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Chapter 142: Chain a.s.sa.s.sinations!

Translator: celefoata_ Editor: RegiusProfessor

A 128 restrictions spirit artifact was practically the utmost limit of a spirit artifact.

If more restrictions were added, the spirit artifact would find it very hard to withstand the oppression of the restrictions. The final outcome would be the destruction of the spirit artifact.

Furthermore, spatial spirit artifacts were extremely scarce. A 128 restrictions spatial spirit artifact was even more valuable then.

If this spirit artifact were known to the outside world, it would surely set off a wave of bloodshed!

Ye Yuan did not expect that Yuan Fei actually possessed such a spirit artifact.

“Where did your spirit artifact come from, Yuan Fei?” Ye Yuan asked curiously.

“Back then when I was at peak Tier 2, although I awakened inherited memories, I remained unable to find the juncture for a breakthrough. Hence, I hardened my heart and entered the depths of the Endless Forest alone to seek out the opportunity for a breakthrough. Who knew that I would randomly barge into a human grotto. This spirit artifact was obtained from inside that grotto,” Yuan Fei did not hide it and explained to Ye Yuan.

Ye Yuan was surprised. “A human grotto? Isn’t the Endless Forest under the rule of demonic beasts? Why would there be a human grotto?”

Yuan Fei shook his head and said, “That I don’t know. But I acquired this spirit artifact from the outermost area of that grotto. The inhibitions inside are overly powerful. I simply dared not go in too deep. Back then, I obtained several Demon Spirit Pills and this spatial spirit artifact inside the grotto, and then quietly retreated. I only broke through to Tier 3 after swallowing the Demon Spirit Pills.”

“Oh? There’s actually such things like Demon Spirit Pills inside that human martial artist’s grotto? Looks like you, Yuan Fei, really have a tremendous fortune. Your future accomplishments definitely won’t be low!” Ye Yuan said admirably.

From Yuan Fei’s recount of the situation, his luck was simply freaking amazing!

Yuan Fei was only at peak Tier 2 back then. Entering deep into the Endless Forest was simply no different from courting death. But not only did he not die, he even bafflingly obtained the opportunity to breakthrough and successfully broke through to Tier 3.

And now, Yuan Fei encountered Ye Yuan. This could no longer be described as good luck!

Accompanying by Ye Yuan’s side, as long as Yuan Fei did not die, his future accomplishments would be immeasurable!

Just like Yuan Fei said himself, meeting Ye Yuan was his greatest fortune!

“Thank you, Young Master!” Yuan Fei exclaimed respectfully.

Ye Yuan nodded and said, “Looks like this human grotto should be the temporary dwelling of some extremely powerful existence. This Endless Forest is really such an interesting place!”

Yuan Fei’s words filled Ye Yuan with a deep curiosity about that grotto. After he became stronger, he must absolutely pay a visit to that grotto.

“Alright, there’s no time to lose. Yuan Fei, quickly pack up and put your clansmen inside the spatial spirit artifact. Then follow me. You and your clansmen just stay inside the spatial spirit artifact normally to cultivate. When I need you, I’ll naturally call for you,” Ye Yuan instructed.

“Yes, Young Master!” Yuan Fei acknowledged and started to carry out the great migration feat.

This Crimson Summit Ridge was also a rich treasure land. Apart from the Crimson Soul Gra.s.s, there were quite a few other precious medicinal herbs.

As for those things, Ye Yuan naturally would not waste them. He made the apes pack them all up and deliver it inside the spatial spirit artifact.

Of course, to the present Ye Yuan, the most precious was still the Crimson Soul Gra.s.s.

Ye Yuan got three to four stalks of it from Yuan Fei and made him keep the rest away inside the spatial spirit artifact.

Once everything was settled, Yuan Fei and his clansmen all entered the spatial spirit artifact. Then, the spatial spirit artifact shrunk to become a small bead the size of a soybean and was carried on Ye Yuan’s body.

. . . . . .

Ye Yuan and Feng Zhirou continued down the ridge. The Crimson Summit Ridge originally bustling with noise and excitement was abnormally still now.

