A hint of panic revealed in his eyes once more as he said, “Impossible! I’m clearly the only controller, why am I still unable to mobilize the power of Heavenly Dao?”

Ye Yuan looked at him like looking at an idiot and said coolly, “Your brain isn’t too good, right? Do you think that everyone is as stupid as you? Would I put my life in your hands? Cutting off Heavenly Dao, I’m naturally very certain that Heavenly Dao is useless to me.”

Heavenly Sin’s gaze turned intent, he went completely mad.

He finally knew that Ye Yuan was deliberately messing with him!

“Kid, looks like you’re very smug huh?! However … did you forget something?” Heavenly Sin said in a cold voice.

Ye Yuan pretended to be surprised as he said, “Oh? What did I forget?”

Heavenly Sin grinned hideously and said, “You forgot, this venerable self is two minor realms higher than you! This venerable self is already standing at the peak of Origin Deity Realm!”

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “Is that so? You’re so impressive huh! I said just now, I’m going to have a fair battle with you. I want to defeat you in an upright manner!”

Heavenly Sin sneered and said, “Defeat me? With the likes of you? Even if not borrowing the might of Heavenly Dao, killing you will be as easy as blowing off dust too! I’ll let you take a look at this venerated self’s true strength!”

While talking, the aura of Heavenly Sin’s grand completion Origin Deity completely released.

A gleaming scimitar appeared in his hand, it was shockingly a celestial deity artifact.

Heavenly Sin grinned hideously and said, “Heavenly Moon Wild Blade! Kid, die!”

A blade that advanced with an indomitable will, the imposing momentum was incomparably shocking from beginning to end.

Even when Fang Tian, Skydistant, and the rest saw this blade, they quaked in their boots too.

They could not help looking towards Ye Yuan worriedly, not knowing if Ye Yuan was really Heavenly Sin’s match.

Heavenly Sin’s speed was swift to the extreme, arriving in front of Ye Yuan in a blink of an eye.

Same as before, Ye Yuan still did not move and still stood with his hands behind his back just like that.

Heavenly Sin was wildly elated in his heart. Such a close distance, Ye Yuan absolutely could not avoid his blade.

But right at this time, there was a blur before Heavenly Sin’s eyes. He actually lost track of Ye Yuan.

He was greatly alarmed in his heart, hurriedly pulling back the blade to save himself.


A resounding slap reverberated throughout the sky, transmitting into everyone’s ears.

Heavenly Sin’s body shot towards the ground like a cannonball, smas.h.i.+ng out a large pit once more.

Ning Siyu looked at this scene and said disdainfully, “Dumba.s.s, even half-step Divine Lords aren’t Master Ye’s match. With the likes of your middling skills, you still wish to hack until him?”


Heavenly Sin leaped up from the giant pit, black gas fluctuating on his body.

He was already furious to the extreme and said with an angry yell, “Punk, I’m going to kill you, flay your skin, and pull out your tendons!”

Another blade that startled heaven and earth and made G.o.ds and ghosts weep!

However …


It was another resounding slap!

Quite a number of people all unconsciously touched their faces, as if that slap was smacked onto their faces.

Really painful!

“Ahh, ahh, ahh, Ye Yuan! I’m going to kill you!” Heavenly Sin roared and charged over once more.




One slap followed another. Ye Yuan’s movement was erratic.

But with each slap, the sound was clear and audible.


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