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Chapter 1350: You All, Can’t Dictate Anything!

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

“H-Hahaha, what a joke! Truly laughable!”

Far away, came w.a.n.g Yuxiang’s mocking and dispirited laughter.

At this point, how could the rest still not know that they were tricked by Ye Yuan?

From the very beginning, Ye Yuan never planned on giving them the selling rights of the Essence Cultivating Pill. It was just in order to let them fight in the nest!

Their group of people was despicable villains in vain, unexpectedly letting Ye Yuan watch a good show on one side.

w.a.n.g Su’s face was grim as he said, “Ye Yuan, you dare to go back on your word and toy with us?”

Ye Yuan smiled faintly and said, “Keeping one’s words is reserved for gentlemen. You all, a bunch of despicable people, what integrity is there to speak of? Giving you all the sales rights today, you all will come and annex the Myriad Treasure Tower in the future. But this play just now was still really exciting, letting this Ye see the faces of you all, this group of people, clearly. Heh heh.”

Ye Yuan’s words were like the emperor’s new clothes, tearing off their disguise without any mercy.

Their performance previously was like a clown fooling around.

“Good, very good! Boy, you’re using your life to provoke this city lord! Since you did so, then you should have some awareness, right?” Chen Yongnian said with an incredibly grim look.

Yang Rui suddenly stood up, blocking in front of Ye Yuan.

“What do you all want to do? Chen Yongnian, I’m warning you, Ye Yuan is the Myriad Treasure Tower’s guest alchemist. If you dare to touch him, that’s going against the Myriad Treasure Tower!” Yang Rui said solemnly.

He also did not expect that Ye Yuan would actually be so straightforward, playing this move with the other party.

Now, satisfying was satisfying, but it also incurred public wrath.

None of these guys were good people. It was impossible for them to let Ye Yuan go so easily.

Chen Yongnian sneered coldly when he heard that and said, “Yang Rui, are you scaring me? This place isn’t Heavenly Emperor Myriad Treasure’s territory. It’s no use for you to pull out this tiger skin! As long as this city lord doesn’t kill you, I don’t believe that the Myriad Treasure Tower can do anything to me!”

Yang Rui’s expression changed, and he said, “If it were before, there’s naturally nothing if you killed him. But he handed the Essence Cultivating Pill’s pill formula to the Myriad Treasure Tower now, do you think that upstairs will still sit by idly and remain indifferent?”

Yang Rui’s words made Chen Yongnian and the rest greatly shocked.

They all thought that right now, the Myriad Treasure Tower was relying on Ye Yuan, and that the Essence Cultivating Pill’s pill formula was still in Ye Yuan’s hands.

But they never thought that Ye Yuan actually handed over the pill formula!

Like this, the matter was somewhat troublesome.

Even though this place was not Heavenly Emperor Myriad Treasure’s domain, the Myriad Treasure Tower’s power absolutely could not be overlooked.

Otherwise, Chen Yongnian also would not be so apprehensive and not dare to kill Yang Rui.

“Brother Chen, today, this punk has to be killed no matter what! Things have already come to this point. If we let him swagger his way out of the City Lord Manor, what face does our three families and the City Lord Manor still have to carry on living in this Jewelhill City? Since he isn’t willing to hand over the Essence Cultivating Pill, that’s the outcome of fighting to the death, n.o.body can benefit!” w.a.n.g Su said solemnly, right at this time.

Chen Yongnian thought about it and felt that what w.a.n.g Su made a lot of sense.

Today, his, this city lord’s, face, was considered utterly lost. If he did not kill Ye Yuan, how would he still rule Jewelhill City in the future?

He nodded his head and said, “What you said is right! Even if really killed, it’s also not Myriad Treasure Tower’s turn to come and punish this city lord! Humph, Ye Yuan, today, you’re dead for sure!”

Not just Chen Yongnian, the Lu and Lin two families’ old heads also went forward to surround unknowingly, enclosing Ye Yuan duo in the center.