But this sort of situation would not last long. What the Endless Forest lacked the least were demonic beasts. This place would soon be occupied by other demonic beasts.

There would naturally be a bout of fighting and killing over this, but that had nothing to do with Ye Yuan.

It could be said that he returned fully loaded from this trip to the Crimson Summit Ridge. Not only did he obtain the Crimson Soul Gra.s.s, he even subdued a Tier 3 demonic beast.

Feng Zhirou felt that she was still dreaming even now. This entire day and night’s experience was overly bizarre.

“Am I still dreaming, Ye Yuan? Did we really subdue a Tier 3 demonic beast?”

“You can pinch yourself. If it hurts, that means you aren’t dreaming. Ouch! I asked you to pinch yourself! What did you pinch me for?”

“You’re actually in so much pain. Looks like this really isn’t a dream! But I still feel like this isn’t real. Ye Yuan, if you let out the Ape King and his clan, wouldn’t they be able to directly obliterate the State of Qin?”

Ye Yuan said helplessly, “Don’t be silly! Yuan Fei can’t be exposed. He can only be used during crucial moments. Just think about it, if a Tier 3 demonic beast appeared in the human territories, what would be the outcome? Furthermore, Yuan Fei and the rest are hiding inside the spatial spirit artifact. If the spatial spirit artifact is exposed, forget about me, even the State of Qin will face annihilation! So we must keep our mouths tightly shut after we return, understood?”

Feng Zhirou had a casual personality. She just felt that having a Tier 3 demonic beasts subordinate was very glorious. She honestly did not think that the consequence would be so severe.

“No way? I was still thinking about bringing Yuan Fei out to show off just now. They actually can’t even show their faces?” Feng Zhirou felt dejected.

Ye Yuan put on a solemn face when he saw that and said, “Senior Apprentice Sister, you must treat this matter as if it didn’t happen when we return. Or else, the consequences are not something that you and I can bear!”

“Fine, fine! I understood already! I won’t even tell Aunty. Just relax!”

Feng Zhirou just had a more roguish personality, but she was no fool. Ye Yuan already spoke to such an extent, she obviously knew propriety.

Especially that spatial spirit artifact. That was virtually a ticking time-bomb!

The duo chatted as they walked and quickly descended the mountain.

The Crimson Soul Gra.s.s was already obtained, so the next step was the Pine Yang Fruit.

The place the Pine Yang Fruit grew at was called Gray Pine Forest. It was not really an extremely dangerous place, just the territory of a Tier 2 demonic beast.

Now that they had Yuan Fei, plucking the Pine Yang Fruit was effortless.

Walking, the pair reached a dense forest.

Killing intent appeared in a flash without any warning signs!

An arrow pa.s.sed through layers of trees and shot toward Ye Yuan’s heart at extreme speed!

The distance of this arrow was neither too far nor too near. It made Ye Yuan unable to detect it in advance and also did not give him the slightest bit of time to react!

However, Ye Yuan managed to react to it. His sensitivity towards qi activities was incomparable with regular Essence Qi Realms.

Spirit Void Shattering s.p.a.ce was executed right away as he leaped to the side, barely evading this arrow!

Just as Ye Yuan was planning on summoning Yuan Fei out, warning bells appeared again!

A figure charged out from the gra.s.s straight for the direction he dove towards!

That was to say, this evasion by Ye Yuan positioned him perfectly for the next wave of a.s.sa.s.sination!

A saber beam flashed past, and a powerful aura came from straight ahead. That was a full powered attack from a Fifth Level Spirit Condensation Realm!

Right at that moment, Ye Yuan also unleashed a palm!

Except that this palm of his was not aimed for the a.s.sa.s.sin, but towards the ground.

Stacking Waves Layered Palm, Eighth Layer Wave!


Dirt flew everywhere, and then Ye Yuan’s figure could be seen forcefully changing its direction, and he had a close shave with that saber!

Chi! This saber still managed to graze lightly Ye Yuan’s arm.

However, it was not over yet!

A third attack headed for Ye Yuan once more!

This was a chain a.s.sa.s.sination precise to the limits!

The other party calculated all of Ye Yuan’s reactions!

Ye Yuan was in deadly danger!


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