This move of Ye Yuan had offended everyone present.

w.a.n.g Su smiled coldly and said, “Boy, do you think that by handing over the pill formula, everything will be fine? This place is Jewelhill City; it’s Brother Chen’s territory. You … can’t overturn the heavens!”

Ye Yuan smiled faintly and said, “You guys think too highly of yourselves! Don’t think that you can dictate anything. In reality, you all … can’t dictate anything!”

Finished talking, Ye Yuan turned around and walked over toward the front door.

“Humph! Blind reckless fool!”

Chen Yongnian gave a cold snort, his figure suddenly shooting out, speeding over towards Ye Yuan.

When killing w.a.n.g Lingbo and wounding w.a.n.g Yuxiang, Chen Yongnian did not get serious. But against Ye Yuan, he was really enraged!

This opening move was a lightning-quick blow!

Yang Rui’s face revealed a look of astonishment, feeling like a great mountain was crus.h.i.+ng over towards him.

At virtually the same time, another surge of powerful aura billowed to the sky, rus.h.i.+ng over toward Ye Yuan.

w.a.n.g Yuxiang!

“Brat, not killing you today, I’m less than human!” w.a.n.g Yuxian roared.

Two great experts teaming up for a pincer attack, even if Yang Rui had three heads and six arms, he could not stop it either.

Just as he was going to risk it all, a gust of piercing cold wind suddenly started howling inside the main hall.

An additional figure appeared beside Ye Yuan at no idea when.

The moment this figure appeared, it gave people a feeling akin to falling into an ice cellar.

Who could this figure be other than Gui Yun?

It was only to see him flicked his sleeves. A gust of bone-piercingly cold wind howled toward w.a.n.g Yuxiang.

Following which, he pointed a finger out, meeting this palm of Chen Yongnian’s!

All of this happened in the time it took for sparks to fly off a piece of flint. Everyone did not react on time.

w.a.n.g Yuxiang was seriously injured to being with. This attack was completely hanging on with one breath.

This flick of Gui Yun’s, w.a.n.g Yuxiang’s entire person was akin to being struck by lightning, his figure abruptly stopping, already unable to move when it brushed past halfway.

This force-wind froze all the blood in his body.

When looking again, he was actually completely lifeless already.

While Chen Yongnian this side had a frontal exchange with Gui Yun!


An explosion sounded out, powerful wind spilling over. Chen Yongnian’s figure retreated explosively, even faster than when he came!

All the way until his body hit a stone pillar, did he barely managed to hold steady.

Chen Yongnian’s expression was ugly to the extreme. He felt like his whole body was petrified, unable to move a muscle at all.

This shock was by no means insignificant. He hurriedly revolved divine essence before purging this frozen feeling.

“Two-star evil spirit!”

Chen Yongnian’s gaze turned intent, his gaze when looking at Gui Yun was full of dread.

That blow just now, the superiority was immediately established!

Very clearly, he was not Gui Yun’s match!

These few years, Gui Yun’s strength advanced by leaps and bounds under Dustless’s guidance.

The Ghost Dao Hundred Runes, he already thoroughly grasped the first two runes. Although he had not broken through realm yet, his strength could no longer be mentioned in the same breath.

Chen Yongnian was not worth mentioning in front of him at all.

Gui Yun’s opening move was similarly one death and one injured, thoroughly stunning everyone.

Turns out that this was Ye Yuan’s trump card!

This evil spirit’s strength made all of them feel appalled.

“Master, want to kill them or not?” Gui Yun gave a bow toward Ye Yuan respectfully, seeking his opinion.

This sentence made a chill run down everyone’s spine.

They did not doubt in the slightest that Gui Yun had this strength.

Messing around for a long time, they all, this group of people, were merely clowns jumping around.

Right from the beginning, Ye Yuan did not place them in his sights at all.

Ye Yuan’s confidence was never some Essence Cultivating Pill, but this middle-stage Two-star evil spirit!

Ye Yuan’s gaze swept over everyone, finally landing on Chen Yongnian. He said with a faint smile, “City Lord, today’s banquet was pretty good. Putting aside the delicacies, there was even a good show. Now, this Ye is going to leave, I wonder if you still have any objections?”


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